7 Days in September

7 Days in September

A documentary about behind the scenes and what was going on in the streets of NY during and 7days after 9/11.

This documentary from director Steven Rosenbaum presents the experiences of a diverse group of regular Americans in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Featuring ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


7 Days in September torrent reviews

Imitacin D C (br) wrote: Horrible, not fun at all movie, with uninteresting characters, way more uninteresting plot, weird situations that can't be described as jokes, but rather awkward attempts of humor, and, for a special treat, you get to see the lead actor fully naked 3 times, because that's what you need to burst life into a comedy: a penis. Do yourself a favor and avoid this at all costs. People involved in this waste of resources should be eaten by bears.

James S (jp) wrote: 'The Holiday' is one of those classic Crimbo rom coms, slotting in nicely alongside Love Actually and the rest. Whilst not containing a riveting story-line, explosive action or complex character development, it succeeds in my opinion as being an entertaining feel good movie that is watchable over and over again each festive season.

Marina N (mx) wrote: When zapping through the channels, I stumbled upon "Must love dogs". I remembered quite well watching the beginning but I just couldn't remember the ending. That made me think I must have not finished the movie, so I stayed on the channel to "close lose ends". It started off quite charmingly. John Cusack still shows potential for romantic movie material (remmber Sure Thing) and plays a lovable quirky character with somewhat strange yet distinct lines about love and the universe. Diane Lane, a kindergarden teacher with a broken heart, plays a nice and shy woman who is charming but nothing out-of-the ordinary. In the first third if the film, I really had some laughs cause primarily by Cusacks somewhat sarcastic lines and Lane's family. After that, it justed driften off into something plain and uninteresting. It was not too stupid to be true - an accusation I often make when it comes to Hollywood romcoms - but there was just nothing to keep my attention. As I kept on watching the movie, I realized that I had in fact finished watching it a while ago. It's just that the most parts of it are (unfortunately) not worth remembering.

Nicole S (de) wrote: I must be the only person in the world who liked this movie. Although it wasn't intended, I found it quite comical and entertaining.

Timothy J (kr) wrote: Hilarious! One of my favorite movies.

Taylor N (ru) wrote: I swear Kurosawa's movies kept getting better and better. This is a detective drama but manages to get away from the usual sap of Kurosawa dramas and instead hits you with real brutality.

Adam R (de) wrote: Short on ideas and even shorter on budget, William Castle's "Mr. Sardonicus" essentially defines the term "B-movie"; it lacks the star presence and production quality to top the bill, so it will forever more be consigned to second-rate status, rarely to be talked about again. Not that there is much to discuss as there is. Celebrated physician Sir Robert Cargrave (Ronald Lewis) is called to the sinister castle of Baron Sardonicus (Guy Rolfe) by ex-lover Maude (Audrey Dalton). There, the good doctor is forced to rid the Baron of a hideous facial deformity that leaves his mug looking like it's in a constant state of rigor mortis. Mix this "House"-lite, formulaic story with a poorly developed forbidden romance, rather dated musings on the nature of sacrilege, and a strange little nugget introducing the hypodermic needle to medicine (thankfully, unlike a big-budget film, which would have taken this development and made it not only into an epoch-defining change in the world but also a heavy-handed metaphor for human interaction, director Castle is happy to make the introduction of inoculation just a piece of the film's tapestry), and you get a quite unremarkable story.

Jussi M (gb) wrote: Jlleen yksi suht. hiriintynyt leffa ranskasta.

Mats V (br) wrote: The "at-first-we-don't-like-each-other-but-then-we-do" story is sweet but nothing special

Andrea G (br) wrote: If you like snakes, this movie is amusing at best.