A young woman's struggle to overcome life's economic restrictions in order to meet her true will. She is twenty-three and lives with her mother, a compromise she can no longer stand. ...

A young woman's struggle to overcome life's economic restrictions in order to meet her true will. She is twenty-three and lives with her mother, a compromise she can no longer stand. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mallory A (gb) wrote: Feel-good mediocrity.

Thomas B (au) wrote: ****I found myself really enjoying this Coen Brothers comedy flick. It's got some good jokes, an amazing cast, and that distinct quirkiness the Coen's are loved for.

Tyler20 R (ca) wrote: A very clever, and interesting take on Halloween. "Trick 'r Treat" is one of the best horror anthologies to grace the genre.

Luigina C (kr) wrote: A "minor" Yimou movie with some funny and sweet moments. Enjoyable

Adriano B (kr) wrote: Offbeat crime comedy with a (this time unexpected) bitter turn in the end. Really funny and tender, a winning mix of action and slice of lofe humour (think the opposite of Kindergarten Cop).

Elgan D (au) wrote: Could not get into this movie at all, a number of the characters (particularly Jane Horrocks) were so annoying that I just wanted it to end.

Colin F (ca) wrote: The Monster Club is a film which is like a cross between Creep Show and a Horror version of Top of the Pops and falls into the category it(TM)s so bad its actually bloody good. Basically Vincent Price a great actor (Must of been on the bones of his arse doing this though) plays an old vampire looking for Blood one night and bites into a Horror Author, when Price realises he has bitten into a great Horror Author he decides to help him out by introducing him to The Monster Club for material for his next book. The Monster Club is basically a night club for monsters (well that(TM)s what it probably said in the script) what we get instead is some extras dressed up in appauling cheap Halloween Costumes, even in 1980 this looks utter crap. We are treated to some dodgy songs from acts I have never heard of but have to admit some of the songs are catchy if not cringey. With titles like Am A Sucker for Your Love you get the picture. Anyway thankfully it gets better as Price tells the Author some Horror tales that cut to nice little short story segments, the first story is quite good and deals with a lonely old Ghoul who lives in a mansion who has a terrifying whistle that can melt you! Yes really!, The second story is abit slapstick including three vampire hunters that is played out for laughs including some dodgy acting from Britt Eckland and Donald Pleasance and the final story is my favourite when a film producer looking for a location for his next horror film comes across a creepy village of cannibals with some terrifying dodgy synthesizer music. The film has its faults and in some ways can be looked on as an experiment that did not really work because I have never seen another Horror Pop Film. I really do like this film though because it different, fun and unintenally a bit of a laugh and Vincent Price brings a sort of credibility to it. The songs are catchy to, Monsters RULE OK! Ha.

Fong K (de) wrote: A Martin Scorsese-Robert De Niro chef d'oeuvre. Their compassionate and unflinching explication on the lonely titular misfit making sense in the morally corrupted underbelly of NYC wrenches every gut.

nice man y (ru) wrote: GREAT MOVIE TO WATCH IN BED

Ryan H (ru) wrote: Filled with exciting action, Oscar-worthy performances, and a surprising amount of horror movie style imagery, Iron Man is arguably the third best film in the MCU, and my sixth favorite superhero movie of all time. Jeff Bridges is fantastically terrifying as Obadiah Stane, and Robert Downey Jr. was born to be Tony Stark. All in all, there's a reason this movie, with the help of The Incredible Hulk, spawned the entire MCU.

Graham W (de) wrote: It's hard to believe that a movie with a concept this good, could fail to be entertaining on every conceivable level, but somehow this does.