53 días de invierno

53 días de invierno


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,  

Three characters meet on a winter night at a bus stop and attend to the abandonment of a dog. Mila, a teacher who has been a year off after being attacked by one of his students. Celso, security guard, married, father of a child with serious economic problems, about to learn that is going to be father again, but this time with twins. And Valeria, a cello student, with a murky relationship with her family and her love. The three set out on a journey that will take them to confront their fears and frustrations and to make each a decision that will change their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan S (nl) wrote: I went in with low expectations and wasn't let down. Overall, meh. Not painfully unwatchable, but not worth watching if something better is on. A bit more effort and this could have been a good bad movie instead.

Scott R (gb) wrote: Educates on a very important issue about education corruption in Jersey and how many are combating it with vouchers and charter schools. It was not smooth, it had an annoying soundtrack, and was a little repetitive. Nevertheless, I was glad to have seen it.

Michael M (ag) wrote: Richard Donner and Bruce Willis have done much better work than what this movie offers. Mos Def is mos annoying.

Kapil B (es) wrote: This one will really shock you...What a world we live in!

Rhonda Z (gb) wrote: A beautiful movie that is well done!

NielsMartin J (jp) wrote: *Sniggers* In all seriousness, this is really not that bad. It is not too exciting or in any way groundbreaking, but it is okay for passing the time when you are hung over, I guess. Brian Austin Green is okay, but it is really difficult not to see him as David Silver.

Timm S (jp) wrote: Certain Scenes (Danson & Lemmon) Are Perfectly Staged & Presented As True To Life As Can Be...It However Cannot Ride Purely On These Poignant Scenes Alone, So Unfortunately Gets Dragged Down & Backwards In Other Patts...

Sean C (it) wrote: While nowhere near as good as something like Taxi Driver, this is in a similar vein. It's stark and gritty and is definitely a study of an outsider. The pianist angle is interesting to put into a movie about a loan shark. Some might find it boring at times, but it is a perfect example of a true independent film.

Zoran S (nl) wrote: This is a goofy and curious film. I mean, it's not especially good but it has a young Burt Reynolds and Silvia Pinal. It is trashy and stupid and has strange close ups of a child thief smoking for no reason. I suppose if you are hardcore Samuel Fuller nerd than it's worth looking at. The dvd transfer is a wreck though.

luther r (br) wrote: sword action must see with kids good moral leason to be learn there huge good mankind and evil to

Scott C (es) wrote: An extremely silly remake of Akira Kurosawa's samurai film, Yojimbo. However, the action scene are breathtaking and the music score is really catchy. A very memorable B-movie.

Bill B (fr) wrote: Jenny Slate knocks it out of the park with this one, which is both biting and bittersweet, hilarious and touching - well worth a look. Recommended.

Sunny W (kr) wrote: Suspenseful and terribly frightening!

Bill R (es) wrote: a different story from what we have seen in movies about Ip Man. A focused story more on his teen years before becoming the legandary master he eventuallt became. a good story and worth a watch if you are interested in Ip Man story.

Gimly M (de) wrote: The To Do List sidles in just on the right side of "okay". Just. The majority of the jokes don't work for me, and the premise it takes off from was flimsy as Hell, which would be fine if it wasn't something I kept thinking about. No one actor is really impressive (although Clark Gregg did step it up a little), and no technical achievements could notch any merits in To Do List's favour either. Subverting the teen movie/sex comedy tropes is a nice touch, but let's be honest, I would never have watched this if Aubrey Plaza wasn't in it, and I came out of it with virtually the exact same opinion I had going in.

Wayne M (ca) wrote: Entourage is reasonably enjoyable, sometimes funny and easy to watch. But it seemed like just an excuse to get the old gang back together for a bit more of the same. I really liked the TV show. Of course it wasn't great, but it was a lot of fun and pretty enjoyable. The movie seems like in hindsight more of the same. A fairly flimsy story line brings the characters back together for a film that not only stars Vincent, but is also one he directs. But the film is really about extravagance, parties, girls, drugs and a few laughs. In the end it's a bit of fun that might keep you entertained for the duration. With a thousand cameos to keep you busy whilst you watch.