Unfolds the poignant story of three women and their search for justice from the daily plight of sexual harassment in Egypt.

Unfolds the poignant story of three women and their search for justice from the daily plight of sexual harassment in Egypt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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joey b (ag) wrote: Those guys were something else they terrorized that family

Matthew S (it) wrote: Christoph Waltz gives an excellent performance, but this is always expected. The film is full of ideas but most often it felt to me like the film was far to concerned to look and be as weird as possible. So many odd gadgets and frantic acting from the supporting cast only causes the interesting aspects of Gilliam's film to be obscured. There is also the frustrating problem of Gilliam doing his best to make this movie look like a big blockbuster when it is not. If only had focused more on the existential ideas around society, consumerism, technology, industry, paranoia, depression and ultimate question regarding the meaning of life. In the end Gilliam's film feels like it should be a satirical comedy -- but at its heart this is tragically sad film. All the "madcap" madness and BRAZIL / TWELVE MONKEY references just get in the way and Waltz's talent is sadly wasted.

Kristina K (nl) wrote: People who give it less than 5 starts... is that a "good there's a documentary about it, but maybe?" - What's wrong with you.

Pete S (au) wrote: 1911 has great production value and good actors, it's just the technical part and the story of the movie that really brings it down. As a fan of Jackie Chan I have to say his 100th film brings us nothing we ever wanted from a Jackie Chan movie.

Will F (ca) wrote: There are about 10 words to this whole 2hr 20m film and this would be okay IF the actors were strong characters but they are, of course not. Practically nothing happens and there is very little to redeem this film, the odd nice shot and some mildly interesting moments, but not many.

Mark W (au) wrote: With A History of Violence in 2005, David Cronenberg seemed to take his career in a more mainstream direction. It wasn't the horror or dark science fiction that many had come to know him by, but an arresting thriller that was actually based on a graphic novel. It was a big success and, two years later, led to Cronenberg sticking with his leading man Viggo Mortensen and attempting something similar with Eastern Promises. You could say that their second collaboration delivers something even more satisfying.Plot: Deeply affected by the death of a Russian teenager in childbirth, nurse Anna (Naomi Watts) takes it upon herself to find her family and save the baby from foster care. With access to the girl's diary, Anna is led to Semyon (Armin Mueller-Stahl), the owner of a Trans-Siberian restaurant. Semyon isn't the endearing character that he makes out, however, and the closer Anna gets to the girls story, the closer she gets to the enigmatic 'driver' Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen) and the bloody underworld of the Russian Mafia.When you think of a mob movie, your memory will most likely be jogged to the glamorously brutal Italian American variety. The obvious ones being the exemplary work of Scorsese's Goodfellas or Coppola's The Godfather. You may even consider the violent Cuban's of DePalma's Scarface and the Puerto Rican's of Carlito's Way or perhaps the Irish goons from The Coen brothers Miller's Crossing. With Eastern Promises, though, Cronenberg decides to focus on the Russian mafia operating from a restaurant in the drab, Hackney borough of London. Although it mines the same well as some of the aforementioned films, it feels like a fresh take on the mob movie, primarily because it's an ethnic group of mobsters that don't often get attention. Steven Knight's screenplay focuses on the murky world of people trafficking while exploring the tradition and initiation of Russian criminal codes. The gangsters of this story have to earn their positions and their stripes which are represented in tattoo form and by doing so, brings forth an genuine air of mystery and intrigue to the characters. This is the master stoke of the film. And Cronenberg knows it. He's not overly concerned with the plot itself. Sure, it plays out with a good degree of tension and more than holds your interest but the real draw here is what we don't see. It's the machinations of this criminal underworld and their untold code of ethics that intrigues the most. This is exemplified with some great performances; Naomi Watts delivers the perfect bewilderment of a women out of her depth and while I'm a huge fan of Vincent Cassel - and his loose-cannon, Kirill, gets a substantial amount to do here - even he isn't the standout. It's the unnerving work of Armin Mueller-Stahl who brings real gravitas as Semyon, the patriarchal head of the family and the quietly affecting, yet very intimidating, Viggo Mortensen who own this film. When we speak of mystery and intrigue, Mortensen's loyal driver Nikolai is the epitome of it. It's an absolutely captivating performance which rightly gained him his first (and long overdue) Oscar nomination with his involvement in a steam-room brawl worth the nomination alone.Where the film is slightly let down is in its rushed denouement. For the most part, it revels in a particular pace, but when it's drawing to a close it feels muddled and determined to finish within a particular running time. Up until then, however, it's a brutal and punishing crime yarn that hits many a strong note and breathes new life into the mob film. A viceral, stylish and compelling story that benefits greatly from masterful acting. It's arguably both Cronenberg and Mortensen's finest work. This Eastern themed film keeps good on its Promises. Mark Walker

Private U (mx) wrote: Terrible. This film had a lot of potential (reason for even getting one star for rating) and an all-star cast; but was trying to do way to many things, play too many angles, and in the end no good.

Brian C (gb) wrote: The greatest things about this movie are below Leelee's chin. And as fantastic as that is, the movie itself is awful. A thriller, a haunted home, strange circumstances, all of which are inconsequential because of a muddy ending.

Ryan C (br) wrote: disappointment and in no way mesured up to the first one the voice change is different if you are a fan of these movies but besides that it just isnt in the same league

Leigh M (nl) wrote: I was surprised how willing I was to see this film, and to see Martin Sheen over-acting in it. Not as bad as it could have been.

Adam L D (ag) wrote: Excellent mystery and tough guy bravado brilliantly acted by Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas as double crossed not so perfect ex partners in crime, with Mitchum trying to track down a missing girl and some missing money. Classic cinematography and crisp script makes the movie go at a brisk pace. Unreavils the mysteries of the past that come back to haunt, it twists and turns in so many directions with an incredible ending. Well done classic holds up to the test of time. Highly recommended!

Paul T (au) wrote: great movie a bit corny in places but still great

Elton G (it) wrote: This film is very similar to it's precedessor, but has slightly better effects and a more menacing villain. The world feels almost real, one of the film's largest accomplishments. 7.9/10

Ilsa W (ru) wrote: Sweet, funny, touching and yet further proof that Dame Maggie is a national treasure!

Josh M (es) wrote: A wondrous, dark and creepy setting, but that is pretty much it. The Hallow takes itself a little too seriously with its "power of love" story. The evil creatures are nothing to write home about either.