500 Mph Storm

500 Mph Storm

When an energy experiment goes haywire, a rash of massive hurricanes rips across North America. A high school science teacher must get his family to safety before the hurricanes merge, creating a "hypercane" with the power to wipe the US off the map.

A botched energy experiment unleashes a rash of massive hurricanes all across North America, prompting a high school science teacher to get his family to safety before the storms converge into one apocalyptic tempest with the power to wipe the US off the map. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (ru) wrote: The raves about Glenn Close's performance are deserved, and this is in many ways an important story, but the film is unfortunately lifeless and the subplot's a real stinker. Almost a great movie, but not.

Yury D (us) wrote: Shockingly, this movie grows on you after a while. At first, it's meh. Then it's teh. And finally, Suze Tye, why haven't you done any other films? The crazy nurse is the best part.

Tom K (ru) wrote: Schlosser's book was a fast read and a shocking eye-opener on how McDonald's pretty much controls the American meat industry, with disasterous effects for the labor, health, meat-packing & ranching industries. So I'd like to see it. Another reason I can watch it is that I can finally look at Ethan Hawke, now that he's no longer married to Uma Thurman, who secretly loves me.

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Lars W (de) wrote: Lita Ford is in this one.....

Thomas K (us) wrote: It was very controversial when it came out and NOBODY remembers it now. They should.

Heather B (au) wrote: Surprisingly good!!!

Michael L (ca) wrote: this is an absolute classic! definetely one of th ebest films of 1930s! i thought it was incredibly funny and had some graet performances by charles laughton (a thinner version of him!) and zasu pitts. at 74 minutes, youre in and youre out quickly and you have a lot of laughs in your pocket

Bonnie S (br) wrote: I'm not sure if it's Michael Stuhlbarg and John Malkovich that gave me the impression, but at one point, I felt like I needed the Coen brothers to be working on this film, both in script and directing. There were some pretty good twists in the plot and everything was great until 20 minutes before it ended. The end disappointed me. I would have liked for everyone to have died and get a decent dark humor closure for the story.As far as Liam Hemsworth goes, he is very pleasant to look at, but I wish they would have cast someone different for the part. I didn't really feel like his character was interesting or "all there". He lacked an interesting personality and greater shortcomings. Overall, it was a good film that could have been better.

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