5x Pacificação

5x Pacificação


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gun crime,  

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5x Pacificação torrent reviews

Kristina K (it) wrote: Dakota Johnson should stop biting her lips...maybe she is practicing for 50 shades but we get the impression she lacks talent. And I'm pretty sure they could have found someone who is way prettier but doesn't come from a famous family.

Michael W (nl) wrote: This is one awesome and important film. If you are concerned about the state of our planet and the future of our democracy then this film should be on your bucket list... Don't wait till your bucket is empty to see Josh and Rebecca Tickell expose this tragic man made disaster and cover up... Josh and Rebecca Tickell along with Peter Fonda take us with them on their journey to the Gulf of Mexico for a first hand view the devastation of the BP Oil spill and the whitewashing of the facts... This film is so timely to the events unfolding in America today that is very important that this film get the distribution it deserves, go see it and recommend it to all your friends and family.

Timm S (ru) wrote: Hrmmm...I Wasn't Convinced. Not Complete Crap, But Brushed Near It & Alluded The Smell Of Rubbish. I Kept Thinking How I Used To Make Up Stories Like This & Film It When I Was A Kid. Unfortunately These People Are Grown Up.

Private U (au) wrote: Too bad it is too pretentious, because the theme, story, acting and mise en scene are right on the spot.

Michael H (br) wrote: Ridiculous, and an early platform for Ryan Reynolds to demonstrate the same character he's played for all these years.

Arul H (de) wrote: I love the storyline.. Made me remember how it used to be back when i was living in PJ, struggling..

Private U (it) wrote: I liked it Bella Donna were the greatest part in the film I thought!

PieterJan V (gb) wrote: For being a romantic comedy, this wasn't too bad. It was nice to see Ralph from the Sopranos in this movie as well !

Andrs R (br) wrote: Wanted to see it, totally worth it :D

John L (au) wrote: Lone Wolf McQuade is about a Texas Ranger (played by Chuck Norris) who is a crazy one-man army who is in pursuit of weapons dealer that won??t stop at anything. As you might expect, this film is full of ridiculous and enjoyable action. Chuck Norris does quite well as his usual bad-ass action hero that he??s plays. The final showdown is certainly worth seeing. Overall, this is a fun action pack Chuck Norris film.

Bjorn O (mx) wrote: Man kan ju inte annat n att gilla den hr, s trevlig och fin.

Lady D (ag) wrote: Recommended by James Kendall

Daniel W (fr) wrote: Two tour de force performances make this a top historical epic. Harris is great, Guinness is an uncanny Charles I, and the film itself makes the Civil War (more or less) easily understandable.

Rudy G (it) wrote: Low CGI but still a good horror movie!

Alberto C (fr) wrote: Me ha parecido algo lenta con respecto a la sucesion de hechos. Vale, trata un tema delicado con el cual se debe tener especial cuidado. Sin embargo me ha sido insufrible en largos tramos.