When a vengeful, mentally ill stepsister blackmails three successful women - they commit a horrific act to protect the secret of how they gained their fame and fortunes.

When a vengeful, mentally ill stepsister blackmails three successful friends, they commit a horrific act to protect the secret of how they gained their fame and fortunes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bobby L (gb) wrote: Starring Casper Van Dien and Coolio, who plays a vampire, set in space!! If that sentence didn't tickle your fancy, then this movie is most assuredly not for you. However, for all you purveyors of B-movie ridiculousness, this a lot of fun. Writer/ director Darrell Roodt makes the most out of a clearly limited budget, and while the sets are nothing new, mixing the industrial type ships, a la Aliens, with the more decadent type from something like Event Horizon, it's works, and it never tries extending itself beyond it's means.The script has some odd moments to it, as in the beginning, when the intern-navigator (who works for free) is exploring the ship the distress call came from (of course, right?) and Tommy Lister's Humvee starts messing with her. It's awkward, and doesn't work, thankfully though, bits like this are quite infrequent. Most of the time, the script, and well everything else, embraces it's own cheesy, and we get great lines, as with Coolio's 187, a vampire, "I want to watch my anaconda spit all over your snow white ass". It's silly and ridiculous, but the movie never takes itself seriously.So there's 187, and then there's Count Orlock, and as played by Langley Kirkwood, one part Anne Rice vampire, one part sociopath, one part alien, and all sorts of insane. This are the only two vampires here, but they're enough. Also, quite amusing is "Transylvania" here is another galaxy, but no word on whether or not it's in the vicinity of the "Transsexual" quadrant. Anyways, so once they are unleashed, the movie is just our heroes being hunted, and rather savagely mocked by Coolio, and sure, it's cliched and by the numbers, but it's done well and lots of fun.Acting wise, Dien as Capt. Abraham Helsing is the best, with Coolio's over-the-top antics not far behind. Lister is good in his role, but it doesn't require a lot- be big, look menacing, die- which he's very suited for. Grant Swanby as the nerdy professor that knows the lore of vampires is probably the most in on the joke, and a lot of fun, but in his more emotive scenes, he's only OK. As for the two females, they are decent but nothing more than that. Alexandra Kamp as the already mentioned intern has a small presence but gets lost in the commotion. Erika Eleniak as Aurora Ash handles the action well, but her comedic timing is way off, and she has a fair share of silly moments.Roodt keeps things moving at an even pace, and uses some excellent lighting to mask some of the budget restraints. The cinematography is decent, and I can't award too many style points, but it's competent and gets the job done.A fun movie, that despite it's limited appeal and goofy nature, will charm and impress B-movie lovers.

Fredrick M (ru) wrote: Great movie, with a great cast.

Allan C (us) wrote: Entertaining, though thoroughly ridiculous kids film, from down under. Aussie exploitation director Brian Trenchard-Smith, who did classic grindehouse flicks like "Stunt Rock," "Escape 2000" and a personal favorite "Dead End Drive-In" (he also made "Leprechaun 4: In Space"), made this surprisingly family friendly film about a group of BMX bike riding friends who come across a stash of stolen police radios that the bad guys want to use for a bank job. The Home Alone-like bumbling villains do their darned to get the plucky kids, one if whom is a 16 year old Nicole Kidman in her first film role. Kidman is good in her role and one of the plucky kids, though I'm not sure you'd necessarily say she commands the screen or that it was obvious she'd be a star (as compared to early Angelina Jolie parts in trashy films like "Cyborg 2"). The film has good sense of place, showing off lots of uniquely looking Australian locations. There's also a fun 1980s nostalgia to the film with arcades, 80s clothes and music. It's all very silly, but it's a breezy enjoyable time.

Bengt W (ru) wrote: Med all rtta en riktig klassiker. Den r allt som Down with love inte r: rolig, smart och snygg.

Zoran S (it) wrote: Not the best Lewis/ Tashlin film; the mania is pretty dialed down here. Still, it has its moments and has a nice technicolor visual style.

Anthony K (de) wrote: The indie scene is where horror lives today. Forgot the twentieth Halloween reboot or the January dump truck that unloads all the mid-budget horror flicks that the studio wants to die quietly. The past few years have given us Oculus, The Witch, Don't Breathe, and admittedly the return of M. Night Shyamalan to elevated B-movie form. Micro-budgets and filmmakers eager to subvert the genre are giving us some of the most well-crafted scares that we've had since a creative dearth gave us seven Saw movies.What elevates the best of the best with supernatural horror is a willingness toward social allegory. Our worst fears are the ones that hit closest to where and how we live. Cabin in the Woods and You're Next started the trend by slyly flipping the game board and suggesting that moviegoers are too clever for the same old song and dance. Enter It Follows, which takes a simple premise (a demon is slowly coming for you) and elevates it to sexual assault allegory. The demon is passed like an STD and can only be gotten rid of temporarily by passing it on to someone else. This raises questions about self-preservation. What lengths would you go to in order to prolong your life, but doom somebody else? Under the perilous and terrifying circumstances, taking up the "doom somebody else" sword isn't hard. Fear is a powerful motivator.Like an STD, passing it on won't save you though. It only ends up buying you more time. It's a hamster wheel situation. Death comes one way or another.Shot and performed with a delicate grace, It Follows steeps everything in a palpable terror. Its anachronistic setting complete with e-readers, tube televisions, classic cars, and a complete lack of cell phones is an ever-present reminder of the characters' futility. It's a perpetual post-recession dystopia full of dilapidation, overgrowth, and despair. And backed by haunting synths, it's a pall that never lifts.Like the demon that lumbers with deadly inevitability, It Follows stays with you. It's a terrifying perversion of the world we live in and a well-crafted showcase of what horror still has to offer. 9.3/10

Kelly K (es) wrote: People actually liked this movie? Adrian died of 'woman cancer' and the slightly trippy fight scene. Black and white, then color, then a shot of meat, then roses at Adrian's grave, now super pixilated, then the music is twinkly then goes slow motion-y... great cinematographic choices.


scott j (ag) wrote: pretty good film. liked the story,hard hitting gritty couple of old school actors but was pretty hard to find the rival gang leader the psycho thug he was portraying as it's Mick carters son lee from eastenders lol also this stars Danny dyers real life daughter dani dyer. ;)