68 Kill

A punk-rock after hours about femininity, masculinity and the theft of $68,000.

But things started going wrong as
soon as they were inside the rich man's house| and for Chip it was only the beginning of the longest| most terrifying ride of his life. Nobody would get hurt and they would come out of it with enough loot to solve their problems. It should have
been an easy in and out kind of deal. Chip Taylor's girlfriend Liza had the perfect plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. It started with a couple dead bodies and $68|000 in stolen cash

68 Kill is the best excited movies torrent of Trent Haaga (screenplay), Trent Haaga, Bryan Smith (novel). This movie was introduced in 2017. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Matthew Gray Gubler, AnnaLynne McCord, Alisha Boe, Sheila Vand. The kind of movie are Comedy, Crime, Romance. This movie was rated by 7.4 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

007 W (jp)

Enchanted is really good

Amlia (br)

r it should be just some feeling of something??!. . but i didnt catch the story. . actually music is fine, actors are quite good. . not bad

Anitra I (gb)

Never been a big fan of Norwegian movies, but I liked this one!

David G (kr)

Fun in a "Forrest Gump" kinda way

Gimly M (gb)

imly. It's fucking sick, in both the Wutcunt and regular interpretation of the word. Hiring porn-stars instead of actors was a sort of a double-edged sword, but the crew have no intention of holding back in the barrage of tits and hilarity. There's great dialogue sequences, and at least some vague semblance of a back story. A movie best seen intoxicated on some level, but perfectly acceptable to laugh at while sober. Alas it was not to be, but the film is still old-school entertainment. Zombie Strippers, with a tweak or two, could easily have hit the new wave of Grindhouse Revival alongside Bitch Slap, Hobo with a Shotgun, Hell Ride, Death Proof, Planet Terror and Machete. The film isn't entirely without intellect, it has a moral issue or two, as well as making a political statement and above all being loosely based/inspired on Eugene Ionesco's play Rhinoceros, so far as Englund's character being named Ian Essko, as well as alluding to philosophers Satre and Camus. It's chock full with enough nudity and fake blood to make a Satyr model blush, though as a genera rule the girls aren't strictly speaking attractive, you take what you can get in the name of good B-Movie entertainment. He'll be very interesting to see in the not to vastly differently sounding upcoming film Strippers VS Werewolves. Robert Englund (above - Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Hatchet, 2001 Maniacs, The Nightmare on Elm Street Series, Python, Urban Legend, Wishmaster) is fantastic as a mysophobic strip-club owner. I have no illusions about the fact that this is low-budget, poorly made, inconsequential crap, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it all to Hell. When you look at the front cover and read that name, there is absolutely no doubt in your mind what you're about to have unleashed upon you

JC L (us)

Another fav. Great movie

lisa s (nl)

the film were julia showed she could act

Marcellus E (ru)

Simply just avoid this. There isn't anything good I can say about this and all the bad things about it will take too long for me to write. Anybody that thinks Movie 43 was the worst movie of 2013 clearly hasn't seen this, nor should they

Mickey H (kr)

You won't be disappointed. Give it a shot. I lost trust of those she trusted. I felt violated for her. Emma and myself probably wouldn't be friends, but man, did I feel the need to warn her of what was happening. But I felt so scared, so frustrated, so wanting to help Emma, to warn Emma. I don't normally feel for the victims, most of the time, I'm on the villains side. The film plays itself as if you are watching what the Ratter is watching. It was like how people are in real life. The acting wasn't great but it wasn't poor. My only problem with Ratter was that it was too realistic. They could have slapped Based on a True Story and I wouldn't have doubted them. Ratter DOES happen. Ratter CAN happen. Ratter is one of those rare horror films that actually scared me. All you need is a computer and a phone and you too can be the victim (or the villain). But I love Cyber Horror. Rarely do I look at the horror movies they recommend for me as I own all or most of them anyway. The moment I saw Ratter on Amazon for sale, it drew me in

Peter M (gb)

10. Go Friedkin. The haunting music score in it's opening is another asset, as is it's shock after ending where another killer is out going rampant. Pacino of course is topnotch as the pumped and appetant undercover cop, that again has us realizing this great actor was a diamond in the rough find, partnered with a lot of other strong performances. Although we pretty much walk withthe homo killer in the last thirty minutes, if feeling that bit sorry for him, in spite of his murderous acts of knifing, some visually sick, the whole film, though with a lotof reprehensible matter to it, populated by the gay community, the film is justanother exhilarating Friedkin movie experience. Cruising is a well made film, one of the distinct qualities I like about it, directed ofcourse by a guy who's regarded one of the best