5 Time Champion

5 Time Champion

A teenage boy, adrift amongst a sea of family indiscretions, discovers what it means to be a man.

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
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A teenage boy, adrift amongst a sea of family indiscretions, discovers what it means to be a man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tobias H (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this tense and frightening horror flick. The ending was a little too strange though.

Jeff R (ag) wrote: Bruce Campbell excels in rolls demanding little more than idiocy, and herein he shines. I personally love this flick. TV movie, sure, but it is well-done being what it is. Don't even have to be a Bruce fan to like this, though a fan of Burn Notice would help.

Ryan L (nl) wrote: An interesting story that I think had a lot of potential, I just feel as though it didn't really get anywhere by the end. The acting is strong and there was some strong performances, especially from its lead Robert Naylor. However, the movie overall just didn't have the impact I hoped it would considering the subject matter, and for that, unfortunately it wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Thursday, July 24, 2014 (2013) The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia HORROR/ MYSTERY Despite the happy ending, I felt the mother of the young girl was too bullheaded and annoying. And the reason is that it had to be a two hour film. The overall movie experience lacked credibility in terms of characters themselves including law enforcement. It opens with mother, Lisa Wyrick (Abigail Spencer) while lying on her bed getting hallucinations of her mother until her daughter Heidi Wyrick (Emily Alyn Lind) walked in. They then moved into an isolated house with history, bought by her sheriff husband, Andy Wyrick( Chad Michael Murray) from an auction. Oh, yeah, Lisa's also on meds for her hallucinations too, except that her daughter sees some of the same images as her mother. Her mother doesn't believe her, and both of them particularly the daughter are starting to see things her mother denies are never there. It's sort of another 'I see dead people' scenarios except that the characters are not relatable. I mean, if the parents are so worried about the daughter so much , they wouldn't have left her alone on so many occasions which the so-called ghosts only appear when the daughter's alone. If it was my daughter I'd have her sleep in the same room with us, but no. The movie is supposed to be based on a true story, but the thing is when you watch it, it kind of concocts the storyline since it's supposed to entertain viewers for two solid hours( to be specific 101 minutes). Rotting bodies are discovered, and yet the police or sheriffs of that state limit their findings to just that one area and location without breaking any walls. I actually believed that the Wyrick household helped police locate deteriorated bodies underground, but I don't believe that it would require the Wyrick's help again to find that the wooden two-by-four weak walls to find that their was another room. That's just ridiculous. this movie needs to be more tightened and needed more common sense. 2 out of 4 stars

Evie M (ru) wrote: The message was good. Appealed to an issue that's not really talked about nowadays..but the acting was terrible and it was poorly written in my opinion. Substandard at best...

Pablo B (es) wrote: A veces (por x motivos) a uno se le pasan pelculas y se le pasan no ms. Por aos. En este caso especfico fue debido a mi histrica reticencia a ver pelculas de Leonardo DiCaprio. Siempre le encontr mucha cara de cabro chico y no le crea nada a las pelculas donde interpretaba a un adulto, jaja. Lo que llamo "El efecto LaPlaya-Titanic", jaja (por dios la pelcula sobrevalorada "Titanic". "La Playa" al menos es derechamente mala, jaja). Creo que l empez a sobreponerse a ese efecto actuando de forma slida desde que lo empez a dirigir Scorsese. De todas formas nunca se me pasaron "Inception", "Lobo de wall street", "Django sin cadenas" y "Los infiltrados". Hubiese sido demasiado. Si tengo pendiente "La isla siniestra" y "El Aviador".Bueno, Blood diamond (2006) fue una de las que se me pas. Ya tiene 11 aos, ya es un clsico del cable xD. Siempre quise verla, pero la presencia de DiCaprio me lo impeda, jaja. Me pareci slida, pone en 1ra plana muchos de los temas que uno ha ledo/visto cuando un libro, documental o reportaje profundiza en frica: interminable lucha por el poder, inestabilidad social constante debido a ello, presencia desmesurada de armas en el continente (lo cual tuvo su gnesis en los europeos ms sin tica segn he ledo), nios entrenados como soldados, refugiados, trabajo bajo esclavitud, etc. Por eso la pelcula es chocante desde sus primeros minutos. Muy cruda su accin, muy acorde con lo poco que he ledo sobre parte de frica. Muy buenas escenas de accin, asfixiantes. El personaje de DiCaprio es despreciable casi de inicio a fin. Muchas veces habla muy bien su ingls africanizado (aunque a veces tb como que se le perda). Eso tb es parte de una buena actuacin. Slido. Muy bien Djimon Hounsou (a quien siempre he identificado como "Digimon", jaja), linda actuacin. Merecidas ambas nominaciones al Oscar por actuacin. Bien manejada la historia entre DiCaprio y Jennifer Connelly, es sutil y no cae en tonteras tpicas. Buena la interaccin entre los 3 personajes. Al final son Digimon y Connelly quienes (SPOILER, por si alguien ha estado escondido 11 aos en una cueva) llevan a la redencin a DiCaprio. Muy lindo.En sntesis, un poco desordenada (quiz por a veces querer mostrar demasiado sobre la realidad de parte de frica) pero bien buena. Una buena pelcula de accin intentando poner conciencia social detrs. 4 de 5.

Jens N (gb) wrote: North Country benefits from its talented cast and gets its message across in a straightforward way.

Max G (ca) wrote: Amazing... Truly phenomenal!10/10 or 5 stars

Jan M (jp) wrote: Great 80s movie about relationships: lightweight yet adult, with great cast and terrible music.

Ross V (de) wrote: Cool plot idea, but they could have done a lot more with it

jwasu r (au) wrote: A noirish Romeo and Juliet. Kind of ridiculous, really, but I don't really ever tire of watching it every once in a great while.

Chris F (de) wrote: Preposterous, perhaps, but completely engrossing. Arlington Road is not easily forgotten.

Wayne H (it) wrote: A story of creativity, passion and bringing Frank Herbert's Dune to life - and it never got made. Amazing!

Kyle M (us) wrote: It maybe funny at the first film's level, but there's still no comedic connection to the original show, along being sillier with ridiculousness in some parts including some gags' triggers. (B-)

Matt B (br) wrote: A truthful, beautifully shot drama about 50s, marriage, and the disintegration of love. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are predictably outstanding. Just be forewarned: Revolutionary Road is VERY depressing.

David B (us) wrote: Cheesy, cliche and predictable.

Abel D (it) wrote: Such a bizarre premise. Very 90s Disney.