50 First Dates

50 First Dates

Henry is a player skilled at seducing women. But when this veterinarian meets Lucy, a girl with a quirky problem when it comes to total recall, he realizes it's possible to fall in love all over again…and again, and again. That's because the delightful Lucy has no short-term memory, so Henry must woo her day after day until he finally sweeps her off her feet.

A Hawaiian island playboy is afraid of commitment until he meets the beautiful Lucy. He has to use his imagination to win over Lucy when he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (gb) wrote: Really cute flick, really heartwarming

Sergej P (it) wrote: nice low budget movie..

Dave H (de) wrote: The end credits of Lost in Space are freaking awesome. Hyperspace zooms fade in and out with the credited names and blurry clips of the film, to a soundtrack with snippets of dialogue from the movie interwoven into a jazzed up, fast tempo version of the original Lost in Space theme song - my pick for perhaps the BEST TV theme music of all time. These end credits are like something you'd experience in a nightclub while tripping on disco biscuits - an awesome tune, and frantic, fun remix. So cool.It's a shame what you have to sit through to get to it.If ever a film was a pre-packaged, made-by-committee, Hollywood product - Lost in Space is it. Here's what I reckon went down:1. Ransack old television series, fitting our desire to NOT have an original product onscreen, AND our perceived knowledge in the power of nostalgia to sell tickets...CHECK!!!(shame that Lost in Space the 60s TV series wasn't THAT widely beloved anyway, beyond geeky/campy circles, so no one was clamoring for a reboot, shame perhaps that the tone of this flick eschewed the campy fun of the series)2. Of course, we'll have to throw in some extra elements that will appeal to modern audiences(shame that the pieces don't really fit together that well. I quite liked the blatant Star Wars-rip-off dogfight in the opening reel, but that's just eye candy. I also enjoyed the Aliens-like escape from the killer spiders bit in the middle. But shame about the dreary slogs surrounding)3. Bring in a couple of Oscar-nominees to give the film some cred with the oldies and critics.(shame that William Hurt (while decent here, he's been far more indulgent elsewhere) is going to be miscast in ANY story that emphasises plot and fun over character and potential-Oscar-noms, shame that Gary Oldman (who CAN be OTT fun - eg: The Professional) is a little subdued here...until his turn as a creepy-as-hell CGI spider....WTF!!!)4. Cast Joey from Friends to lock-in the 20 and 30 somethings(Yes, Friends/LeBlanc were at the height of their popularity in the late 90s. But shame that the majority of folk who watched Friends would only go to a science fiction flick IF IT WERE GOOD)5. Add a couple of hotties who look good in space spandex(OK, so unlike her Dorian Gray-like ex-hubbie, Mimi Rogers might have seen better days, but she still filled the spandex nicely. And Heather Graham...well, HEATHER GRAHAM. But kind of a shame that both ladies/characters were sidelined to do little more than pine for/kiss the male heroes)6. Don't forget the kids!!! Make sure we appeal to them(OK, Jack Johnson is pretty great as Will Robinson. But Lacey Chabert as Penny is like fingernails on a blackboard...but hey, she was in Party of Five, the kids know/love/want to be her - throw her in! But it's not the casting that's the problem here...)In fact, pre-packaged, made-by-committee, Hollywood products CAN work. And - arguably William Hurt aside - the casting isn't really the problem with Lost in Space.The problem is that the film is not made with any passion or drive or love. It looks great, and tepid direction aside - the performers are mostly game. But there's little momentum and drive and wit and fun. The vibe is too somber and sometimes Spider-Smith creepy. The pace is too staid. The story is a cross between a dreary time-travel episode of Star Trek and a Seventh Heaven episode about making sure we tell our loved ones we love them. It's obvious with being clever. It's corny without being fun. Johnson -- and intermittently Le Blanc and Oldman - bring things to life with some enthusiasm. Mimi has a nice "pissing contest" speech. The spider attack scene reminds me a bit of The Incredibles scene with the black globules on the bridge, and not in a bad way. The film is not a total loss. I'm glad I've seen it.But the best part is by FAR the John Williams theme at the end. Next time I'll just fast forward directly to that.

Pamela K (it) wrote: Half a star only because I got to look at Andrew McCarthy, but almost a no star.

Lee H (de) wrote: Pure spooky family fun with an over the top performance from Peter O'Toole that is a joy to watch.

KJ P (us) wrote: What has happened to the James Bond franchise? Sure, Roger Moore has had his ups and downs, but it seems as though he has almost lost his touch as to what makes the Bond character so great! This time, auctions, the circus, and train chases are all present and it feels like the most distant bond film of the entire franchise. Again, the cast and action pieces are what sell these films, but when you do very little to make me care about the characters and come up extremely short on the action, it is quite the bore. I will admit, there is a train sequence in the beginning of the third act that had me on the edge of my seat, until I realize I was watching a film that I was not interested in. Overall, this is a very subpar bond flick. I do not like it.

Jorge V (ag) wrote: Pelicula muy tierna que te hace pensar mas alla de lo que cada uno tiene materialmente

Eliabeth A (fr) wrote: un western con varias escenas en exteriores. una pelea entre familias que se intenta terminar por uno de los lados pero no todos estan de acuerdo.. nada destacable.

Shawn R (au) wrote: Surprisingly a good story with a kind of original plot.

Ethan B (ca) wrote: Bourne Legacy gives us a lot of good for being sans Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner holds his own very well and proves he can be a leading man in a blockbuster.Starting off prior to the events of The Bourne Ultimatum, Legacy finds Jeremy Renner's character in the Alaskan wilderness, being hunted by a pack of wolves. Then, all of a sudden, he discovers that a drone is trying to blow him up. Eventually, the film moves past Ultimatum and becomes about another secret government agency. They're feeling threatened by Jason Bourne's uprising and trying to kill their own assets before they have the chance to retaliate.The biggest issue with this film is that it tries to be cryptic. It's capable of telling us what's going on, but chooses not to--which can be frustrating when watching a movie. You can tell that these events are opening the door to something cool in the series, but it just doesn't let us figure out what that is until later. Often times, we find ourselves scratching our heads, hoping that it all ties together in the end. And it does for the most part. But even when things click, it means nothing of value. You just accept it and hope it will make sense in the next film.We're also never entirely sure how it all connects to the Bourne series--other than the same people are involved. But the glimmering hope that it's going to open the series up to something grander--the bigger picture--makes every piece of this film intriguing.Regardless of the mysterious plot, it's really entertaining. The action and chase sequences are high-quality, and there are some really intense scenes. It's all fun in the end.Twizard Rating: 85

ArYa DarMa D (mx) wrote: 5/5 Ratings for The Good,the Bad and The Ugly F: 97%R: 3%Western Action Adventure

Chase M (gb) wrote: It had some funny parts, but the uneven combination of slapstick and dumb stereotypes really ruined this movie.