40 Pounds of Trouble

40 Pounds of Trouble

Hilarity ensues when a casino manager spends a day at Disneyland with a cute but troublesome little girl.

Hilarity ensues when a casino manager spends a day at Disneyland with a cute but troublesome little girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith C (us) wrote: Short, simple and fun. Bolstered by some terrific animatronics.

Ben D (au) wrote: A terribly sad, yet also terribly beautiful anime with some magnificent visuals and a whimsical charm.

darkRaven s (us) wrote: Incredibly and beautifully complex. Don't expect a 'spoon feeding' literal plot. Watch it ten times over if you want.. don't bother deciphering the various "this and thats" throughout the film.. null.

Lindsey R (gb) wrote: SHIT YOURSELF LAUGHING! Ok, piss yourself laughing wasn't funny enough. I'm a little biased about Ozzie comedy though. Beee-youtaful.

Ken S (jp) wrote: This direct to video movie essentially worked as the pilot for what became "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: the Series". The movie, and the show, are basically meant to be the show that the Buzz toy from the original Toy Story movie is supposed to be the action figure of. And you know what? For a direct to video cash-in its pretty solid kids entertainment.

Bob B (jp) wrote: The scenes in the car with the girl where he is stopped by the police was filmed in Hagley on the Feeder Road aka A491.

Dev N (fr) wrote: Gritty and disturbing. The story is about how a soft and timid man turns into a raging bull when the peace surrounding his home and family is threatened. The cast were superb and the final 20 mins were a nail-biting affair. The editing could have been a little better. Highly recommended. A classic thriller.

Nina S (es) wrote: Paris never looked more beautiful at dawn and dusk. But you tell me: is Bob a good guy or a monster?

Meera G (gb) wrote: Raj Kapoor and Nargis, at their finest. The chemistry, the songs..there's not a whole lot left to say.

Karl S (mx) wrote: Remarkable for several things: too high production values for what seems--until the very end--a very flimsy film; the first (that I know of) appearance of the clichd prosthetic technological signaling of life in the OR (where now it's an EKG, in this it's a respiratory bulb); and a murder mystery set in a time of V1 rockets falling throughout England, killing maliciously and randomly: in such a time, a deliberate, particularly motivated murder is a bulwark of civilization.SPOILER: Alastair Sim, whom I remember as being so wonderful in The Happiest Days of Your Life, is an arrogant menace responsible for the death of the murderer. This epic screwup saves the plot from being just another whodonit, although it's strange to realize that it's NOT only another genre flick only at the end. With the murderer motivated as she is, it amuses me to imagine Green For Danger as the alternate reality Now Voyager.

Karen V (jp) wrote: The warmth of this film overtakes me every time I watch it. Barbara Stanwyck lends to the film her no-nonsense, city-clicker attitude--but she layers it this time with vulnerability and naivety. It's a stroke of genius. The screenplay by Sturges is stunning, the story heartwarming at its worst and uplifting at its best. Without ruining the ending, Sturges brings the story to a close not by counting on sentimentality over the real world, or by throwing away what he's been building up through the whole film. Instead, he gives us a glimpse at real, unprejudiced, unadulterated love (both romantic and familial)--and its ability to overcome anything, even the worst situations. Stanwyck and MacMurray make it that much better with their heart-wrenching, beautiful last scene. I cry every time.

Morgan W (ru) wrote: pretty good. not one of bela lugosi's best films.

Larry Y (gb) wrote: Still haven't seen it.

Brandon O (nl) wrote: /10Acting - 8.5Writing - 8.5Dialogue - 9Plot & Characterization - 8.5Cinematography & Editing - 9Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 8.5How much I enjoyed it personally - 8.5

Andy D (au) wrote: I don't remember other John Hughes films being so funny or so sweary. Shame it took me so long to see this.