5th Street

5th Street

When Joe Montoya loses his wife in a gang related shooting he vows to stop at nothing to exact his revenge on those responsible. Set in inner city Los Angeles, 5th Street is a tale of violence, love, and revenge.

When Joe Montoya loses his wife in a gang related shooting he vows to stop at nothing to exact his revenge on those responsible. Set in inner city Los Angeles, 5th Street is a tale of violence, love, and revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Buffy B (kr) wrote: Oh so stupid. Did not do the first one any justice.

Marcela R (ag) wrote: solo los desnudos merecen 5 estrelas.... el resto de la pelicula es vacio, rallando en lo ofensivo....

Gary P (ca) wrote: One to drag a child off to; whether they want to go or not!

Noname (ag) wrote: Okey comedy movie and its quite fun with these road / camp trips films.

Yannick D (nl) wrote: Although the humour is still largely aimed at the younger crowd, Madagascar proved that Dreamworks - having just come off the obnoxious Shark Tale - could still make fun and engaging movies.

Ryan R (fr) wrote: This is one of the most boring and pointless wastes of time I have ever endured. Watched it for a class on War, Terror, and Globalization. The movie made no sense, had no redeeming qualities, and the only thing good about it is that its over rather quickly.

Joel D (nl) wrote: If not for the gem performances, beautifully atmospheric location of Cambodia and fast pace it would be just another generic scam story...

Owen R (fr) wrote: Pretty good Sam Rockwell film. It is a disturbing movie, but the story is unique. Worth a watch.

Jacob G (ru) wrote: Fonda plays a nice fearful girl, and Jennifer Jason Leigh is frightening as a roommate from Hell. Reading the synopsis you may roll your eyes, but while watching the film, you find yourself believing that this psychotic woman could actually exist.

Jake T (es) wrote: Chemistry still there, gritty action, and there are some solid laughs BUT the story is generic and ridiculous like something off a bad episode of Chips.

Collin S (it) wrote: This movie... where do I start? This movie is ok. I won't watch it again, guaranteed. The movie is slow to start, and there's hardly any music until the iconic "pretty woman" song/montage. The notorious "big mistake" scene was 10 seconds long... and there was little comedy to this classic "rom com". This was more of a "rom dram". Of course the only saving grace was Julia Robert's acting. Richard Gere is meh and only meh. He talks at one volume and gives the same stupid look the entire movie. Would only recommend to someone who wants a romantic movie... not a romantic comedy. This movie could've ended easily 30 min earlier. I felt this movie could've avoided more drama. There was room for a resolution early but instead, they pushed Vivian further into conflict only to unnecessarily extend the run time.

Grant S (ag) wrote: Nazi Germany, late-1930s. Germany is gearing up for war and one of their projects is to set up a brothel, where military officers and politicians can relax. SS Untergruppenfuhrer Helmut Wallenberg is tasked with the role of recruiting the girls - they must all be ardent National Socialists - and setting everything up. He views the brothel as a means to spy on senior officers and politicians, especially in order to weed out any traitors, and bugs the rooms. This has tragic consequences for one of the girls.Better than I expected. I was expecting a no-discernible-plot, heaps-of-gratuitous-nudity exploitation-type movie and this was better than that. There is a fair degree of nudity but it is fairly tame. Not very exploitative at all, especially compared to some movies in that genre. Plot is decent - it is coherent and not too holey. Just that it has a plot was a good start! Some engagement with the characters too.However, there are still many reminders that this is a B-movie. Continuity leaves a lot to be desired: eg a man's scar shifts from one side of his back to the other in one scene! Props are pretty basic: eg this movie contains the worst, most assymetrical, swastika flag yet seen. Performances are largely a bit hammy, but not too bad. The SS 2nd in command is ridiculously badly played though - the actor shouts every line at the top of his lungs! Very over-the-top.

Miranda A (gb) wrote: seriously there was a sequel???

Eileen M (ag) wrote: Only the ending is imperfect.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Follow-up to The Jolson Story doesn't have the entertainment value of the first film but still managed to be the top-grossing film of the year; includes the famously surreal scene where Larry Parks (as Al Jolson) meets Larry Parks (as himself).

Issac L (jp) wrote: Two men grappling on the top of a scudding train and both wind up falling into a choppy river, after that rolls out "THE END", which is the beginning of this film, directed and written by Preston Sturges, our protagonist is a booming young director Sullivan (McCrea), the said clip he shows is his latest film which intends to dig into the bleak reality instead of make another fluff. So unsurprisingly, the investors and producers will not buy it, then Sullivan decides to experience all the "troubles" which unfortunately elude him since clearly his life is too pricey to provide him with the adversity of the huddled mass.Here is the compromising plan, he puts on an act as a poor guy with only 10 cents in the pocket, and the film studio sends an 8-men crew to (not so stealthily) follow him and records his adventure, which will be compiled as a front-page story for the media and publicity, a great mutual benefit trickery only it sounds a tad highfalutin, paraphrasing a sentence from the film "People always like what they don't know anything about it", Sullivan is a lucky bastard born with a golden spoon in his mouth! Anyway, there he goes, it starts as a slapstick comedy, when he meets the girl (a 19-year-old Lake), who fails to have a crack into Hollywood, the film morphs into a romantic screwball, Lake is a fabulous stunner, and much to my surprise, her diminutive figure does stand for a little boy in her tramp outfit alongside a husky McCrea, and together they showcase some heavy scored silent montages of their improvised life with tramps, an apparent tribute to Chaplin. Then the film veers its trail with a mood-changing malevolence, the do-gooder has to learn a lesson for his own naivety towards the lower stratum's spite, after the courtroom hubbub with a hazy and distorted images, Sullivan has to undergo a diabolic spell in a prison camp where he will finally find what people really want to see and it is sardonically at a black people's church. During the viewing, there was an impulse pushing me to want to love this film more, but eventually it failed, the story is an oversimplified product of one's wacky imagination, the overall tone never cease to patronize the poor mass, the ending is too gratuitous to feel the empathy, a 7/10 is out of my respect to Sturges' cachet, anyway it is an taxing tale to spin, even for Sturges.

Gerard R (jp) wrote: I rather see soul plane 3 more times. this is absolute trash.