44500 Max

44500 Max

A documentary on Max Perttula, a sincere country boy, who wants to produce his own luxury perfumes and take the world by storm, starting from his home village. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (nl) wrote: Gentile rom-com for the ages, but very forgettable.

mason b (ca) wrote: Our obsession with celebrity and the culture in general is something that deserves to be satired and skewered, and Antiviral makes its critiques consistently and with real conviction. Antiviral tells the story of a future where people pay to be injected with the same diseases that celebrities have had, to a achieve a type of biological communion with them. The lead is a worker at this clinic who injects himself with a dose of a celebrities fatal disease. Antiviral is a very interesting piece of work thats created with real conviction and competency. Unfortunately interesting is all it really ever is. The premise and ideas are so outlandish that they fail to ever really work as satire. There's not much in this film that feels like it could actually connect to our real world, and so it doesn't skewer the idea of celebrity as well as it should. Also, the lead character is an absolute mannequin, not because he's badly acted, but because he has no character or personality outside of his actions. The result is a cold, emotionally distant film that doesn't disturb as much as it wants to. If you want a disturbing film about our modern life, you could do much better.

Matthew L (fr) wrote: Searing drama about a man who finds his livelihood threatened when he is replaced by his own son. Pits this family drama against a backdrop of social unrest in Chad, as the older generation resists reforms from rebels. Its themes of generational conflict resonate in affecting and sobering ways.

Robert D (es) wrote: Visually fascinating existentialist meditation.

Jyl A (au) wrote: See, Europeans are much better filmmaking than Americans. Transamerica was fucking depressing. Everyone should watch this one. Big Musical numbers, midgets playing cello, and COCK. It's awesome.

Brendan N (ag) wrote: slightly worse than daredevil and that's a shame as elektra was well cast. dull and incoherent plot leaves you feeling dumbstruck by the noise, you never really know what's going on

S A (de) wrote: this is one of my favourite movies

Arundhati S (fr) wrote: how can people not like this! it is so cute!

Sebastin M (mx) wrote: Un excelente documental sobre Jimi Hendrix hecho a los pocos anos de su muerte. Eso le da un toque muy especial. Me ubiese gustado que incluyeran mas presentaciones pero las que hay son excelentes (no se como seran las demas ediciones pero al menos yo tengo la simple, no las ediciones especiales que se han hecho de este film).Quede con gusto a poco pero igual se lleva las 5 estrellas :)

Alicia M (nl) wrote: Who doesn't want to be as smooth as Bogart? I play this movie again and again for comfort and laughter. It never lets me down.

Grayson D (ru) wrote: Only really a vehicle for Raquel Welch to look great in a variety of bikini's, which she does brilliantly.

Randy S (au) wrote: The tension gets tighter and tighter finally in the nobody wins. Janet Margolin gives a fine performance. Hatred toward the Nazis and sacrificing everything I was devastated at her death scene

Jameson A (jp) wrote: ........................

Nathan B (es) wrote: I love this movie very creative.