7 Nights of Darkness

7 Nights of Darkness

In 2010 six reality television show contestants spent seven nights in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The show never aired but an editor for the network was able to piece together some footage. The prize for staying all seven nights was a share of one million dollars that was to be split amongst any contestants that didn't leave. No prize money was ever awarded.

In 2008 six reality television show contestants spent seven nights in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The show never aired but an editor for the network was able to piece together some ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven P (ru) wrote: Anyone with self-knowledge can relate to this movie. The main character has difficulty in being understood after years of having people shut him up or ignore what he says. He intermittently breaks out of this and is then totally clear and I think mainly correct in his judgments of his situation and those around him- that is he is quite 'normal'. The main female character is very separate and isolated when in the presence of others- and is a cuter. The roommate is a self-absorbed musician of digital sorts who is aggressively nasty to the main character. The girl and musician use him. By the way, the socks are hers and quite dirty. He tries to help her and cheer her up but is again rejected in his actions/intent/speech. The world is cruel. Too bad the average person is so devoid of self-knowlege and therefore films like Empire whatever in 3D are box office hits and this film isn't. Or is it that the average person knows just how fucked life in the "wasteland of the free" (N Griffith) and everywhere else is too; particularly if one is disturbed and not 'normal'. Cassie222.

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Sherri G (jp) wrote: love the humor even tho it looks dated.

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