A young man discovers a hole in the floor of a local motel that leads to yesterday.

From running the country to skydiving, this endearing and enlightening portrait explores the life and careers of George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J B (kr) wrote: Intoxicating and rich with emotion. "Breathe In" has a beauty and ineffable feeling to it that is deeply affecting. Drake Doremus, who also wrote and directed "Like Crazy," is adept at capturing a specific atmosphere and mood with little dialogue. Nuanced and intimate, the connection between Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones is staggeringly palpable; every breath and every touch can be felt.

Jaime B (ru) wrote: I don't get tired to see this documentary. The best ever filmed about latin jazz. One of my favourite dvds.

Alex K (ru) wrote: I usually don't watch chick flicks but this one is excellent. Lots of witty humor and a great back and forth between the two leads, which sets up for an unconventional love story line

Tino P (kr) wrote: No, it's not all that good, but it's too good hearted to dislike.

Jason J (ag) wrote: One of the funniest Japanese movies I've seen directed by the legendary Takeshi Kitano. It's wild and wacky with some completely random gags based on one man who's desperate for sex. There are many parodies including that of The Fly and some kaiju movies. I loved it and laughed a lot watching it.

Joshua C (jp) wrote: Dunno why it became so popular in the hip-hop culture though...

Brenda B (es) wrote: elvis was a great actor

Steve M (kr) wrote: Africa Screams Starring: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Hillary Brook, and Shemp Howard Director: Charles Barton After dimwitted but kindhearted bookseller Stanley Livingston (Costello) is mistaken by a scheming con-woman Diane Emerson (Brook) as an Africa expert, he is brought on an African safari that supposedly is hunting for a rare giant ape, but in actuality is searching for a secret tribe of cannibals deep within the African jungle who are rich in diamonds. With Stanley's greedy co-worker Buzz (Abbott) along for the ride, much confusion, double-crossing, and slapstick routines with lions, crocodiles, and giant apes (well, a guy in a monkey suit pretending to be a giant ape) ensue. "Africa Screams" is a funny, fairly average Abbott & Costello vehicle. Abbotts routines with Shemp Howard (of Three Stooges fame, appearing here as perhaps the most effeminate manservant ever put on screen) are highlights of the film. It remains a solid effort up to the very end, where it erupts into a wild chase scene--with cannibals, crooks, and various kinds of apes and monkeys all chasing Stanley and each other around the set while Buzz tries to make his getaway with a bag of large diamonds--that comes to a sudden halt and leaves a number of plot-threads dangling. Now, I don't expect nice little story packages from an Abbott & Costello film, but the fate of a number of characters is left unresolved, and I would have liked to see a little more in the way of wrap-up. "Africa Screams" is recommended for Abbott & Costello fans, so long as you go in knowing it's not their best effort. However, if you're one of those oversensitive types who take offense at racism whenever possible, you might want to leave this one alone. (I already mentioned the cannibals, so I think you can guess why I'm warning you.) (ADDED LATER: Thanks to Jeff G. for pointing out a rather embarrassing error in this review. If you want to see HOW embarrassing, check the Comments. I've since fixed the typo. :) )

Christopher B (es) wrote: Interesting but also slow-moving.

Borhan K (es) wrote: The Lifeguard is a story about a writer that is going through a 30's midlife crisis and comes back home with her parents to attempt to find herself.The movie hits on topics such as teen sex with older partners and not the legal kind also it hits another big issue about youth suicide a much more hard raw look at this issue. The movie deals with depression and all that comes with it the uncertainty the non committal attitude and much much more.This is no walk in the park smelling the roses film.I think its a good movie that touches on topics that are important but really only touches the surface on these topics does not really drive any hard line home truths.Funnily enough the lifeguard gets her shit together with 20mins of the film to go and goes back to the city to continue her life as a writer.Like i said this aint no walk in the park and definitely not for the kiddies.For me this is a one off movie.THe cast play their roles well but it looks like there all depressed like the whole town is under the depression spell.When you watch this flick its like a heart monitor that is all the way through flat-line and never comes up.