5 Sundarikal

5 Sundarikal

Five women, Anikha, Isha, Gauri, Kullante and Aami, undergo life-changing experiences with regard to love.

A film comprising of 5 short stories by 5 directors. Each story is about a women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (ca) wrote: A movie made 5 years ago or so that's only getting a NA release now, About Elly is an interesting addition to Farhadi's filmography that feels like a stepping stone to A Separation and The Past. While not as good as those two great movies, About Elly is still pretty good. It reminded me a little of Picnic at Hanging Rock, in terms of the feeling of mystery it exudes as well as also having a disappearance. Sepideh is a great and very interesting character, the actress really brings her to life.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Havent seen yet. Looks like it could be watchable.

Rory Fyfe S (gb) wrote: Funny movie with Hepburn and Holden doing great performances. Super movie. Funny and clever. Well done. Super film.

Rick L (ag) wrote: Actually a pretty good story, just a bad movie...sound, writing, acting, etc...

Kato H (jp) wrote: The MIRAG SCENE!!! great stuff!! great sunday afternnon flick!

Erastes A (fr) wrote: Very disappointing - the "romance" was almost a surprise as there seemed to be absolutely no interest between the main characters other than one drunken snog. the iconic poster shot actually only appears on the closing credits which is a tad misleading. As far as I could see, it was the unlikely friendship between the hot chick Talia and Crowne that defined the film. The comedic touches were more enjoyable than any alledged rom com element.