7 calles

7 calles

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  • Release:1981
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Moksh J (gb) wrote: Roadside Romeo I loved the movie and Charlie Anna rocks in the movie. More so, as he says in the movie, ??easta, westa, Charlie Anna besta??. Javed Jafrey being such a versatile actor, completes himself by giving voice to animated character, specially as a voice over artist. He was down right hilarious from his semi-abusive baskets to giving the autograph. His style of calling Rom-e-aoo (Romeo)Romeo has a gang of three plus one Guru voiced by Vrajesh Hirjee whose always ready to give advice like the Munna bhai style. Mini (Tannaz Irani) who is actually a cat and thinks and wants to be a dog. Interval (Suresh Menon) who has all the Yash Raj Films and other films lines enacted in their dialogues. Hero English who has the best lines where he is actually translates the Hindi lines into English like Bal bal Bache (hair hair saved). Hilarious!! Sanjai Mishra as Chhainu's character who is the right hand man and the most beaten character in the movie.Of course, there was Saif Ali khan playing Romeo and Kareena playing Laila. I was so excited to hear and see Javed Jaffrey doing his antics and mimicking Shatrugan Sinha or just being Charlie Anna or introducing the Angels that as Charlie's Angels that was so cool, Romeo was overshadowed. Laila as Kareena Kapoor didn't have much to speak just look pretty even in the animation, not much to talk about her, other than her fluttering her eyes and specially looking at Romeo with dreamy eyes.Animation and the story of the movie actually reminded of The Lady and Tramp and All dogs go to heaven. Both the movies again are Walt Disney. Surely, will try and watch these movies again. The best about this animation was that it was too the detail unlike the Hanuman and My friend Ganesha types from the Indian Animation companies, it was as good as Finding Nemo, Cars.Coming Back to Charlie Anna, where he is being introduced and there is the dog licking his paw that clearly reminds you of Godfather, plus you have DDLJ rip off scene in the movie. As an Indian you actually feel connected in the movie because, you can see Maruti 800, Yellow Black Taxis, torn old movie posters on the wall - in the movie most evident one being Dhoom and you have Yash Raj being mentioned in throughout the movie, talk about Brand placement. Tata Motors logo being flashed with the municipality van (dog catcher's) , that's ok since Tata Elxsi was part creation team to create the movie.Even sat till the last credits that were flowing where they actually make the animated characters goof up, that was pretty nice, only thought Jackie Chan movies would that. The shooting of the voice over where all the actors were being highlighted making some or the other different noises also flowed with the credits.

Theresa M (ru) wrote: Incredibly genuine and thought provoking...loved it.

Andrew G (fr) wrote: While it is in fact a feature length film, Stitch the Movie seems to only have one purpose: introduce the animated series. It comes off as way too short, so the plot only feels all the more rushed and untidy.

Benot R (nl) wrote: Manire trs simple d'aborder la mort en traitant du passage amenant avant l'au-del qu'est celui des limbes. Une vieille btisses, une mise en scne sans artifices alliant cam (C)ra (C)paules et nombreux plans fixes. L'important c'est de filmer tous ces gens qui passent par ce monde et qui on demande de ne choisir que le souvenir le plus important de leur (parfois courte) vie. Il y a (C)norm (C)ment d'humanit (C) dans ce sujet et une forme de volont (C) d'exorciser la mort, si effrayante pour beaucoup. Les acteurs sont tous sympathiques. C'est souvent assez touchant. Il existe aussi un beau parallle fait avec le cin (C)ma car le personnel s'attle recr (C)er le souvenir l o le cin (C)aste ne fait que retranscrire une r (C)alit (C) qui n'en est pas une. C'est aussi le principal d (C)faut de l'oeuvre, c'est qu'on laisse un peu de ct (C) ce penchant pour quelque chose que l'on recr (C)e et qui ne semble pas tre mis en doute. Toutefois, comprenons Hirokazu qui tente d'insuffler (C)norm (C)ment d'aspects positifs dans la mort, le tout avec beaucoup d'imagination. Beau film.

