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48 Hrs.

A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him, in order to track down a killer.

A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him, in order to track down a killer who is on the trail of half a million dollars that went missing after one of his robberies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don P (de) wrote: looks like a good ??

Brandon W (ca) wrote: Like with the original movie, making short reviews for 26 segments.A is for Amateur: Not that bad of a start, it has some decent laughs and the song is catchy, but not really that memorable and it felt like I seen this type of humor before.B is for Badger: The acting is good, the gore effects are great, and it leaves you wondering about what it looks like. However, the character is a bit too mean-spirited and you pretty much want something bad to happen to him and some of the characters are a bit stupid.C is for Capital Punishment: Well that was messed up. The acting is great, there's some dark humor in it that's effective, and the effects look really good. It kind of didn't made sense, but it kept me interested to see what's going.D is for Deloused: That was a weird segment. The animation is really great, kept me interested to see what's going on, and it makes me wonder about what they are that left for interpretation effectively.E is for Equilibrium: It's kinda predictable and there's nothing really much to talk about, but it has some shocks and some laughs and that makes this an ok segment.F is for Falling: It's a meh segment that is just there with a plot that kinda goes nowhere here, and it's one of those segments that it is just there.G is for Grandad: Acting is good, it's messed up, and has some disgusting moments that is a bit funny, but made me feel uncomfortable watching it, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.H is for Head Games: What in the world did I just watch? The pencil animation is amazing, but I had no idea what was going on. I kept getting more flabbergasted as it keeps going, but I couldn't even turn my head away from the movie, which is really something as this is one of the strongest segments so far.I is for Invincible: It's so weird watching this segment that it pretty much came out of nowhere, not knowing what's going on. But the effects look good, and it's weirdly funny. Decent segment.J is for Jesus: That was a really good segment, it keeps you excited, the acting is really good, and it's really surprising that I never thought I see coming. The make-up is really good, and the effects are great, I actually want to see a movie out of this segment, even though it probably won't even happen.K is for Knell: I was honestly confused of what's going on. The effect looked amazing, it had a creepy moment, but it was just there and didn't really do much to the movie at all.L is for Legacy: That was actually kind of bad. The acting is fine, but can get funny at times for how bad it is. Although the make-up is really good, the effects themselves are terrible and really shouldn't CG unless it's needed. The plot is confusing, and just end up being a pointless segment.M is for Masticate: Oh wow, that was really weird. It's really funny, effects are really good, and it kept me wondering about what's going on until the end which is hilarious, one of the best segments.N is for Nexus: That was a weak effort from Larry Fessenden that is basically just like G is for Gravity in the first film that a guy is doing something until something happened, it was really predictable and is one of the worst segments.O is for Ochlocracy: Well that's a segment that I never thought would be very original and even wondered, Why did we never do this before? More movies should be like this so that it'll be well known, it has good make-up, hilarious moments, and it has a solid plot. The effects look a bit fake, but with the small budget that was basically on other things than that, it seem to be expected that way.P is for P-P-P-P Scary!: That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, but in an enjoyable way. I basically saw a Three Stooges short, but in a bit of a dark way (no pun intended). The acting is so ridiculous but it made me laugh a lot and I quite enjoyed stupid things like this.Q is for Questionnaire: That was also a messed up segment that has great acting, great effects except for the costume at the end which looks stupid, and the writing is actually smart as I wouldn't get the answers right on the paper.R is for Roulette: When I first watch the beginning, I was like, really? I seen this before in other movies, why is this any different than before? To my surprise, it's actually a bit different from other things, it has a funny moment which made me shake my head as I was smiling that he did that. It has a surpassing moment in it and I wanted to know who's doing this which is going to be for interpretation which I think is a bit effective.S is for Split: That was unexpected. It was a split-screen home invasion segment which is cool to see what's going on from the wife's point of view, and the husband's reaction from his point of view. It's investing to watch, the acting is really good, and it has a great twist that I never even saw coming. I think this is the best segment so far in this movie.T is for Torture Porn: First Larry Fessenden didn't do a good job with the segment, and now Jen and Sylvia Soska? Like Larry's segment, this is something that can be thought out in like a few minutes. It's unpleasant to watch, and it seem a bit cheap with the stuttering lights. The effects are good, but I couldn't really see with the lights being in stutter mode. I actually had high hopes for them but like Ti West, they are just not good with segments although this is better than M is for Miscarriage.U is for Utopia: Vincenzo Natali's take on the segment is just all right that was really nothing special, the effects are good, but the plot is just standard and it felt like something I have seen before.V is for Vacation: Vacation is quite an interesting segment that has us a bit something that I have seen before, but added a bit of a twist which I wouldn't think it went up to this. Acting's good, and the fact that it was shot in a camera actually felt a bit realistic. The other character is really mean-spirited however and I was glad that something happened to him.W is for Wish: Well that was stupid. The acting is really bad. The effects are amazing, and it has some funny moments, but it was just really dumb that ruin the segment.X is for Xylophone: Xylophone is a short segment that resulted in a disturbing end to the segment. Only problem I had is that the parents were not screaming at what just happened and is more surprised at what just happened.Y is for Youth: That was an interesting segment. The writing is great as it shows imagery to what the girl is thinking, even if it's really funny and really gross. The effects are really good, even if it is a bit ridiculous, but I think it's just a way to prove a point. It was really good that shows what the child thinks in her ways.Z is for Zygote: Oh my gosh, that is one heck of a way to end with the last letter. The acting is really great, the effects are amazing, and the plot is really good.The ABC's of Death 2 is an improvement over the first movie which is surprising that most of the letter segments are really good and with some being not that good.

