420 High Desert Way

420 High Desert Way

With the High Desert drug game getting out of control, the police are forced to use an undercover street-cop to infiltrate the extreme world of drugs and violence. With his new identity, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:killing,   drugs,   sex,  

With the High Desert drug game getting out of control, the police are forced to use an undercover street-cop to infiltrate the extreme world of drugs and violence. With his new identity, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David E (de) wrote: Wasn't that bad, IMDB rating is so low, it is in Tere Mere Phere territory, that is a big insult! Rated U/A (= American PG-13) mainly for violence.

Joen O (fr) wrote: Some pretty gory shit.

Anya H (mx) wrote: This movie was pretty half-assed. In the middle of all the boring camera angles, equally as painfully dull acting, extremely bad screenwriting, horrible directing, and it appears they used the same lense all throughout the movie. However, you can get a real kick out of making fun of it, and from that comes it's 3 redeeming points.

Sheila C (br) wrote: Unoriginal children's film, a low budget E.T. rip-off

Matthew J (fr) wrote: It's stars manage to charm over a bad script.

Ian M (mx) wrote: Wow... This movie is a trip. Kind of in a good way & kinda not. Just a very random movie! Love the fact that Robert Englund directed and Robert Picardo is in it though!

Darlene M (de) wrote: worth checking out. Now instant on Netflix

Deena D (ag) wrote: Not the best movie for Dwayne

Trevor W (ag) wrote: good cast, shit movie

Paul P (au) wrote: I like Todd Haynes, like this story and i love Julianne Moore!

