6 Points About Emma

6 Points About Emma


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Emma's eyes are blind but she believes to see everything very clear: he wants to be a mother. She longs to obsessively. After discovering that her boyfriend can not get her pregnant, she breaks with him and goes in search of a perfect sperm. Without falling in love, no feelings. Sounds easy, but quickly discovers that her blindness is not only in her eyes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


6 Points About Emma torrent reviews

David C (kr) wrote: A competently crafted horror spoof without much originality and a lot of gags that seem pretty obvious when they happen. Obvious comparisons to Sean of the Dead here, but you'll be greatly disappointed if you set your sights that high.

Geoffrey T (jp) wrote: the movie was surprisingly fun! and lovi poe was sizzling hot! :)

Kelly D (fr) wrote: Great family movie! It has such a great storyline. Based on a true story. No swearing and nothing inappropriate.

Mike D (es) wrote: Gritty with confusing timeline

Joseph D (fr) wrote: One of the only musicals I enjoyed watching. Seijun Suzuki always makes his films unbearably interesting/weird. I like how Zhang Ziyi mainly spoke Mandarin while the rest of the cast spoke Japanese. They had conversations in which one would speak Japanese while Zhang Ziyi would speak Mandarin. This movie mixes many genres of music for their various songs.

Jim r (mx) wrote: Good acting and a good story.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Weird for weirdness' sake. The Island of Lost Souls or Rappaccini's Daughter are better examples of this type of story.

Simon S (kr) wrote: Death Race is an empty-headed, mind-numbing action movie with nothing to offer other than its mildly entertaining race sequences.

Peter A (de) wrote: Irreverant and with moments of side-splitting humour this British comedy has stood the test of time. The story of the clash of cultures in 70s Salford it mixes comedy with pathos to powerful effect. Breaking the taboos of religion, racism and domestic violence it was way ahead of its time even for 1999. An essential document of British culture its importance cannot be underestimated

Shane J (ru) wrote: This really should never have happened what it has to do with the best of the best series i have no idea.Heck they even added a sister for rhee's character when in the 1st film were told his one and only sibling is a dead brother! Of course what they've done is get a script and add the name to the title hoping we wouldnt notice. Guess it sells a few more copys.anyway after all that this film has every right to be dreadful, it should be but for some strange reason it really isnt that bad! maybe its me having a soft spot for phillip rhee i ignore the blatent rubbishness of the film? The plots rubbish lets be fair, racist in a small town cause havoc, luckly mr lee visiting his sister(?) so he can beat them up alot the best being dressed as a weird looking clown at a fair!great stuff/ thats the film everytime they start a bit of trouble he beats them up some more until...................He beats up the main baddy so much that all the racists realise the error of there ways!!!!! come on how great is that!Look i know people will watch it and say its dreadful...but i cant i had fun with it dispite the acting being shocking in places and the plot making not much sense. I enjoyed it so sod it!!! Just wish eric roberts made a return!

Yvan C (kr) wrote: Je connaissais la vie de cet artiste d'aprs la bio de Miles Davis qui en parl (C). Mais le personnage pr (C)sent (C) ici est beaucoup plus humain que celui de Davis qui le voit comme un junkie mais g (C)nie de la musique. Une belle Bio et certainement aussi un des premiers films de Eastwood je pense.

An P (mx) wrote: one of the best Hedy's performances. Here she was given a chance to act, and proved she could act, not just stood or walked around being beautiful, (which, honesty, is already enough for me) :))

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Forget what the critics have told you about Armageddon. Just rent it and watch it. It rocks!

Rangan R (jp) wrote: A woman's preparation to fight the outlaws.Probably on underrated film, but for me, I'm sure it is an underrated film. From the director of 'Warrior', another excellent film to include in his filmography. A well written screenplay, but that's where the problem is according to those did not like it. Because it was kind of 'all's well, ends well' story. That does not mean it is full of clich, maybe they expected the film to be more harsh and violent like most of the high profile western films do.Sorry to those who did not enjoy it, but I did. It was nothing like only for men, but still R rated. Yep, I understand the last 10-15 minutes was so intentional, so what, the story wrapped perfectly in a right way. I must appreciate the cast, particularly the lead two actors, Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton. This film is not an opportunity to give the best character display, but everyone did their parts quite finely.Ewan McGregor was a disappointment with his useless role. I mean it was a good one, but not made for him. I think the villain character lacks the toughness. That leaves it a one sided theme, so you might not know how the developments happen, but you will know which way is it heading in the earliest. Particularly as it was focused more on the romance, despite it is not a romance theme. Though there is a twist and many turns in the narration. Overall film was very entertaining, partly predictable, yet totally worth a watch if you keep your expectation locked in a safe afar while watching it.8/10