7 Kilos

7 Kilos

When a woman who survived a vicious gang attack suddenly finds herself the proud owner of $2.5 million in dirty money, she makes a run for the border in this thriller starring Brenda Estella Rojas and Brent Bratton. Camilla is lucky to be alive. A street smart girl who somehow managed to survive a harrowing gang hit, Camilla soon discovers a tidy sum of cash from a drug deal gone wrong. Now, in order to keep the cash and stay one step ahead of the men who want it back, Camilla will enlist the aid of mysterious cowboy Cain in navigating the back trails to Mexico. Should she get there fast enough, she may be able to start a new life away from her many troubles back home. But this isn't going to be an easy trip, and every moment that Camilla hesitates could be her last.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   texas,   drugs,  

When a woman who survived a vicious gang attack suddenly finds herself the proud owner of $2.5 million in dirty money, she makes a run for the border. Camilla is lucky to be alive. A street... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ali r (us) wrote: if your a fast and furious fan this is not exactlly your cup of tea, not bad racing but a poor to average acting and storyline so dont expect much from this movie

Chandrahasa R (es) wrote: Expected more considering the reviews but it was a fun movie none the less. Good time pass.

Camille L (fr) wrote: Norbit est probablement le film le plus dbile de toute la carrire d'Eddie Murphy, ralis par son compre Brian Robbins (un des plus mauvais ralisateurs en activit) et peupl d'acteurs qui en font des caisses, comme Terry Crews, Mighty Rasta, Eddie Griffin, Cuba Gooding ou encore Katt Williams. Il en reste que Norbit est un film affreusement hilarant, qui n'a peur de rien et qui ne recule devant rien. Eddie Murphy y est absolument gnial, parvenant tre aussi drle en type neuneu, obse malfique et en vieux sage chinois l'accent japonais. Tout ceci est trs souvent du mauvais ct du bon got et dure probablement 20 minutes de trop, mais offre une belle alternative tout ce qu'Apatow nous sert depuis des annes.

Nolan M (es) wrote: This so-called thriller is a 90 minute turd. The movie had too many characters and WAY too many point of view sequences. The car chases get even more ridiculous. Can't recommend it.

Mark H (es) wrote: Absolutely batshit crazy.

Jacksob M (mx) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time and also one of my favorite horror movies of all time

M Z (gb) wrote: Very cute, positive, humane film with curious scenes from chinese lifestyle.

Josh B (us) wrote: The awkwardness was great to watch, but, a little art housey for me.

Danny C (gb) wrote: Recently saw this movie again. It gave a great historical perspective and had a nice storyline. It is a very under-rated film.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Man at a satellite station in the Swiss Alps makes friends with an 11-year old in Maine by radio and later endangers his life by bringing him in on a suspected murder he witnessed via his satellite signals. Mom seems too preoccupied with her own life to monitor who the boy is talking to. I'd be worried the man is a child predator if I were the boy's parent.

MF J (ca) wrote: I had seen this film a long time ago at the movies but didn't remember much appart from the ending! It's a very well done film, with a beautiful visual design & some amzing costumes as always! The cast is impecable as usual, special mention once again to Chus Lampreave as the mother, she's hilarious especially when she talks to the police officers! The storyline is somehow even weirder than usual but works fine. A Good & Solid Almodovar film.

Mark N (it) wrote: If you watched Pink Flamingos and found something you liked you can do little better than watch more of The Dreamlanders shenanigans in the more easily palatable Female Trouble. Much of the familiar cast are back as they tackle a tale of rebellion against conformity with heavy social commentary all wrapped up in glossy farce. Divine is loud and proud as a single mother to a bratty child whose life centers around the local hair salon. Shock value elements have been replaced with stronger satire and much of the language toned down, making the material more accessible.Highly enjoyable for us fans, but will leave the mainstream confused and slightly revulsed.

Gwen W (br) wrote: Beardy Weirdy McQueen is going to take out that pillbox if it's the last thing he does! Strangely good.

