4bia or Phobia (Thai: สี่แพร่ง or See Prang) is a Horror Anthology. The first segment, "Happiness" is about a lonely girl who corresponded with a stranger over hand phone text messaging and soon discovered something strange about this new stranger that she is attracted to. "Tit For Tat" spun a tale of black magic and vengeance for a school kid that had been bullied by a school gang. "In The Middle" - a group of friends faced one of their worst camping trip after water kayaking accident. The final segment "Last Fright" takes horror to new heights with a psychological thriller that involves a stewardess flying solo in a cabin with a dead body.

Four horror tales are designed to give viewers the fright of their lives by offering an unusual twist on the familiar Asian ghost story, revolving around an accident victim, a bullied youth, ghost stories and a deceased princess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Komal S (ca) wrote: Soooooooooooooo cute! screw what anyone else has to say this was just adorable. =)

John T (it) wrote: It was pretty weak. It didn't look horrible, but ultra cheesy. The girls looked good..

Tim B (ca) wrote: Hmph... Yeah... Not really sure what to say about this one. I'm somewhat conflicted with my reaction to this one when I shut it off but I'll try my best... Here's what I liked about Shallow Ground: the directing and look of the overall picture was pretty nifty. Sheldon Wilson gave a mix of modern style and old school grindhouse. The flick was stylish, but at the same time oozed 'gritty death'! Furthermore, the initial set up did grab my attention at the beginning and the plot was fairly good for a half hour or so. I also dug on the mystery this one provided and actually did not see a lot of the plot twists coming. Lastly, the gore hound in me was more than satisfied where there were a shit ton of bloody moments up in here. Am talking gun shots, hands digging in skin, heart evisceration and a ton more! Whoa. Timothy V. Murphy was overall good with the role but there were times where he totally underacted. If I saw some of the shit this guy saw, I would be hollering and darting in the opposite direction. The sane response from me for Stan Kirsch's performance as well as Lindsey Stoddart's. Patty McCormack was very convincing in the role and was probably my favorite actor of the lot. Rocky Marquette was very creepy as The Boy... Those eyes... brrrr... Unfortunately, Shallow Ground just failed to keep my full attention. The story just kind of jumped all over the place and I just watched it blankly at the 45 minute-mark. I mean, there was too much going on here for its own good. Something's up when I have to keep asking questions during a movie. I'm either a huge moron or the movie just failed with its answers. There were things little to big that I just didn't get. Like: why are the cops letting a prisoner handle their equipment? Why is nobody reacting to the fact that they are getting death threats written in blood? Why does nobody give a shit when a person is killed in this town? Is that really the killer's motive? Is this whole situation known to the entire town? What the f*ck was up with the last few seconds? There were these and many more that failed to give me a straight up answer. And that hurt it a lot. So in all, I'm on the fence. I appreciate it for being different, not holding back on gore and the fact that the people behind the camera had love for this one. But at the same time it's full of plot holes, characters that aren't all that and way too much vagueness. I recommend horror lovers check this out just so I can discuss this one. You may get more out of it. Me? Confusion...

Thomas K (us) wrote: Good animation, but a rather underwhelming remesh of the original series. Lacked much of the emotional punch that gave so much to the original series. As a plus, it was darker. If, of course, you are willing to consider darkness a plus.

Aditya M (it) wrote: Terrific fun - from the opening credits itself it is clear that this is a hugely inventive film, and it continues to be so till the end without being boring for so much as an instant.

Keon G (us) wrote: Great movie! Funny, lots of familiar faces. Great story, and good delivery. It should have gotten something, but sadly that's what happens to comedies.

Joshua G (mx) wrote: A classic and important documentary directed by the genius Maysles Brothers. The cinema verite classic has tons of influential filmmaking techniques, that make it one of the most important documentary films of all time. The film is very sad in it's portrayal of struggling salesmen who try to sell expensive bibles to poor families and get rejected. The film makes you feel awful for both the failing salesmen and the poor families they visit.

Leighton T (ag) wrote: This is a lovely potboiler from first-time helmer Carol Reed. It builds wonderfully, albeit slowly, full of nice humor and intrigue until it's miniature-based stellar finale. At a time when tensions were high with Hitler's Third Reich taking over country after country in Europe and become a global threat, to do a movie like this was a bold move for the British film industry, and it pays off nicely. Everything is downplayed so that you almost don't realize how good, how much fun the film is and the work from Lockwood, Harrison, and Henreid is all enables this.