Five stages in the romance between a woman and a man.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:French,English,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   rape,   paris france,  

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Cory B (it) wrote: This is a short film that you should definitely check out on itunes. It's original and will have you smiling through most of its 18 minute running time. I read an online review categorizing Luke Matheny's quirky style of humor as similar to that of Woody Allen, but I think the latter's is more lighthearted and has an innocent charm to it. Short comedies usually come up short but this is an exception. Kudos to the Academy for recognizing it.

Brandon D (ru) wrote: The cover of this film looks very similar to The Proposal's cover, haha!

Nicholas G (jp) wrote: "Bridge to Terabithia" is a story about friendship and imagination and has one hell of a twist(if you can call it that) that I didn't see coming but totally made sense for the story that it was trying to tell and tied things together beautifully. If you plan to see this movie do not read any review or watch any trailer, it would make for a much more rewarding experience if you know nothing about this movie(I didn't know a thing before watching this).

Mona M (fr) wrote: dis was a really nice movie

Robert V (nl) wrote: It's all about her lips and her manipulations. And for this and her delicious portrayal is good enough to watch.

Matt C (br) wrote: Yawn...another Eco-Doc...stop lecturing me about using cheap light bulbs when the real problem lies with the governments bending over for the oil companies. Nothing new to see here...move along...move along...

Ildiko B (fr) wrote: Ferzan ?zpetek is great.

Galina S (gb) wrote: hardly could finish watching. except for young keanu there's nothing appealing.

Nate G (it) wrote: Who's the nut-job who got fired after deciding to put PAULY SHORE in a movie about the army- even if it was supposed to be stupid. This desperately tried to be Stripes, but no one realized that Stripes was only funny because of Bill Murray.

Nathan H (ca) wrote: Okay overall, but I got bored of it midway through.

Robert H (us) wrote: CLUB PARADISE, while having a promising premise, is a largely disappointing misfire. Even Robin Williams seems to be a bit bored, and is clearly not at his best here. Granted, there is a great ensemble cast, but none of them are given a whole lot to do and, save Robin Williams, are underdeveloped. Still, I'll give credit where credit is due. The film does start off rather well, with Robin Williams' character Jack Moniker retiring from the Chicago Fire Department on a disability settlement and heading off to St. Nicholas, a tropical island. There, he settles in and gets involved with a local businessman/musician named Ernest Reed (Jimmy Cliff, who gives some excellent musical performances) who runs a resort called Club Paradise. These initial scenes were quite funny as it showed Jack getting used to his surroundings and later, dealing with the tourists who visit. Among those visitors are Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis, two losers who are trying to score with women and get high. These two comedians have been good elsewhere, but here their talents were wasted on one-dimensional characters that really weren't that funny. Well-meaning, maybe, but not funny. To add some conflict, the prime minister of the island is trying to drive Ernest out so that foreign investors can develop the land. In my opinion, the film really didn't need this as the cast was already large enough that they could have focused on something else besides island politics. Also in the mix is Peter O'Toole as the local British governor. Even though his role wasn't too substantial, I did like him in the several scenes he was in. He and Robin Williams even get to play off each other a little bit. However, if there's one major flaw in the movie it's that it tries to do too much in its finale. Instead of wrapping up the various subplots that were percolating over the run time, they opt instead for something more ridiculous, i.e., a "revolution." By doing that, they really gave short shrift to the great cast of characters they had been following previously. The film's humor was also rather dated, but I can live with that. On the good side of things, the best element outside of Robin Williams and Peter O'Toole was the music, consisting almost exclusively of reggae. Overall, while the film is a nice 80's time capsule it's quite forgettable and I wouldn't consider it essential viewing for Robin Williams fans.

STCENTERPRISE (ru) wrote: I think what I liked best was the film score by James Horner. It is almost presented in a bigger than life aspect. What I was not a fan of is the sexual talk, sexual immorality, drugs, alcohol. I thought some of the characteristics by Tom Hanks besides the above mentioned factors were funny like how he would act as a big shot and not get away with it or how he felt with people was funny. I did not think it was necessary to see Tom Hanks character get the girl at all. I was not satisfied with the results of the film. I felt like the villains were not adequately dealt with in order to resolve the conflict since the villains were still there & could always come back. I did like John Candy's role in this film up till the end when he was blabbering up stuff from being slapped by Tom Hanks character. This film made a fun of Asians, and war films, card films, bar fights, rescue scenes, and the Peace Corps, CIA, the military, and not in a good way either.

David G (au) wrote: Much better than expected. Decent little shocker with only a few shocks, but much better than what you've heard.

Jason M (br) wrote: Patton is one of the greatest films of all time based on the life of a larger than life American General, famous for his WW2 actions. George C. Scott is brilliant in one of the greatest roles of his life. This biopic is on most of the top 100 film lists, and is well deserved. The cinematography and acting are very realistic and you can't seem to help thinking that this role was created for Scott. Patton was an enigma. He beat to his own drum, and often was at loggerheads with his military and political overlords because of his rugged and outdated personality. He was the type that could have been the president during the war, similar to a Winston Churchill figure. This film is a deserved testament to his life, which may otherwise have been forgotten as we lose memory of the events and personalities of WW2.

Ken S (kr) wrote: Pretty much just a rehash of Make Mine Music, you kind of feel that if they had just taken the good parts of both this and Make Mine Music, and edited them together, and threw the bad parts out, you'd have one decent package film, instead of two sub par package films.

Tsukasa A (es) wrote: What a gorgeous casting! Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz are Oscar winners and John C. Reilly is an Oscar nominee. I'm intimated if the strongest actresses Kate and Jodi crush head-on in the bloodiest fight but the movie is well-balance by Jodie and Christoph taking aggressive roles while Kate and John taking softer roles so that the movie would not fail due to series of dreadful fights.All scenes except park scenes are shot in a house and actors were requested to learn the script from cover to cover by heart. They repeated rehearsals to reflect direction in the performance and real performance was shot in real time without rests. Thus indoor performance in the house became thrilling with dynamism of lines and tension of real time take. It is funny that, at first, they have assailant and victim structure in a fight of their kids but the structure changes as the husbands sympathize each other and wives collude each other depending on dialogues they have. Carnage in the title means genocide but I believe the title implies:-Human beings have a nature of carnage-Irony to exaggerated reactions to their kids' fight-metaphor of dreadful scenesIn the ending credit, a puppy urinate in the park. It is difficult to control its behavior completely by a leash but I don't think it's smart to start a war because its urination may destroy environment.

Nicholas C (jp) wrote: Besides the fact that my wife gets wetter than a 18 year old girl at a sniplot concert watching this movie everytime, I absolutely loved it. The overall theme and generic metaphors used are uncanny. I've never experienced a mental orgasm or a religious experience but I'm pretty sure the end of this movie gave me both times 1000. I think my wife is cheating on me.

Eric T (us) wrote: Space Nazis? This movie is one of strangest I have seen in awhile. In a strange way, t's well done in some ways although the plot has Space Nazi sized issues...

Angelica L (mx) wrote: Made me want to call my parents and grandparents to tell them I love them.