6 Degrees of Hell

6 Degrees of Hell

Six individuals are caught up in a supernatural perfect storm as an evil lays claim to one of them while threatening to tear apart the soul of a small Pennsylvania town.

Six individuals are caught up in a supernatural perfect storm, as an evil lays claim to one of them while threatening to tear apart the soul of a small Pennsylvania town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carolyn C (ag) wrote: Visually interesting but story goes awry

Emil W (br) wrote: A very cheap movie. Not a good plot and very bad acting. But If you are too naked MILF's it could be good movie for you.

Derek A (br) wrote: REALLY?! The cards are stacked against the lower-class? Especially the black U.S. citizens? No fucking way! I'm shocked!

Ellie D (es) wrote: Predictable scary scenes, film quality sort of sucked and acting was pretty bad.

Melissa H (ag) wrote: Beautiful, but too many fight scenes for me. They got boring very quickly.

kamyar m (de) wrote: MMM! Misunderstanding, miserable movie...

Brent W (ca) wrote: Here is one time where I find myself at complete odds with the top critics. I loved this film...but I'm a sucker for any story that tells the tale of an insane genius.

Joseph O (ag) wrote: This was clearly a direct to DVD release. It shows.


Jason D (jp) wrote: Terror Firmer is vintage Troma schlock involving a low-budget film crew (directed by THE Lloyd Kaufman himself) attempting to make some art but are seemingly stopped at every corner when a mysterious female killer stalks them and kills them one by one in particularly gory and over-the-top fashion. While this is going on, there is a love triangle involving P.A. girl Alyce LaTourelle, boom mike guy Will Keenan (whose a lot of fun to watch in this and in Tromeo & Juliet), and gore effects guy Trent Haaga (Deadgirl). There's lots of comical boner moments throughout this film involving the aforementioned over-the-top gore and comedy gags, but this film is a real onslaught of low-brow, in-your-face, moments of crudeness, you wonder how this was even allowed into our video stores. Abortions, flopping peepee's, lots of titties and sex, nubs, castration, just about anything you can think of that is taboo is in this damn film. It is a Troma film after all. Much like everything else Lloyd Kaufman does, I enjoyed this film a lot, no matter how disgusting it gets. Be on the lookout for a small feature narrated by Lemmy (from Motorhead) and starring Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park) about the mistreatment of hermaphrodites. Fun film, but definitely recommended for Troma fans only.

Aldo M (jp) wrote: I still like more Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah (both are quoted in this movie, the first really explicitly: "My Name is Nobody" is a 1973 movie by Sergio Leone).But this is not a bad movie at all. It took me a second view, to really appreciate it, to enter int the mood, and get some of the many subtleties and quotations it lists.After the aforementioned, "It is a good day for a canoe trip" really reminds "It is a good day to die" (from The Little Big Man). One shot of a western porch, with Johnny Depp sitting, reminds the porch in the ending of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" ... and, I wonder how many more quotations could be found, including some Carl Barks ("Land of the Totem Poles", featuring Donald Duck).Not counting, of course, the innumerable references to the poet William Blake that, unfortunately, can't be understood by any one not native English speaking.It seems that here Jim Jarmusch had collected everything from the western genre, and out from it, assembling many maybe not really new ideas, but in an impressive package. Actually, I do not see many new original idea, here, just a tasty and original assembly of good borrowed ones.I know this movie has became a cult, as it happens to many movies by Jim Jarmusch (these "independend" moviemakers usualy develop a network of hardcore fans, no matter what they do), but I feel it is quite overrated. Nor, despite my efforts, I could see it as a "psychedelic western". It is a western, withouth adjectives.However, and despite I keep to like more Sergio Leone, this is a heck of a very good western movie.

Louise N (gb) wrote: Great Movie from way back and funny as hell.

Jos C (jp) wrote: Una dura pelicula que muestra como el Alzheimer invade la vida de una persona normal y como deben adaptarse a los grandes cambios. Vale la pena verla

Bob B (ca) wrote: Friggin' love this movie!! Jesse E. Is definitely my favorite actor(currently XD) Hopefully, there'll be Zombieland 2 with the original casts