5 Shells

5 Shells

After a financial apocalypse a young girl must protect her older sister as they wander a desert searching for a new home.

After a financial apocalypse a young girl must protect her older sister as they wander a desert searching for a new home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raja S (ru) wrote: superb comedy film better than okok

Xavier G (fr) wrote: Way funnier than I thought it was going to be. I love the main actress in it. She was hilarious!

Dylan W (ag) wrote: Such a well made film. It doesn't really answer most of questions it poses. What I like most is the minute my minute attention to the details of the events surrounding RFK's killing. There is lots of footage from many different angles. It, of course, doesn't really convince you of an conspiracy but it brings up all the problems with the official story of the events. Great interviews with all sorts of people involved. Rashomon like. Worth it for any one interested in conspiracy stuff or pop-history.

savannah b (ag) wrote: I learned more about everyone!! I loved it!

Simon S (kr) wrote: Well-acted and admirably adherent to its own unique vision, Brick is an enjoyable case of style over substance.

Ben M (ag) wrote: This is, so far, my favourite Australian movie. And my favourite movie from this decade. I think it's kind of a remake of "It's A Wonderful Life" and while some bemoan the way David Wenham's character becomes down-and-out so quickly, hey, it's more realistic than what happens to George Bailey! Combines the best of Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Capra and Ingmar Bergman.

Taylor W (gb) wrote: Nowadays, just about every book is becoming a major motion picture. Around the time of this movie, it wasn(TM)t so easy; more like, uncommon. You(TM)d have to be just about damn-good, and Sarah Dessen is just that. But enough about the book. This really isn(TM)t an ordinary ~love story(TM) kind of movie. It(TM)s too realistic to be put into the category of ~happily ever after(TM). Problems arise and nothing is perfect; it(TM)s a wonderfully told story I(TM)m glad I finally experienced. I also particularly like the cast selection by Avy Kaufman.Love islove. How to Deal? unfolds perfectly in relation to love, and yes, how to deal.

Darien S (es) wrote: Hilarious exploration of small town eccentrics.

John I (gb) wrote: The best movie nobody has ever seen.

Knut N (es) wrote: A nice little movie. Modine is a good actor, and he carries this all the way I feel. Great movie on a lazy Sunday or whenever you need a reason to eat popcorn :)

Alberto Z (fr) wrote: Luckily for me, I didn't watch the original 1972 version of Sleuth, so I didn't know what to expect before begin to watch it, or did I have any previous basis of comparison. That's a good thing, as this stylish film (pleasure for arquitects and designers) keep me curious about what's happen next. Now, this may seem short for a film like this, but for me was a satisfying feature, that'll leave you highly entertained once the credits start to roll.

Katrina L (au) wrote: Mila loves it! <3

Bengel W (fr) wrote: Sympathetically filmed with some powerful actors, especially Ian makes this weepy yet joyous film that will wreck havoc on your emotions. Though a true story the writers have kept the action focused and interesting allowing the rawness of the situation to come through. Morn the loss, yet give way to the triumph of human perseverance and dignity. Nibbles: Hot Dog.

Duffy L (au) wrote: Bullshitt!! This is a great movie! At least 95%