666: The Beast

666: The Beast

Donald Lawson, the devil child from "666: The Child", is now an adult and is determined to fulfill his destiny as the Antichrist.

The film follows Donald Lawson who is the devil child from "666: The Child". Now he becomes an excellent captain and he decides to fulfill his mission. A new bloody battle continues to occur when he must confront the son of God. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


666: The Beast torrent reviews

Sheridan P (it) wrote: Don't usually do sci fi but enjoyed

Christopher H (kr) wrote: If creator, Craig Bartlett does indeed have the definitive "Hey Arnold!" story to tell, this movie is most certainly not it.

Jamie B (ag) wrote: THIS A GOOD MOVIE..ITS CUTE

Timeen (mx) wrote: this was good...it came on as a tv movie over a couple nights...almost like a mini soap opera and it turned out to be very good.

Guido S (ag) wrote: Lou Diamond Phillips plays the late great Ritchie Valens. A young rocker who was just about to have a great career before his plane crashes after a concert. The music is great, the story is interesting, the acting is a little questionable in spots but doesn't drag the film down too much. It's a lot of fun in the beginning which only makes the end that much more heartbreaking.

alex f (mx) wrote: not one of the greatest flicks ive seen from gillian/plain... better time spent rewatching LOB.

Ikram K (mx) wrote: Possibly the worse movie I've seen in years. I think porn flicks have better actors.