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Three best friends must face problems like drinking, physical abuse and being pregnant.

Three best friends must face problems like drinking, physical abuse and being pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cyndie F (kr) wrote: La gamine joue TROP bien...Par contre certains trucs sont un peu gros...Genre faire des milliers de km pieds nus et survivre a 8 ans dans la neige rien qu'en partageant son steack avec des loups qui ressemblent etrangement sur certains plans de nuit...a des labradors! MAIS c'est bien jou!

Todd c (au) wrote: they took king,and Barker's two worst stories ever,and put them in a movie.

Field M (nl) wrote: Having pleasant memories of this film from my childhood but not knowing what it was called or who stared in it, I had always hoped to come across it by chance someday and I'm glad I did. So many childhood favorites don't live up to expectations all these years later but this is not one of them. A solid film for the whole family.

Ian P (fr) wrote: This movie based off of the Stephen King novel of the same name was nothing short of creepy. But creepy is one of the best type of horror film. Kathy Bates played an extraordinary part as Annie Wilkes, the villain of the movie. She also won 3 awards for her part.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Dallas shock jock rides controversy to a national syndicate. I thought Bogosian was excellent but constant barrage of insults toward crank listeners and guests grates on the viewer as the movie progresses.

Nik B (br) wrote: I had seen pieces of this before, but only now have watched the whole thing. Unfortunately, my experience is tied with the years after this recording. The disallusionment of Zooropa and Pop. It must have been amazing to see this at the time, maybe even before you had a strong opinion of the band. It's a documentary of a band becoming superstars. Every band should one movie like this at the peak of their powers. All the guys come off as enthusiastic and still wide-eyed with amazement. Bono though, on stage, looks like a "rock star". This is a guy who knows what he's going to look like when he does this pose or that rock strut, and he knows what the film is going to look like. He plays it off like the earnest-Christian David Lee Roth. It's fun to unravel, and how much I can see Eddie Vedder took from Bono. It's weird to wonder at what point Bono looked in the mirror and thought, "Fuck this earnestness bullshit! Bring me some sunglasses!" Mostly a concert film, and the songs included are played very well, though I could've done without the Dylan cover, or its completely fake no-rehearsal pre-show walkthrough of the song. The real star of this show, though, is director Phil Joanou and especially, black & white cinematographer Robert Brinkmann. The B&W concert films are brilliant. The lights bleed through the film and create fully shadowed faces in its mist. If I was a bigger fan of the music, I'd probably give it 5 stars. As it stands, I'll just stand up for it as a great concert documentary.

Mary Kathryn P (ag) wrote: A cult classic. Clue is quirky and humor-filled, guaranteed to make any of the gamer lovers or mystery enthusiasts happy.

Glen O (mx) wrote: Not a bad biopic but it pales in comparison to Patton a similar film from the same era. Peck gives a pretty good performance and has sufficient gravitas. Macarthur's time in Australia carries interest though we are told that the Australian troops were undisciplined, untrained and inexperienced. This makes the Americans appear more heroic. In fact Australian troops had had extensive experience in Europe before the war in the Pacific began, so if anything the reverse was true. But I guess that's how the Hollwoodisation of history happens.

John M (mx) wrote: A completely different viewpoint than today.

Matt C (ag) wrote: Best elves movie he made

Takee A (gb) wrote: The minions are great supporting characters, but focusing a whole movie on them is a stretch. Although it had some nice laughs somewhat consistently, the storyline could definitely be improved.But overall, I think it was a pretty decent movie!