5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore

5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore

The film tells the story of chartered accountant Vikram and his keep Soniya who are waiting for another Accountant Muqaadam to deliver 5 Crores Hard Cash at their Farm House. Vikram works ...

The film tells the story of chartered accountant Vikram and his keep Soniya who are waiting for another Accountant Muqaadam to deliver 5 Crores Hard Cash at their Farm House. Vikram works ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore torrent reviews

Mike R (us) wrote: What did I just watch?

Lucas B (kr) wrote: Yet another thrilling movie by pierce Bronsan

Anna C (es) wrote: it's really hard to succeed in doing something so bad, we'd got to give it to the director and author!

James L (de) wrote: Good cinematography but the story is less than engaging and very dark in nature.

Deepak M (us) wrote: One hell of a movie. Though set in the turbulent decade between 1969-79, the story rings true even in present-day India. If you haven't watched this movie, you have missed one of the best Hindi movies of the previous decade.

bill s (es) wrote: As a trip down the late 70's it's very enjoyable but as a coming of age film it's just average.

Ben D (es) wrote: How did they manage to make this one even worst than the last? The acting is more atrocious, the attempts at comedy are much more painful, and all the characters are even more annoying. Not once did I enjoy myself when watching this crap. It just drags on and on, seemingly neverending. Also, the people in this movie can't seem to tell the difference between vibration and sound. It's clearly stated in the first one that vibration is what attracts these things. For some reason, every time these things showed up in this movie, everyone just shouted to be physically quiet, as if that's supposed to help. The movie somehow failed to follow it's very basic rules, and it makes me sick. Do yourself a favor and avoid this monstrosity.

Richard R (it) wrote: Arnie at his cheesy mid-nineties finest.

John B (de) wrote: Wow again. A film that inspired so many teen lives and so many parodies. The film that launched Cameron Crowe and John Cusack..just..doesn't..measure..up. Another film that I should have seen as a youth that doesn't do anything for me as an adult.

Ryan L (ca) wrote: This movie is so bad its awesome. I have a much better appreciation for it than I did 20 years ago.

Brinn O (es) wrote: OK Why the fuck is Aaron Ekhart so agrresively bad? and Bill Nighy AS A FUCKING BAD GUY haaha your kidding right??

Trevor D (fr) wrote: "Bad Milo!" is like a grown-up, more disgusting version of 80's creature-features like "Gremlins," although the premise actually sounds grosser than what actually ends up on screen. The story feels oddly neutered in this regard-- never quite giving proper follow-through on each new story development, never really delivering any singularly memorable set pieces, and never fully exploring certain questions that might arise over the issue of a symbiotic demon baby living in a man's colon.Regardless, it's surprising how much genuine emotion is wrung out of the premise. Ken Marino gives a great, desperately sweaty, anxiety-ridden performance that still carries weight and sincerity, and he plays well against the wonderfully designed and practically-realized Milo. The central metaphor becomes too heavy-handed in the end (especially a final monologue that literally explains everything), but I dig how the film takes conceptual body-horror and turns it on its head with a lighter touch (I can only imagine what Cronenberg would have done with this concept-- although I probably don't want to).I'm torn over my feelings for the rest of the cast, as Peter Stormare and Patrick Warburton-- hilarious as they are-- are so blatantly wacky that I'm not sure if they really fulfill the proper functions of their characters to the extent required to keep the story grounded. Kumali Nanjiani, on the other hand, is hysterical in his sadly-brief but perfectly-modulated appearance, but Gillian Jacobs is totally wasted in a thankless wife/damsel role (made all the more apparent when considering what an incredibly gifted comic actress she is on "Community").Still, there's a lot to like about "Bad Milo!" It's a noble effort from first-time director Jacob Vaughn (and again, serious kudos for cool practical effects).