Unsatisfied with his prior romantic achievements, Todd goes on a quest to date three women at one time. Little does he know, all three women share a common bond, and the aftermath ends up being more than he could ever bargain for.

Todd is at the pinnacle of his game; a great job, great friends and more women than he knows what to do with. He owns a lounge that frequents some of the finest women and talent mid-town ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (gb) wrote: the cover looks epic.... the story sounds lame, but at least there's a fucking dragon.

Fawn R (ru) wrote: One of those "so bad it's funny" type movies!

Jonathan G (mx) wrote: YOU SHOULD BUY THIS MOVIE! But only because they filmed it in Charlotte, NC and we need support for the local film scene. It's honestly not any better than an average Matlock or Perry Mason TV episode. It's a feel good 'Hallmark'-style courtroom drama with some charming moments. Honestly, after ready the screenplay first, I'm pretty disappointed about the decision of the director to simplify a lot of the fight/chase scenes. It just wasn't that special of a movie without them. I listened to the director's commentary afterward and it seemed like if the actors wanted to change the action in some seens and he let them do what they wanted to do. You need to control it better if you're the director. IMO. This could have been a lot better AND a lot worse.

Alex D (it) wrote: A good old classic film!

Derrick A (de) wrote: My first viewing of this movie I was disappointed. Though with every viewing it seems to get better, like a fine wine.

Silver Screen S (it) wrote: Decent acting, but Ironclad possesses poor writing and thinly drawn characters who you care little about. The romantic plot line was, dare I say it, stupid, and the film itself was rather unoriginal. However, the costuming and look of the film are great, and for the most part believable in this Alamo parallel, despite some shoddy effects work here and there.

Reece L (ag) wrote: Hurt and Julia are astounding in an intimate drama about the harshness of the world, the escapism of film, and compassion amongst human beings.

Russell H (it) wrote: mostly entertaining, we'll rounded humor

Michael W (es) wrote: I think older "kids" who read Peanuts growing up will appreciate this movie more but it is definitely FAMILY FRIENDLY and FUNNY!!!