45 R.P.M.

45 R.P.M.

In the Autumn of 1960, a fluke atmospheric weather condition allows a young teenager, Parry Tender, to receive a radio broadcast from New York City. Nestled in the Northern town of Goose Lake, Saskatchewan, Parry believes the contest the New York radio D.J. is running may be his ticket out of town, and away from a life to which he feels he never belonged. When Debbie Baxter, a young girl from California, arrives in the town by way of her father's position with the military, Parry soon discovers love, loss, and the magic of rock and roll.

In the Autumn of 1960, a fluke atmospheric weather condition allows a young teenager, Parry Tender, to receive a radio broadcast from New York City. Nestled in the Northern town of Goose ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J Scott S (mx) wrote: Marty! Hey bud - I just saw "Least Among Saints" yesterday in Santa Monica. I simply cannot tell you how impressed I am with your work. Having the great experience of working with you on stage, I really enjoyed seeing some of those "Marty" gems come thru on the big screen. Moody broody, pain-ridden, dry, sarcastic, funny, poignant...the list is far too long for a forum like this. What I saw yesterday was a passionate, soul-filled, inspired artist making it happen. From my own military background, I want to tell you I think you have done a great service for our men and women in uniform. You've taken your artistry, and transformed it into telling a story that gives great hope to those who are experiencing the very thing that you portray in this film...and what a beautiful story it is... Simply put, I can't help but think this world is a little better because of your work. No doubt you have inspired many with "Least Among Saints"...I am proud to be counted as one of them!

Linda W (mx) wrote: I don't know about the New York Times "raucously funny" comment. There must be some humour in their that I just don't get. But I do think this movie is a gem. Not an 'appeal to the masses' movie though.

Camille L (jp) wrote: Le premier Mafia Blues tait un film plutt sympathique, franchement drle mais un peu longuet. Le deuxime est une pauvre resuce de l'original moins drle, moins sympathique et surtout moins bien ficele. Plus de bad guy charismatique en l'absence de Chazz Palmintieri, beaucoup plus de squences hystriques o on peut voir Robert de Niro, Billy Crystal et Joe Viterelli reprendre West Side Story et surtout beaucoup de pistes non-exploites alors qu'elles sont plutt intressantes (le passage o De Niro devient consultant pour une srie sur la Mafia). A ne pas savoir o on va, on en perd son spectateur. Dommage.

Patsy C (es) wrote: Christine Lahti is an unsung hero who has never really gotten her due. This is the alternate universe 'Thelma and Louise'.

Marischa B (us) wrote: n my humble opinion at 5.3 this movie is horribly underrated it's a fun, colourful, exciting hour and a half of a movie. Whoopi Goldberg plays the quirky and livewire Terri Doolitle a low level bank employee who gets involved in a dangerous spy game involving the CIA, British Secret Service and the KGB (made in the 80's the cold war was still in full swing).Contacted via her computer (the computer geeks out there will love seeing this earlier version of the internet) by a secret agent codename 'Jumping Jack Flash' (Jonathan Pryce) Terri must use her street smarts and attitude to save the day against rogue agents, KGB the police and while not being fired from her own job.The only drawback to this movie is it is quite profane those adverse to the occasional swear word should probably steer clear. It's similar in the level of language used to Beverley Hills Cop, so probably not one for the small kids. But fun for everyone else.

D M (ru) wrote: This Corman horror-comedy isnt as as good as his two earlier ones (Bucket of Blood and Little Shop of Horrors), it does have many absurdist humor in the form of funny dialogue and narration. The story is basically a secret agent who has made his way onto a boat with a gang who just left Cuba after ripping off that government's treasury (I am sure this film, at least in attempt, had stronger political implications upon its initial release). Oh, there's also a sea monster. That about sums it up. My review may make it sound terrible, but its really worth a watch. It just has a simple plot.

Nic R (ag) wrote: We kept waiting for it to get interesting, after over an hour it still wasn't interesting, so we turned it off !

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: Such a great movie. Love Julia and Heath in this movie.

Pixie C (kr) wrote: Completely blown away by this film. Expected the usual romcom tosh, I watched this at 4am while watching over a poorly pet, not laughed so hard in years. Really quite sweet too. I'd probably give this a 10/10 for it's genre, one of the best I've seen.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Odd movie, captivating.

Brandon S (kr) wrote: One of the most perfectly structured action films of all time.

Elise C (ag) wrote: Such a silly, ridiculous film, but somehow it works and you can't help but love it. It's cute.