616: Paranormal Incident

616: Paranormal Incident

When Special Agent Watts and his Investigation Unit are called to the derelict Woodburrow Prison he thinks it's business as usual. But there's nothing usual about Woodburrow. A mysterious woman is found attempting to flee the scene and things begin to spiral out of control as an evil force picks the team off one by one. Soon Agent Watts is left alone to face what might be the world's most powerful evil...The Devil.

When Special Agent Watts and his Investigation Unit are called to the derelict Woodburrow Prison he thinks it's business as usual. But there's nothing usual about Woodburrow. A mysterious ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (ca) wrote: The Boxing scenes could've been more intense but I really enjoyed this story and the cast did a great job playing their parts aswell

Vulcan S (es) wrote: an emotionally heavy, masterfully crafted piece of artwork that's often too pessimistic to empathize.

Lee G (es) wrote: Not nearly as charming as Napoleon Dynamite and infinitely more bizarre, I would still recommend this film to fans of old-school sci-fi and the director's earlier work. Jemaine steals the show as the antagonist, a self important hack novelist who steals a young writer's story. Forgettable but interesting.

Lilianetty l (ca) wrote: My friends sold me this film as COMEDY years ago (I did not watch it). Last night (March 18, 2014) I had the chance at last to see what they ment by COMEDY, and again they failed. The purpose of this film (or the script) is to let you know what FRUSTRATION MEANS in two possible ways (sometimes from desilution you get funny things, I get that, but this is not funny until you analize it and know how a thriller can end up been funny and it works that way for me). The 1st possibility is that frustration at work happens almost all the time, and telling someone to obey your rules and disobey them can happen too and those 2 are frustrating! By that I give some mini stars to this movie (is creative but the way transmited sometimes fall into cliche, but not in cliches we see on films still today & that's somehow good).The acting was great but could have been better if the director didn't put all together so quickly (I know an 1 hour with 19 minutes is still not enough to get all together in a right way). The music score was perfect in timing and for the scenes that really want you to get in there and scream at the man with the *spoiler*. So good.So to end it, the frustration is there and that purpose was well done and transmited....but the COMEDY is not there even if they tried. I would say honestly that this movie is PSYCO thriller from the minute those psyco get in the apartment...and the ending is something I did NOT expected. Enjoy. - March 19, 2014. PS: Martin and Amanda did great as always. It was good to see another film of them together (I forgot they did this one). Bye.

Camille L (mx) wrote: Aussi chaleureux et honnte que le premier film de Chazz Palmintieri (qui s'offre un joli cameo) soit, Noel est aussi un film qui ne remplit pas les promesses de son excellent premier quart d'heure. Si l'ensemble cast est son niveau habituel, c'est la ralisation, un peu plan-plan, et le scnario, un peu trop alambique, qui sont a mettre en cause. Cependant, ce sont 90 minutes bien dpenses.

Stephen J (fr) wrote: The potential in this film is outstanding, but Reynolds misses a great opportunity. So much grim, so little redemption. One reviewer called it an "awful urban angst piece." It's the worst elements of Substitute, Boyz N the Hood, and Freedom Writers blended into one dismal mix of hopelessness. Reynolds wants us to believe the ends justify the means, but the end of the movie couldn't come quickly enough.

Brian P (ag) wrote: Fine Canuck comedy!! :) love it!

Tom D (jp) wrote: the truth beyond justice

Private U (ag) wrote: This is why I'm called what I'm called. And it is a brilliant chronicle of the post-1968 era in Geneva. With a skeptic-tantric Jean-Luc Bideau. And sausages.

Jayden C (mx) wrote: not interested at all

Private U (ca) wrote: Poor sequel to Mister Roberts...

Marc R (jp) wrote: drama, action, comedy, and romance all wrapped up in a pristine package, with both Grant and Arthur at their very best. An early Rita Hayworth performance also delights. One of Hawks's very best entertainments

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: Should've won the Oscar

Will L (mx) wrote: Even though the story isn't as cohesive as it should be, the atmosphere is enveloping, the performances are spot-on, and the dialogue is sharply written. This gangster epic marks another score for the Coens.

max h (kr) wrote: Saved from the usual Sandler muck by Genndy Tartakovsky's visual flair and some fun genre jokes (despite the presence of the usual fart joke)