65 Jahre

65 Jahre


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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65 Jahre torrent reviews

John A (ca) wrote: This made for tv movie, is a terrible trashy creature feature thats just plain bad & doesn't reach laughably bad. Although the concept is ridiculous but interesting the film itself misses the whole concept of the b-movie genre, & that is it can be bad but not boring.

Genevive C (de) wrote: Not much cooking, too much scheming. And I really didn't like that they got away with their dishonest schemes in the end.

Jayakrishnan R (kr) wrote: 85%Saw this on 15/11/15Action without violence is like cake without sugar and I absolutely adore violence in films. Michael Caine, the old man who could barely stand in most of the Nolan movies gives a powerful performance in this violent and action oriented film. Caine's acting is splendid when he shows anger in his dialogues, emotions and even with his stares. The film is also an effective vigilante thriller, one that justifies the need for vigilantism in it's story.

Jon T (us) wrote: Great movie: Political intriege with plots and subplots, Swords, Ninjas, beautiful actresses, good character development. Worth buying the DVD, since you'll probably watch it over and over again.

Hanna C (nl) wrote: This movie was terrible. I couldn't even get myself to watch it to the end so if anyone wants to discredit my comment for that reason go ahead. I rarely, even when it's bad, actually turn a movie off.The scenes the actors and the settings along with the props and lights all made you associate it to porn - low budget porn.In a small town, small enough to only have two policemen, what are the chances of 2 women wearing mini-skirts and offer you sexual services spontaneously as well as one lesbian couple making out in a pub and offer an uptight biology teacher a "free show"? The scene build-up to the killings where all with the build up to sex in a classical porn manner - but instead of sex you get people being brutally murdered or hacked to bits with a chainsaw.I like horror, I don't mind slasher movies, I don't mind brutal content but this movie wasn't even bad in a funny way this movie is nothing but porn for serial killers. The plot is bad, acting is bad, lines are bad and poorly delivered the build ups are silly and unrealistic to lead up to the climax - murder.

Jeremy R (ag) wrote: Not a bad movie, just not great.

Joel A (de) wrote: Quite a touching coming of age story that unfortunately was a little bit to American at time that typical 'up the flag' sort of thing.But regardless of that it had a real heart & a solid performance from Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz.The dog itself had so much life & the people that populated this film didn't seem one dimensional. But I warn you bring your tissues this is a weepy & quite a sad film, but quite touching & more than you may expect.

Christy H (de) wrote: Christian Bale.. what else can i say?

Kevin R (nl) wrote: Why do we kill people, who kill people, to show that killing people is wrong? Paul Kersey is two years removed from the tragic death of his wife. He has moved from New York to Los Angeles where his daughter remains in psychiatric care. One inauspicious day, while spending time with his daughter and housekeeper, he is mugged. The people who steal his wallet return to his house, rape and kill his housekeeper, kidnap his daughter and later rape and kill his daughter. Paul takes the law into his own hands to obtain revenge. "Where do you think I've been?" "Killing muggers." Michael Winner, director of Bullseye, Death Wish I and IIII, The Big Sleep, The Wicked Lady, Chato's Land, The Mechanic, and Some Like it Cool, delivers Death Wish II. The storyline for this picture was on par with the first film with a little more action. This film is paced better than the first film and the cast delivers solid performances for the genre. The cast includes Charles Bronson, Laurence Fishburne, Jill Ireland, Robert Lyons, and Thomas Duffy. "People believe the two deaths are drug related." Charles Bronson has become one of my favorite action genre actors. I found this picture more entertaining than the original because it was better paced and focused more on the action than the story (neither film has a great story). Overall, this is a worthwhile picture for fans of Charles Bronson or the action genre. "We look all the same to whitey anyway." Grade: C+/B- (6.75)

Brian C (jp) wrote: Death by eggplant? Check. Death by paperclip? Check. Horrible acting, and zaniness...Student Bodies is awesomely funny, with lots of gags, hilarious characters (Merle the janitor especially), on screen 'hints'. so much to enjoy. Yeah it isn't great, but it is lots of fun, especially for fans of the slasher genre. So much better than the modern spoofs like Scary Movie.

Billy S (it) wrote: Surprisingly a very good and unique western.

BRUNO V (nl) wrote: Mostly agree with the other critics , not very interesting or entertaining

Buggy B (ag) wrote: Wow, what a cheesefest. Very much a "Hollywood" war movie in a completely over the top way, with endless rounds of gunfire and big, bright explosions that sees soldiers diving and rolling away from the pyrotechnics (Captain Kirk would be proud).Yeah where to begin with this? Disappointing on almost every level with ultra cheesy battle scenes containing enough fireworkie explosions that after a while your eyes glaze over. We also get a melodramatic Nicholas Cage who borders on (is) comedic in his overacted delivery of a battle fatigued Marine. His character is often so ridiculous that I was actually laughing during scenes that should have been very serious. The story itself is okay and has been loosely (oh so loosely) based on a real-life operation during WWII, following two Navajo radiomen and the U.S. Marines assigned to protect them (at all costs) as they encode military messages in their native language. This idea of these code talkers is compelling but unfortunately is lost here in this pyrotechnics dream, too bad. I did enjoy Adam Beach as Private Ben however and his transformation from nave reservation family man to eyes wide open, I've witnessed horror soldier.There are some other familiar faces amongst the troops Mark Ruffalo, Christian Slater, Jason Issacs. I would have to think though if you were a WW2 veteran that this movie would be insulting. 11/15/14