Christina R (de) wrote: Clearly the movie's budget went primarily to Casper Van Dien's gym membership and not toward securing any talented actors, special effects, or even halfway-decent writing. Folks might get suckered into watching this to ogle pretty-boy Casper Van Dien and Jane "What I Lack in Talent I Make up for in Showing my Boobs" March, but it is really not worth it. The visual effects are laughable, even by 1998 standards, and the plot is super lame. Avoid this one like the plague!

I am A (ag) wrote: Pretty corny but entertaining

Henry B (de) wrote: Good made for tv movie.

Ji L (ru) wrote: always remember it for the exceptional beauty of Beart!

Tom T (fr) wrote: 8.3/10A very fun movie with tons of cheesy 80's acting and action.

Andy B (au) wrote: Excellent screen play, excellent central performance. Recommended

Kapil B (jp) wrote: Not really the most amazing and breathtaking bank robberies you'd see but well acted and well directed. Jack Hawkins steals the show.

William C (kr) wrote: Buster Keaton, one of silent cinemas finest and also most damn crazy, the guy nearly kills himself in nearly every film he's ever in. Steamboat Bill Jr. is no exception to Keaton's insane stunts and the skill in which he does them is amazing, stunt doubles today should be using this guy's ways, he is impeccable. Listen I'm not going to write this and say this movie had a good story, the thing basically throws it's story around a lot but it was only after finishing this that I realised just how fantastic the things going on in this were though, superbly directed but even more so, excellent acting from the main man Keaton.The plot see's a steamboat captain named Bill sent his son William, or Bill Jr. (Keaton). The story then see's him trying to change Junior Bill into a worthy crew member, but Bill Jr. has his eyes on the rival boat captains daughter. The story really picks up as soon as Bill Jr. goes after the girl, it can't be said the beginning is particularly exciting or anything but still Keaton holds his own and makes some of the duller moments a little more exciting. Keaton plays Bill Jr. in such a way where he feels stupid, but at times he can really stand up and surprise others, even in such a short film the character is already one you like in the first 20 minutes. Charles Reisner and an uncredited Buster Keaton were the directors behind this, they both make this what it is, a great movie. It maybe as said before takes a little time to get into a flow of things but both Reisner and Keaton even more so make the film's ending superb, the stunts, the weather and even just the way the sets are built are just sublime, and very costly too. You can't say much about this without yet again mentioning those stunts, I won't go too into them as there's just so many but the tree stunt, the hospital bed, the bread and of course the most famous, the window stunt (which is so stupid that it is perfect) are very well done.If you're not too accustom to Keaton then you may find the lack of story fairly annoying but this manages to bypass the plot a little and really inject all of its energy into the way it flows. Keaton doesn't need long sequences of dialogue to create his plot; he only needs the odd word and then his signature style of insanity. It's maybe also in my opinion a little slower paced than some of his others but all in all this is fun and doesn't need to go super quick, it feels the right length, too long and it would have become boring, too short and you miss out all of the awesome acrobatics the little guy pulls off.So overall this is considered a masterpiece, wouldn't quite agree but I see why it is for sure. If you're looking for a silent movie this is very recommendable, really good fun all round for the whole family, it actually has really quite a few laughs in it too which really shows me that Keaton really knew how to make movies which would be valued years after.

Joe G (ca) wrote: Not one of Pachinos better movies, but it was okay. Slow at first but picked up by the end, with a somewhat predictable twist at the end.

Bryan W (jp) wrote: Still a great action, mystery, spy flick after 16 years.

Jamin M (it) wrote: I love this film. It has a great cast, the acting is very good, the comedy is good, and the musical performances are excellent. The characters, while stereotypical, are likeable. I really enjoy Fat Amy, and Rebel Wilson's performance was so entertaining. I had no idea that Anna Kendrick can sing so well. The movie kind of suffers from a predictable plot, but they make up for it for the most part with the acting and music. While maybe not one of the best musicals, Pitch Perfect is a fun good time