Based on true events, 44 is the story of Migs, an 18 year old high school student trapped between the two opposing forces of his father, a drug dealer and convicted felon, and his mother, an NYPD cop.

Based on true events, 44 is the story of Migs, an 18 year old high school student trapped between the two opposing forces of his father, a drug dealer and convicted felon, and his mother, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarfra I (fr) wrote: A couple of cheesy scenes but overall really good.

Van R (gb) wrote: Combine "The Terminator" with its travel back in time premise to save the future and "Die Hard" about one many against many gunmen, and you have the basics for Christopher Kulikowski's unconvincing but tolerable sci-fi saga "Retrograde" with Dolph Lundgren battling to save Earth from a global biological disaster with some maniac zombies thrown into the mix. There is nothing wrong with the plot, but Kulikowski has to work on such a threadbare budget that the film fails to grab you where it counts. The story opens in deep space as a planet incinerates itself and vanishes in a incandescent explosion that hurls chunks of it across the universe. Some of those meteors penetrate the atmosphere and crash at the bottom of the Earth. John Foster (Dolph Lundgren) and a space ship full of heavily armed and genetically enhanced soldiers, including Dalton (a balded Joe Montana) are dispatched from the year 2204 and are sent back 200 years to Antarctic where a ship, the Nathaniel Palmer--is trapped in the ice. The poor humans see a meteor land in the frozen wastelands and tromp out unwisely to collect samples, little realizing the tragic mistake that they are making. Talking about tragic mistakes, Renee (Silvia De Santis of "Artemisia") leaves her toddler to take off on this historic voyage. Later, as she lies dying in the snow, with their ship sinking, she knows that she made a mistake. Of course, heroic Dolph saves the day, not once but twice! Gary Daniels co-stars but is wasted. The close-quarters combat fights register as lackluster. Presumably, they didn't have a stunt coordinator or they wanted to make double sure than nobody got hurt. Nevertheless, the thesping is quite good and the crew of the ship look like they actually know each other. Overall, "Retrograde" is an imaginative but shoddy movie because the budget doesn't make its science fiction believable. The settings are okay, but the special effects are less than special.

Christopher C (it) wrote: Funny if Chris Rock really ran for president. Can't imagine. Movie was good.

Thullin K (au) wrote: are you fucking kidding me!? ha unintentionally hillarious

Laurence C (kr) wrote: I can't express how bad this movie was. I was thrilled for some good Anne Rice stuff until I started it... who exactly is the main character? Lestat, Jesse? I couldn't tell. This movie was bad from the begginning until the end... the antagonist Akasha doesn't appear until the very end of the movie, we do not get attached to any character as Lestat acts like a dumbass egocentric and Jesse is not present enough to seem interesting... is it a love story or Lestat's life one? I couldn't tell. One of the worse and most uninteresting movies I have seen in my entire life.

Damon R (us) wrote: The best part about this movie is at the near end where Spike Lee uses clips of how African-Americans were badly depicted in movies and cartoons. He really knows how to touch a nerve; and I mean that in a good way.

Lynn T (ag) wrote: Typical Shakespeare play, frustrating to watch characters are stupid


Hendra L (mx) wrote: One of my childhood's movies that amazed me the magic of movie making.

Mike H (us) wrote: Fellini obviously knew his away around a motion picture from the get-go, but ultimately this one is more in the vein of Armarcord (i.e. kind of boring as shit) and not as visually rich as much of his other work.

Al H (ru) wrote: From Russia with love, comes a jewel of the cinema silent age.

Nia E (ru) wrote: Judging from what little is left of the film, Anders als die Andern is an absolute milestone of cinema, and it's such a shame it isn't more well known. Veidt is utterly captivating as Kohner, and it's truly incredible that film that's 90 years old can seem more progressive than the views held by certain people still today. Outstanding.

bill s (gb) wrote: Just does not make sense and if you buy into it you have one hell of an imagination or you just like to suffer,probably both.