5 (Cinque)

5 (Cinque)

Some time after being imprisoned, five young delinquents from the Rome suburbs become friends and bind themselves by a blood path. A few years later, they set up a caper meant to pay big ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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5 (Cinque) torrent reviews

Owen K (gb) wrote: The book was much better

Bill G (ag) wrote: Ya gotta love a movie where one of the titles is "Idea By" and credit is given to the star or stars, in this case the malodorous Spice Girls. "Hey, we've got an idea. Let's make a movie!" You get opening titles billing for that in the writing block? Seriously? Or am I short-changing them. "Hey, we've got an idea. Let's rip off The Beatles and make a movie!" Watching this movie is the equivalent of wrapping your sphincter around a jet engine on full blast while chewing on broken glass and squirting drops of Tabasco Sauce in your eyes. Seriously, I hadn't felt this physically ill since I ate a Filet 'O' Fish sandwich that had been left sitting out ... for 142 days. Jesus Christ! Scary Spice, indeed. And mind you, not even one good daisy chain anal 69 sequence. One very sad note: Somehow Sir Roger Moore got tangled up in this freakmare. Casting him in this movie is essentially elder abuse. It's too bad the Spice Girls didn't pursue careers as window hookers in Amsterdam. The world would be a better place for it.

Tom D (au) wrote: awesome black comedy film.

Allan C (nl) wrote: James Garner plays a high powered businessman who falls for Natalie Wood, who's the daughter of another businessman. Garner when starts up dealings with Wood's dad, played by Dean Jagger, to have an excuse to woo Wood. It's a lightweight films that tonally doesn't seem that far off from a Rock Hudson/Doris Day film, which can be a good or a bad thing depending upon your taste. Garner is one of my all-time favorite actors and is probably one of the most charming on-screen personalties of all time, this film being no different. Wood is alright, but I'm not sure I was ever convinced there was much chemistry between the two, which kind of weakened the film. Still, it's worth watching if you're in the mood for a light romantic comedy.

Barry M (it) wrote: Having recently watched this again, after what 18 years? I was pleasantly surprised to discover a tight, low-budget gem. A delicious, over the top performance from Lane Smith, with an early indication of why Viggo Mortensen ended up as L.O.T.R's King. Not much to it, but heartening to see at least an element of wit in what can often be a po-faced genre.

Ron H (mx) wrote: one of the best bad movies i have seen... and lead me to question how movies like this even get funded