5 marines per 100 ragazze

5 marines per 100 ragazze

Five GIs end up in a female college during their military manouvers. They are very welcome by the girls and since one of them has also a beautiful voice they take part in a show organized ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (es) wrote: Even the starry cast couldn't save the movie from the lack of thrill in it.

Abhishek M (es) wrote: I'm not a great Aamir Khan fan but I do like his movies. He's got his own style.The first half of Talaash was excellent. It was gripping and had all the elements for the perfect second half. A good suspense was created in the first half by leaving things incomplete. But I think the lame second half ruined it all. The movie could've been excellent.I would give a 4/5 for the first half and 2/5 for the second half. I still thought there would be some twist in the end that would put a full stop to the 'ghost' story. But nothing like that happened.I was really furious by the end of the movie and I still couldn't believe Aamir Khan actually agreed to do this movie.Aamir Khan's acting - 10/10. Rani - natural acting. Kareena was okay! Nawazuddin Siddiqui - you rock!!!

Ricardo H (br) wrote: Some really good acting but overall, too strange for my liking

Kevin H (it) wrote: As far as bad movies go, this is definitely one of the worst. Still, there is some inherent charm here and some decent performances from Hewlett and Bergman that almost make it watchable. However, the special effects are appalling, the story doesn't make sense and the final showdown between the two heavyweights is less than spectacular. All in all a bad movie, but by no means the worst I have ever seen.

Chloe C (gb) wrote: One of the stupidest things I have ever seen! I confess, I laughed XD

hi d (mx) wrote: Major fav, very cute.

SA H (au) wrote: Mia Farrow is spectacular! The chemistry between her and Woody Allen is a treat to watch. They get into ridiculous situations together driving the plot along nicely. The way the story is told though a bunch of guys at Carnegie Deli is awesome. I didn't want it to end!

Dave H (it) wrote: need to see all the carry on films still.

Real G (jp) wrote: The basic idea behind Jail Bait is pretty simple and that's sort of the problem with this film. You have a hardened criminal who murders the son of a cosmotologist who is covering for his son's murder. Yea I made it sound more complex than it really is. Anyway, so the crimial kills the son and goes to the cosmotologist to have his face changed because the cops are breathing down his neck. Now who do you think the cosmotologist is going to change the criminal's face into?? I won't tell you, you can probably figure it out for yourself if you think about it for a second. That and the dames in this film cannot act who a squat, it's like they're reading off cue cards or something. I got this film paired with The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery so I watched it for the hell of it. If you see it in a discount bin somewhere, leave it be and find another film.

Dave W (gb) wrote: Very well done. Too bad our local theaters are too PC to run the musical.

Becs D (nl) wrote: Yes I have dusted off the Hitchcock box set and started again with this black comedy. It's dark humour seems more advanced than a 1950's film and is a typically frustrating watch as the whodunnit plot is revealed