Carl N (it) wrote: This is a thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi movie from Hammer. I can't help but feel that this film must have been the inspiration for "The Blob" (released a couple of years after) radioactive mud is causing havoc in the Scottish Highlands and near an atomic laboratory. Luckily Dr. Royston works there and is in the middle of carrying out some groundbreaking nuclear experiments. So Royston, with the help of Inspector McGill and the military race against time to find a way to kill the unknown. While most 50's monster movies can be somewhat camp and silly. This comes across as relatively intelligent. There is a very Quatermass feel to the proceedings. Time is taken to clarify the science aspects but done in a way that doesn't become boring. Well acted, well paced and really suspenseful. The ending is little bit of a letdown and quite abrupt. But any fans of Hammer films will be used to that.

William C (ru) wrote: Grade: 9/10In The Loop is a political comedy that involves a plot about a committee, seems very dull but trust me, it is not. This movie is timed to perfection when it comes to the comedy and the jokes literally come thick and fast and flow so well throughout that this becomes one of the best political comedies ever made. I felt it was wonderful, not flawless but nevertheless outstanding and here below is just why so.Now the whole story can get just a little dull in places but still manages to be partially interesting(maybe for politics lovers a bit more so). It also feels a slight bit confusing but the real beauty of this movie isn't in the plot, it's in the jokes that are crafted immensely well. See the jokes kind of outweigh the plot and it gets to a point where you no longer really care what is happening and just wait for the next great joke to appear(I will add though, the plot is important to understand what's going on obviously). The cast are a kind of bag of big names and names you will have never heard of but this is still very well cast and the characters work oh so well. The biggest kind of addition if you will is James Gandolfini as General Miller and he is pretty good to say he has never been in anything like this before, truly funny. The true stand out performance has to go to Peter Capaldi though as Malcolm Tucker who is just incredible and hilariously funny, the kind of character you wound't want to meet but at the same time can be awe-inspiring.Armando Iannucci creates this kind of political comedy within a sitcom, that's then a film actually, but it works so well. It could also be said this is oddly thrilling to see what will happen next, well OK maybe not so much but still there is no denying this is pretty fun to watch and see what happens. The camera work is also great, it makes the film seem even more like an extended version of "The Thick of It" on what this is basically the movie version of, good job from cinematographer Jamie Cairney. The jokes are so well spread as well, the big kind of jokes, like a howling laugh kind of joke are mostly reserved for important scenes actually, but the little jokes, the one's that make you laugh a little, they are in so much quantity, this becomes like a joke a minute and will make you laugh. The level of laughing for this movie may only reach some but in my opinion if anyone watched this and didn't at least smile, I don't know what comedy is. It has to be said that the plot is fairly intriguing too, I mean for me it is not a thing I will remember forever but in itself, it is very well done and very well made by Iannucci and co. For them to think up such a plot but then for a comedy, well it takes a lot of skill, this is the kind of story I expect to see on a political drama movie, not a comedy so all credit for turning a serious kind of thing into comedy gold. Overall just a brilliant movie and for me one of the top political comedies out there. Now this maybe isn't everybody's cup of tea and I can understand that, this is more the kind of humour where you really have to listen to get the best jokes, and on the people from the TV show who come to the film, all credit for transitioning from the normal show to the film with such calm skill.

Joe W (gb) wrote: Thrilling survival story.

Hawk (es) wrote: The movie starts with a cool idea: A family rents a house with one catch-an old woman lives up in the attic that they have to feed. It's not too long before other things start happening and---wait you know what, scratch that it is too long before anything else starts happening. The scares are few and far between and when they come they're pretty weak. The idea I guess the filmakers wanted to accomplish was to make it feel like something that could happen in real life, but in general none of what happens here is scary. Their's a nice climax and eventual payoff but it's not worth the wait.

Andrew R (kr) wrote: Good for a small laugh at best.

Dane W (br) wrote: With Excellent Acting, Spectacular Directing, And Memorable Music, "Jaws" becomes the first blockbuster and greatest film in cinema history with Steven Spielberg at his finest. Intense and perfectly constructed, no film can surpass the effect it had. Re-watchable every time and it only gets better and better. Verdict: Masterpiece.