7 Assassins

7 Assassins

7 Assassins is a new martial arts movie which delivers a great cast which see Shaw Brothers legends Kara Hui and Ti Lung back on screen... When social unrest plagues a Kingdom in ancient China, the Imperial Court collects stockpiles of gold from local governments to expand the royal army. However, the gold is robbed while in transport. In a desperate move to retrieve the stolen treasure, elite royal guards are sent on a mission to go after the gold but soon find out they are not the only ones in pursuit of it.

When social unrest plagues a Kingdom in ancient China, the Imperial Court collects stockpiles of gold from local governments to expand the royal army. However, the gold is robbed while in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam W (br) wrote: Adam Wright Justin Bieber new Abun Believe week 70:00 PM

Muntasim T (us) wrote: Wonderfully creative and upbeat movie depicting a shy boy with Asperger sydrome and his love for his brother spurring him on to find a perfect partner for the brother. Doesn't depict the disease romantically, but also shows how fraternal love and affection can overcome dificulties caused by a difficult diesease. Reminded me of Amelie at times in its visual creativity and quirky nature. A beautiful gem of a film worth watching.

Austin S (de) wrote: This film accully was quite good to be honised it's got a good mystery that keeps you interested. Really as far as I can remember it also wasn't boring which isn't like most movies I watch. I think of your not really looking for a truly amaseing movie but one that's quite fun and interesting to enjoy then I would deffinatly reccomend this movie. As for it being scary well not that I remember because I haven't seen it in quite some time do it would be hard for me to say. Also you might know some of the actors aswell but there kindof in the middle deffinatly not the most popular but I've seen them in other films. But I think this film is good with its mystery and interesting elements alone one other thing I didn't mention is I'm deffinatly glad this film didn't try too hard but it deffinatly tryed to be decent and in my opinion I think it was quite better than decent. So it's one of thoes movies that I would reccomend if your not looking for an outstanding movie just one that you can atleased enjoy. With that said this film I think is just that.

Dillon W (ag) wrote: Breathes fresh air into the aging slashing recipe truly a one of a kind. It's like dead pool in a horror movie staring as the killer himself.

Shahab I (mx) wrote: I agree with one of the comments: "nothing compared to Children of Heaven" and I add " The song of sparrows" to that as well.I'm a big fan of Majidi but I didn't enjoy the second half.Kalari rules and any movie he's been working on, is visually rich.

Jonny M (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever! Very creative, great story, awesome cinematography, and a great way they made it all blend in.

Oana B (mx) wrote: very good graphics and story line

Charlotte B (fr) wrote: weird...yet midly entertaining

Claire G (ru) wrote: Saw it on skymovies when i was bored one day - loved it (especially Joe Flanigan :D)

Michael O (jp) wrote: Perhaps this isn't the most educated of film critique but I'll go ahead and say it: this movie put me to sleep not once but twice. What may be hypnotic and subversive (way, way subversive) in the way it satirizes the decadent upper class of Argentina to some people read to me as a conceptual chore where the idea is to be put through as mundane and morbidly flavorless a life as the one the characters in this film inhabit. The film follows two families that once had it all and now live in their filth except without the fun the documentary 'Grey Gardens' had exploring that world since I'm assuming that Martel wants us to find little sympathy or glamor in any of this film. In this the director has achieved her goal. This is a scathing look at the once rich Argentineans and from the look of it a very personal one as well. The camera sits still most of the time without composition or artfulness which captures artless and motionless people. The style of the film can overall be seen as boring with spurts of 'hmm, look at that" (as your eyes slowly widen and a yawn slowly crawls out).I'll close by saying that Martel's style suffers from the same flaws that are usually attributed to Sofia Coppola. Both filmmakers study boredom, alienation, and do so with a challenging lack of clarity. Yet Martel takes boredom a thousand steps forward so if you thought Sofia is a chore (to me a delightful chore) then give this a try and believe me you'll go running to get a copy of MARIE ANTOINETTE from your nearest video store.

Jen U (au) wrote: Good movie. Ray liotta is not only cute, he is a good actor.

Chayc (gb) wrote: Improves on the original in almost every way: better actors, better effects, more humor. A fun little horror flick.

Shantel D (ca) wrote: Not as funny as I had hoped for. Still very much a Waters film, though.

Zach L (ru) wrote: A good remake to the original g vs m. new fresh ideas are added in going somewat deeper into the tone. 6.6/10

Darine S (es) wrote: hard to handle dance and music, Smoke gets in your eyes & Lovely to look at delightful to know & heaven to kiss ... a combination like this <3

Bob N (fr) wrote: Terrific, fast paced, fun- even though you know how the story ends. This is not just a story about a record store. Tom Hanks' son Colin (born in Sacramento, just like Tower) directs a brilliant story about the evolving music business, consumer habit, passion over profit, ego over economics, family over talent, oh...and rock and roll.

Shawn S (au) wrote: It's obvious what it's trying to be (Stepford Wives, Village of the Damned, etc.) but it falls far short with follies such as over-acting, under-acting and various over-used clichs.

Anthony T (jp) wrote: Good movie. I don't know if Morgan Freeman was the perfect Alex Cross though.