47:an Löken blåser på!

47:an Löken blåser på!


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47:an Löken blåser på! torrent reviews

Grant T (fr) wrote: Just overall confusing and nothing really redeeming, there were a few interesting twists but overall a sleepy sequel

Bruno V (es) wrote: A could wait to see this film because i thought i was a love story -movie , so was glad it wasn't ...good performeces but the action in 1947 i don't realy like . Not much suspence ...SOMDVD

Chilan P (nl) wrote: ...the western men's need to cry... (older chest)

daniel m (ca) wrote: One mans quest to give his old man a beatdown before he dies of cancer. Kicking his butt while dieing from cancer has no honor so he raises money by doin a major jump on a moped.. Before "down town" made them hot

Brenda G (es) wrote: this is my one of my all time favorite movies. i watched it as a child with my parents. i remember trying to force my eyes to stay open until the end (it is a long movie). it became a tradition like watching the wizard of oz and gone with the wind.

Charlie G (it) wrote: Kind of like Die Hard but with a lower budget. I'd watch it again.Very good. Intense.An old cop is charged with getting a convict witness to court but his own police friends are are against him.

Shawn S (us) wrote: This film is tremendously fun, has a great sense of humor, Bruce Campbell is excellent, as usual, and Sam Raimi's directing style is fantastic and unique.

Jenna I (fr) wrote: I liked that everybody kept calling Chuck Bass a dick.

San C (br) wrote: foi mal nas crticas :( asuhduadj