Hoping to catch a girl's attention, high school students Ken (Tsumabuki Satoshi) and Adama (Ando Masanobu) cook up an ambitious plan. They plan a festival that combines film, theater, and rock music, and develop their project into a school road block. This plan however catches the attention of television stations and newspapers, and soon even the cops became involved in this teenage adventure.

A group of rebellious teenagers cause mischief and disorder in a 1969 Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan as a result of tensions from their school and a US military base. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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johnathan t (gb) wrote: this is a great animated

Dawn (br) wrote: I was totally fooled....when I saw the box for this DVD.....it had received many awards....but DO NOT DO IT.....the entire movie does not make sense and when you get to the end...you will kick yourself in the ass for sticking with it. But if you read my reviews....I usually can find something positive to say.....and in this case...Cloris Leachmans character was great...I just wish it was not wasted for this movie......if it was in a true thriller movie....she would have been a great character......oh well....if you waste your time with this one....what can I say!

Kyle B (jp) wrote: Larry David in a Woody Allen sounds awesome on paper but this movie just seems like a lazy parody of a Woody Allen movie. Still, David is great but like in most of Allen's movies, the women were the stand outs. Patricia Clarkson is excellent like always and Evan Rachel Wood was impressive as well. Michael McKean, John Gallagher Jr., and Henry Cavill also were great. There are some funny parts but overall, it's minor Woody Allen

JeanPaul S (ca) wrote: I liked the Woody Allenesque narration, but the movie is a short film heavily padded into a feature length.

Derek B (fr) wrote: Not very funny. Gets really ridiculous.

Eddie C (gb) wrote: oh how they have sullied the name of National Lampoon

Tommy D (es) wrote: Hotel Rwanda is a deeply-touching movie that features terrific performances from Don Cheadle and Joaquin Phoenix.The story is insightful and it is told and portrayed at a high level of accuracy.

Leona D (au) wrote: Bambi with horses and way better music

david s (ag) wrote: Nice film, issues aired and balanced. If you don't like that then being adorned by Connelly and some refreshingly convincing passion-scenes should give something for everyone.

Pedro S (br) wrote: Do you really make everything to a woman??!

Johnathon W (ag) wrote: Epic adaptation of Miyazaki's own classic manga that showed, even being only his second film, he was already becoming a master filmmaker. Miyazaki does a superb job condensing his manga, and similar to what was done with "Akira", using just the first half of the series while still crafting a complete film. As usual, his characters is extraordinary, with neither being truly good or evil. The standout is the title character, Nausicaa, probably one of his best heroines to date. While is a lover of all life, she can easily throw down with a sword or machine gun when provoked and her skills with a glider are something to behold. Quite frankly, while Disney made great strides with "Frozen", their princesses still have nothing on Nausicaa. Visually, the film is just as stunning, and like all Miyazaki films, you'll never see images like this (the Ohm's are beautiful & terrifying at the same time) with breathtaking action sequences, particularly the flight scenes. The only slight flaw is that one wishes more of the manga & the mystery of the apocalypse was explored, but this is still one of Miyazaki's finest films, by default making it one of the best animated films ever made.

Ian C (us) wrote: 1985 to 1992 was Lundgren's best period. This isn't up there with Red Scorpion, Universal Soldiers or Showdown in Little Tokyo but it is still good fun. Despite the great man nicking Gary Oldman's quote from The Firm he is excellent as the text book maverick cop. Brian Benben passes as his mismatch partner and the special effects and premise are complete wank but that is what you want from an early 90's action flick. An Alien coming to earth to steal human's endorphins and distribute them on his own planet as narcotics. Why didn't this win an Oscar!

Tim S (nl) wrote: Love at First Bite was released in 1979 and stars George Hamilton as the infamous Dracula. The movie didn't do well when it was originally released, but it garnered enough of a fan base from folks who grew up watching it on cable in the 80's. If there's one thing you can say about George Hamilton it's that the guy was charming, and he didn't mind being silly from time to time. He's pretty much the entire reason to see this movie in the first place. While I'm quite fond of his dual performances from Zorro The Gay Blade (and in general, a fan of the movie itself), this one doesn't seem to have quite the same... well, bite. It's certainly not one of the funniest movies ever made, nor is it one of the funniest spoofs ever made. It's generally inoffensive but it doesn't come packed with laughter either. I'm sure that the people who grew up with the movie (I'm not one of them) find it a lot funnier than I do, but that being said, I still found some nice jokes in there from time to time. There's unfortunately a bit too much in of Susan St. James, who just isn't appealing to me at all.

Leon W (gb) wrote: Not bad, Tom Hanks good as usual