Harry W (us) wrote: Marketed as a critically acclaimed Australian comedy, Ruben Guthrie sounded like a delightful romp.When I got to the cinema to see Ruben Guthrie, I had originally intended to see Terminator Genisys only to find they had changed the schedule times and left me with limited options. That was the first sign that I should have walked away from the cinema. The second was when the fire alarm went off and the entire building had to be evacuated. Yet I pushed on and decided to take a chance on Ruben Guthrie. That ended up being the worst spend of $7 in a long time for me.I can't stand films that are bad, but I despise them when they pretend to be something else. Reuben Guthrie wants to pretend that it's a comedy and is marketed as such, but not in a long time have I seen an incompetent melodrama as pathetic as this film. There was not a moment in Ruben Guthrie that I laughed because in actuality I spent the entire time just cringing at the amateur nature of this production. I don't know what the intentions of Brendan Cowell were when he made Rubenm Guthrie, but the feature feels like nothing more than an experimental student film stretched to feature length.That is the ultimate flaw in the film. There is no consistent narrative in Ruben Guthrie and no development in the story either. The film starts with an idiotic drunk and ends with him returning to the same position. But along the way, as if written by Tommy Wiseau, new melodramatic plot points are thrown into the fray which go absolutely nowhere. This includes the titular character's father leaving his mother for an Asian restaurant worker and then suddenly reconciling with her later on, his relationship with a manipulative fifth-level vegan schizophrenic Alcoholics Anonymous member with apparent trigger issues, his friendship with the overly flamboyant and substance abusing homosexual best friend of his and his long wait for the return of his fiance, all while he tries not to drink. The amount of characters in the film is overwhelming without them all being senselessly complicated and yet underdeveloped at the same time, and they add nothing to the narrative as they are structured to unfold one after the other with no consistency, effectively rendering Ruben Guthrie a misguided anthology film. There is already such little in terms of narrative for Ruben Guthrie without Brendan Cowell attempting to hide that beneath an abundance of terrible characters. I just felt that the entire time I was watching Ruben Guthrie, the only thing it reminded me of was Tommy Wiseau's 2003 film The Room, known as one of the worst films of all time. The difference between The Room and Ruben Guthrie however is that The Room thinks its a melodrama but is an unintentional comedy good for laugh value. Ruben Guthrie however, wants to pretend that its a comedy but is actually just a pathetic melodrama with no effect and a script full of the most obviously artificial dialogue I have seen in any film in a long time. I never thought I could find an Australian script with more artificial language and melodrama than 52 Tuesdays, but Ruben Guthrie beats that out. Ladies and gentleman, I deem this to be Australia's answer to The Room, and I draw a parallel between the moment in this film where Ruben Guthrie's father Peter announces that he has pancreatitis before nothing else is done with that plot point and the iconic moment in The Room where Lisa's mother Claudette announces that she has breast cancer. The resemblence is painfully uncanny, but I liked The Room more.In terms of its techincal values, Ruben Guthrie makes itself obvious as a low budget feature. Filmed on a limited collection of locations, Ruben Guthrie gains a mild sense of strength from some of the stylish cinematography angles which are atmospheric, and they capture scenery which has a lot of colour to it. But at many other times, the shots are extensive with minimal editing which effectively ensures that there is minimal dramatic effect and emphasizes clearly that the dialogue is not coming to the actors naturally and has been rehearsed. This particular notion is repeated throughout the film, but at other points the editing just feels too generic. One of the least powerful scenes in the film depicts Ruben Guthrie attempting to get through the night while plagued by cheaply depicted dreams of alcoholic temptation and the memories of his fiance. Brendan Cowell goes about ensuring that this is depicted in the most generic manner possible through a montage of quick cuts with the character changing position in every one while the soundtrack makes the messages explicit. The genuine style in the film is realy lacking in creativity and proves that Brendan Cowell is yet to establish what it is to be a refined director. There is even one scene where Ruben Guthrie is looking at Zoya's facebook to see how she's doing, but you can clearly see that one of the options of interacting says "Update Information" which is a clear sign that he is logged into her Facebook. So either the incompetently emotional character happens to learn his fiance's Facebook password in his years of neglecting her in favour of alcohol or the makers of this film simply do not know about the concept of continuity. Considering just how poor this film is, I would suggest that the latter is more likely.Really, I could not for the life of me figure out what the message in the film was. I know that there is some message lying in the film, but clearly I don't know it any better than Brendan Cowell does because the film can't decide whether it is against alcohol or a glamourisation of it while its messages regarding Alcoholics Anonymous are similarly ambiguous. But somewhere along the way I just stopped caring and acknowledged that Ruben Guthrie was just a terrible film.The only thing preventing me from calling Ruben Guthrie one of the worst films I have ever seen is the performances of Patrick Brammall and Alex Dimitriades.Patrick Brammall is very theatrical as the titular character in Ruben Guthrie. Maintaining the stage roots of the character, Patrick Brammall takes his role very seriously. Though the structure of the film or script do not forward him any assistance, Patrick Brammall has some truly passionate dramatic moments in Ruben Guthrie. He makes a more sympathetic character out of the protagonist than anyone could expect from a script so artificial and he delivers his extensive lines of dialogue with determined dramatic passion. Patrick Brammall is really determined to prove himself in Ruben Guthrie, and he is able to save the film from being too bad simply by being an active screen presence.Alex Dimitriades is also powerful. Though the lines he gets stuck with are similiarly excessive in repetition and heavy on stereotypical language, Alex Dimitriades manages to light up the screen with energy. Though his lines never have comedic effect, his efforts are so determined and flamboyant that he comes closer to achieving humour than anything else in the film. Alex Dimitriades manages to create a powerful level of spirit and does it with a sense of agression that makes the character Damian appropriately unlikable. Alex Dimitriades makes a charismatic effort in Ruben Guthrie, even if the script he is stuck with plagues his efforts.However, little other spirit is offered from the cast. Harriet Dyer is stuck with such a ridiculous archetype and cannot convincingly convey the spirit of the part anymore than she can speak without fracturing her English to the point that it seems she has an accent. But at least her accent is more convincing than co-star Abbey Lee whose blank facial expressions and unconvincing dramatic efforts cry out to memories of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Abbey Lee and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley starred alongside Abbey Lee in 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was actually good in that. Perhaps she passed on her once-panned limitations to Abbey Lee in the process.So Patrick Brammall and Alex Dimitriades may do their best, but Ruben Guthrie is a pretetious melodrama with no effect, no sensible structure and less comedic value than Tommy Wiseau's The Room which it seems to desperately parody. It is truly one of the worst Australian films I've ever seen and the worst film of 2015 so far.