soiic p (br) wrote: Drle, militant et un peu mouvant, mme si en gnral, je supporte pas Mathilde Seigner, elle est bien dans ce rle

Timothy C (fr) wrote: Awful movie; dialogue was sloppy, acting was cheezy, the story had no purpose. It was a waste to rent.

Daniel G (ag) wrote: A solid tale on screen that feels like it was ripped directly off the pages of a classic novel.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Vessela D (ca) wrote: I really liked the idea of the movie, but it was too slow and boring...

Jason M (de) wrote: The Blair Witch franchise sold out! The brilliance of the original film is completely absent in this sequel that simply devolves into a Hollywood teen slasher flick. A real pity given that its original film was trailblazing on so many levels. This is far worse than the Godfather 3's insult to its original predecessors. It's more like The Exorcist 2 vs the original The Exorcist. Watchable, but completely silly from the outset. I thought the beginning with the smoking doctor and nurses scene was a joke or parody, then realized it was intentional!

Sin P (nl) wrote: Really thought it was pants. Apart from the cute dog! And Hugh laurie is always good.

Rose A (nl) wrote: Vacationing in British Columbia, a young girl has quite a time trying to convince dad there's a strange creature lurking in a nearby lake!

Yasin K (es) wrote: bana bir masal anlattilar,masal ben olmusum.bana beni anlattilar,ben masal olmusum...

Steve G (jp) wrote: The acting is awful. The characters couldn't be more annoying. I can't deal with this phony mess. The 'comic relief' character is in the running for most irritating ever.

Steve A (it) wrote: most under rated, under appreciated movie of all time...just ask katie or jill!

Karl S (it) wrote: I really really loved this movie. It didnt slap me in the face as much as Suzuki's other films like 'Toyko Drifter' and 'Branded to Kill' but I dont think that was his point with this one. The film is a period piece about people after World War II and how they deal with their existence. Everyone seems to know someone that died and they all seem dreadfully alone, without no one to blame but themselves. The film is deeply psychologoical, portraying emotional moments with a series of meticously thought out scenes involving double exposure. THe movie at times cut to shots of the american flag and bombs being shot off. It is honestly one of the few films I have ever seen that has really transported me into the mind of a Japanese person after World War II. I think it is a very important cinematic peice and im suprised that im the first person to review it on this page. I would reccomened it to anyone, it is a great historical and artisitic film. Yes, it does take place around a bunch of characters how are prostitutes, but that is part of the message and not for entertainment value, like some recent films.

Eugene G (mx) wrote: There's just something about classic cinema that does it for me. I dont know if its just the chinese takeout for my cinema diet right now or if it is my new favorite genre yet. First off, not Hepburn's best, but she still steals the screen. I'm guessing it was a big thing to star 50 year old plus men opposite the petite late 20's legend because its the third movie ive seen where she hooks up with a dude that could be her father. Whatevs, love knows no age right? regardless she shines, and cooper was the playboy that you wanted to see transform into the knight in bleached armor. In classic 50's chic it happens with a fairytale ending, just as they all should. I love everything about these movies including the subtle comic relief that doesnt have to be in the toilet to get the laugh. Great flick, worth every second to see the ending that epitomizes the early romance cinema.

David S (jp) wrote: Sumptuous production immerses the viewer in the film's central themes: the power of film to imagine dreams, and to make one desire for their disintegration. The conceit of a woman's ambition and independence framed as a circus act is deftly handled. This looks and feels like an inspiration to both Webber's Evita and Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge.

Maico (ru) wrote: Really funny short film from Charlie Chaplin. It doesn't star his as the Tramp which is always a nice change. As much as I and many other people love The Tramp it's hard not to fall in love with the other characters as well. This one is seriously funny and not to be missed.

Flora F (it) wrote: one of my favorite movies as a kid