666: The Child

666: The Child

A jet liner plummets from the sky and crashes into the earth. From the burning embers rises one lone survivor - a small boy! But the childless couple that adopts him will soon discover he is no helpless child, but rather something very powerful, something very dark. This small boy is the Beast and with him he carries the Beginning of the End.

After a plane crash where a boy is the only survival, the famous anchor Erika Lawson convinces her husband and cameraman Scott to adopt the child. They bring Donald home and Scott's father ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lynsay R (ag) wrote: Love, love, loved this movie!

Vaibhav W (au) wrote: Great work by Cristian Mungiu who successfully dramatizes the legends of a communist Romania. Short tragi-comic stories told beautifully.

Ryan D (de) wrote: The real tragedy with respect to this movie is that it was ever made in the first place. Its a mother fucking shame George Burns lived to be as old as he did.

James B (us) wrote: It was pretty good. I liked it better than the second one. It was a good end to the series. I liked the plot as well.

Liberals H (ca) wrote: I never really expect much out of a game-to-movie film, and that's what I got. The Rock didnt seem as "electrifying" on-screen as I had hoped, but he got the job done overall....barely. The writing for this movie was just bad. One performance did stand out though, and that was Richard Blake's negative Portman, who played the Aliens equivalent of the "game over, man" role.......

Mike M (au) wrote: Absorbing space flick with good acting, believable sets, decent CGI, and a clever found footage/documentary mashup that manages real tension and thrills. A lot of fun.

Nathan C (de) wrote: The Bourne Legacy has got Jeremy Renner as Aaron and can be a masterwork, It has the potential to be good in popularity and have better punchlines, But Unfortanly a few action scenes work but I had the verge to fall asleep because it felt so long, Even The Avengers Felt Shorter than this and that one was longer, I like Renner as an actor but the problem with this film is that the climax sucked and the characters, I really didn't want this to be a rant, Thank god it isn't because it's a bourne film.Score: 4.5/10