47 Ronin

47 Ronin

Kon Ichikawa's retelling of the classic true story of Samurai honor. When a young clan lord is forced to commit seppuku (ritual suicide), his loyal followers (now Ronin, masterless Samurai) dedicate their lives to avenging his death.

A group of disgraced samurai plan a decade long revenge against a corrupt lord. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (us) wrote: The cinematography is definitely the star here, along with the location and production design. The characters don't quite feel alive. And the writing doesn't provide much of anything compelling for them to do or say. But the details of the journey still kept my interest most of the way through. Overall, a valiant indie effort that I admire in terms of its unique setting and striving to tell an honest story in a realistic style.

Jordan D (gb) wrote: Too much spy kids not enough desperado.

Terri H (de) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Ryan S (es) wrote: Not bad, your typical made-for-TV alien movie. It has an interesting plot which is enough to keep you intrigued, I had no idea what they were talking about half the time though. You're left wondering what's going to happen and there's a pretty good climax at one point, but when the alien, the only alien, shows up, it's kind of disappointing and not much happens. Great ending though with a really awesome alien ship that's not really a ship at all, but it looks pretty awesome and the special effects are good. If you're looking for an alien movie with an alien invasion and one who aliens go on a killing spree, this isn't it. But if you're more for the scientific side and the study of aliens then it's worth a watch.

Octavian (es) wrote: I put this on once, but it was just a bunch of people talking about... nothing.

Lucas N (nl) wrote: One of the less memorable Coen Brothers comedies, but a great one.

Paola G (fr) wrote: Eu quis dormir com a minha me. O clima que esse filme tem no d pra recriar hoje em dia...

Jason J (it) wrote: A young monster is captured and put on display in London. All hell breaks loose as the mother rampages across the city looking for her offspring. The special effects aren't too bad. As far as monster movies go of course it can't compete with the Godzilla ones but it's still entertaining.

Chelsea M (gb) wrote: lol, my uncle used to call it Cinderfella and HuncaPocus.

Andrew B (ca) wrote: the whole film is summed up in a single scene: breaking the news of untimely death - takes place off screen all juxtaposed by upbeat music. Life carrying on around the tragic. This snapshot of the domestic is a brilliantly understated epic and makes a wonderful invert of Lawrence

Sean V (kr) wrote: Excellent movie very powerful acting. I fear this theme will be a reality. After the Iraq war and all the built up hate. Now that the Syrians are migrating here to the U.S.A and we all know most of these refugees are not Syrians they are displaced Iraqi's bath's and soldiers from Saddam's Military that fled to Syria are going to be coming here to the U.S a very bad move. What of some of them are looking for retribution of some kind

W G (gb) wrote: movie is just plain stupid a waste my money and time

Sophia P (de) wrote: Just a beautiful and delicate moving movie.

Al H (fr) wrote: One of the best Bond films.