7 Lucky Ninja Kids

7 Lucky Ninja Kids

7 kids who prose as ninjas try and return a diamond to its rightful owner. But while trying to return the diamond, the ninjas become crossed up with an Asian mob. One of the ninjas gets ...

A gang of local hoods are after this diamond and will stop at nothing to get their hands on this prized possession. With bad guys everywhere and danger lurking around the corner, these Kung-Fu kids pul out their bag of martial arts tricks. Flying through the air with kicks and punches, nunchaku, long sticks, swords and other martial arts weaponry, the bad guys don't stand a chance. Kids will love this awesome skateboard riding, pizza eating group of mini-Ninjas! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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pam g (jp) wrote: the best movie ever!

Eric H (br) wrote: Good documentary, goes back to Morton's childhood, raised by a semi-famous singing father, and clips of Junior's show, more of a shock version of Donahue than what the filmmakers try to connect as the pilgrim of the Conservative Media. Scenes connecting Downey with Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity show t...read morehe doc's left bias, and the ominous music and particular interviews let us know the filmmakers weren't fans of the man they're making a film about. Still it's an entertaining piece and even heartfelt in the end.

Lauren B (es) wrote: I love this movie. It has an old classic feel and it's a very sweet story.

Simon T (ag) wrote: dark dark dark - never been to cracktown so not sure if this is clich central but wow - all the stories were very engaging - good build up and it never bails out. also contains possibly the most raw opening scenes ever.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Invisible Waves (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2006)Tadanobu Asano has been in so many great movies (Rampo Noir, Mongol, Ichi the Killer, Eloi Eloi Lema Sabachthani?, Vital, and I'm only scratching the surface) that I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt pretty much every time I see his name. Pen-ek Ratanaruang (6ixtynin9)'s name being added to the bill doesn't hurt matters any; the two of them had previously teamed up for Last Life in the Universe, which was flawed, but quite beautiful. I was hoping that Ratanaruang's second (and to date final) collaboration with Asano would return more to the action-comedy hybrid that Ratanaruang had pulled off so well in 6ixtynin9, and which isn't Asano's strong suit, but it's something he's always been willing to embrace (viz. Screwed or Tokyo Zombie). But no, they ended up making another very pretty, very slow movie, but this one also lacks a plot, and that is its fatal miscalculation; Asano's considerable acting talents alone are not enough to carry this film, and that is what it relies on. I could try to give you a plot, but understand that I'm pulling from IMDB here, as I gathered none of this from actually watching the movie: Asano plays Kyoji, a guy who is implicit in the death of his boss' wife. In a classic case of cinematic stupidity, he tries to outrun his own guilt by fleeing from his Macao home to Phuket. The majority of the film takes place during the boat journey between the two cities. But as the journey progresses, Kyoji begins to suspect that not everyone he meets on board the ship is as unfamiliar with Kyoji's past as they make themselves out to be.To call this "incoherent" is understating the case pretty severely. It's reminiscent of Takeshi Kitano's Sonatine, but without that movie's structure-nor its comedy. There's a romance subplot...I think. There are some hit men. (By this time my head was spinning, but I swear I remember these guys from Last Life in the Universe.) There is, as there was in Last Life, a whole lot of unconscionably beautiful scenery. But there is very little to tie it all together, and unless you're doing that odd structuralist/formalist stuff that stopped being all the rage around 1975, having something to tie it all together-a plot, a theme, a deep and well-thought-out character study, something like that-is not only a good idea, it's the basis of a good movie. This is pretty, but it's not much else. **

Michael R (jp) wrote: Nothing short of a comic book masterpiece, Watchman has clearly been made with love and care by director Zack Snyder. It truly feels as if the comic panels come to life in this gritty, faithful and beautiful adaptation of Alan Moore's classic and groundbreaking graphic novel.

Mikaela H (kr) wrote: don't like hilary but i love this movie

Christian M (jp) wrote: Woody Allen and Jason Biggs star as Woody Allen in Woody Allen's run-of-the-mill, generic Woody Allen film.

Kobe R (au) wrote: Pretty Good Movie...

Marco F (fr) wrote: ISHTAR is an atrocious movie- a thorough humiliation for for Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty- two great actors of their time. I can't believe they actually participated in this movie- what were they thinking?Hoffman and Beatty play 2 aspiring singers trying to make it in show business. They go on numerous adventures and all throughout, it has these two singing so badly to such dreadful lyrics, it's like listening to nails on a chalkboard while being kicked in the nuts. This awful singing is also amazingly boring. No subject they sung about was even remotely interesting- it's all made up of typical musical subject matter- love, trying to make it, etc. That's how unpleasant this movie is- it's really an aggressively assaulting experience. I despised this piece of shit- I hope Beatty and Hoffman have learned from this disaster.There is a quote on the bottom of the poster on this website from a critic that says "A Sand Blast!" In the unlikelihood that he/she meant a sand blast right into someone's eyes, well, that's pretty damned accurate. In fact, I would rather walk through a violent sandstorm than watch even a frame of ISHTAR again.

Darrell W (de) wrote: Should have stopped at Purple Rain.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Sergei Bondarchuk had spent 6 years making his 4 part, 7 hour long take on War and Peace. As his follow up, Dino De Laurentiis offered him this epic on the latter life of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, a massive co-production between Italy and the U.S.S.R. It has the hallmarks of a classic film, but it does have it's shortcomings despite some brilliantly staged battle sequences. It begins in at the Chteau de Fontainebleau in 1814, where Napoleon Bonaparte (Rod Steiger) is forced to abdicate after the Austrians conquer Paris, and he is offered a peaceful exile to the island of Elba in the Mediterranean. But, a year later, he escapes from the island and sails back to France with an army of just 1000 soldiers, with the objective of overthrowing the restored king of France, Louis XVIII (Orson Welles), who quickly escapes. Napoleon learns of the Duke of Wellington (Christopher Plummer) leading the British into battle with the Prussian army, led by Marschall Bl 1/4cher (Sergo Zaqariadze). However, Napoleon leads the French into battle against the British at Waterloo in Belgium, beforehand the Prussian army retreat, but Wellington has a good battle plan. The battle itself is well staged, with over 15,000 Soviet Army soldiers used during the filming, but it's a flawed film with some inconsistencies, (Bondarchuk did a 4 hour cut shown in Russia, it's since vanished without trace.) It does have it's moments, and it has a good cast as well, but it's a bit overblown, like many of the epics of that period. But, this stopped Kubrick from getting his Napoleon film made. Oh, well.

Candie U (us) wrote: This is a GREAT movie. I give this 10 stars.....If you actually WATCH this movie you will also I give this movie a 10 rating. I LOVE it. It's a Western, musical, comedy...Clint Eastwood sings in it and he's very young I and totally handsome. Jean Seberg was great. I heard she died shortly after this movie was made....A great loss to everyone....Please watch this movie.....