666: In Bed with the Devil

666: In Bed with the Devil

Comedy of a luckless cab driver who sells his soul to Mephisto to live the life of one of his idols.

Comedy of a luckless cab driver who sells his soul to Mephisto to live the life of one of his idols. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (nl) wrote: a nice, kind of offbeat from the normal masala movies but still very much mainstream where alia plays a south indian management student(ananya) and arjun plays a typical science geek who happens to be a punjabi(krish)...the story was crisp for most part with some cool songs,6-7 kisses,a bit of suspense or rather family drama because ananya and krish belong from two different cultures who are trying "really hard" to convince their parents for marriage...if you ever fell in love with a girl/guy from a diffrent caste/relegion/state you can relate to most of the issues raised by the parents and fears faced by the couple . . . . ronit roy and amrita singh were superb as arjun's parents and in all a must watch especially if you like modern love stories which are more realistic in naration and screenplay (Y)

Claudette A (br) wrote: What an original storyline. I wasn't sure at the end if she was really dead or not and the guy was leading her on.

Evan S (ru) wrote: Great music and a terrific performance by Penn Badgley are this unfocused, meandering movie's saving graces.

Betony M (fr) wrote: pro home birth, but this documentary is way of base!

Jenny L (ru) wrote: I likd this movie.I thought Brenda Blethyn did a great job.

james m (it) wrote: Toni and Parker? need I say more?

Brian W (nl) wrote: Anthony Michael Hall has definetly been in better movies but being as he is the lead character in this flick it just didn't seem to have the same flare as some of the other 80's movies he starred in even though the movie has a great cast including Robert Downey Jr, Paul Gleason and a very young Uma Thurman. Great 80's soundtrack too.

Martin T (mx) wrote: Action! Drama! Propaganda! Ethnography! Pudovkin's film is respectful towards the Mongolians, and he keeps things exciting with a lot of iconic imagery and radical, dynamic editing. Like a lot of Soviet cinema, it has an epic, important heft to it. The story is a little hard to follow sometimes, and there are some sluggish parts, but at its finest moments this is a pretty kickass movie.

Charlie L (gb) wrote: Jim Carrey is brilliant.

Opal T (ru) wrote: Best Amazing Movie I've had ever seen in my life.

Bill B (it) wrote: A quiet melon farmer wants nothing more than to harvest his crop using the workers he chooses, but when local thugs wanna muscle in on his operation he finds himself in jail, then caught in the middle of a mob-related jailbreak, which he tries to turn to his advantage, only to get further in trouble with these goons.Well worth a look, but somewhat contrived in the way things shake out, it;s still a fun little flick,Worth a rental at the very least.

Brian A (it) wrote: Second of the series. Can't really get into it, seems more sci-fi than horror.