55 And Older

55 And Older

A young couple think that they can save money on rent by moving into a 55 or Older retirement community, and disguise themselves as elderly to get in.

A struggling couple are forced to disguise themselves as seniors and try to fake their way into living in a 55 or older community for rent-free. As they transform their lives, the residents are not easily fooled... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


55 And Older torrent reviews

Amirah B (kr) wrote: Stupid, and not as good as the first one.

Erin D (br) wrote: meh, pretty blasee, not Spurlock's best effort

Dragonfly W (br) wrote: Very moving story based on true events. War brings out the worst, and best in people.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Another exorcism movie.

Tito B (de) wrote: Una historia simple con giros inesperados.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: fascinating story, but the presentation is horrible.

Adam R (it) wrote: A stoner comedy that I went to high school with. I've never found it to be particularly funny, although I'm not a fan of the genre. (First viewing - Teen years)

Pavandeep S (es) wrote: An utterly engaging movie that tears down any melodrama for a more realized engaging film on the Spanish Civil War. The fundamental element of this film that gives off a humanism type beauty to it is the way it captures the elements of the human beings, their talk and their daily life together with their approach to a disaster such as this, war and split loyalties and at the same time, abuse by their powers, inside and outside who all want to make Spain a paradise. I personally belief that films such as this really capture the political side really well as compared to just being politically absorbed but lacking any value whatsoever, due to the innate flaws in ideologies, the people affected and who prize these ideologies are more intriguing.

shawn c (nl) wrote: o oopoo [[o00dkdctdhkdkgkypuirvygsyiuorcvu8rgun9fuoryiy8evfy8bfyb87stcpryia57ecpr y80dt 8p4 to 27f9st it is puqrkwr

Jenny H (de) wrote: Great movie, chilling adaptation of a classic fairytale. Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neil are brilliant. She was always good at playing characters with attitude (the memorable "excuse me" from Holes), and she is downright scary in this.This movie definitely makes the evil stepmother character more believable; it tells her story. It also feels more real because the main character isn't forever being called 'Snow', and Cohn's version of the dwarves are much more relatable, and the characters are all done really well.