72 days

72 days

A family from isolated village in Lika makes a good living out of American pension earned by their late granddad Djuradj and received by his widow Nedja. The very existence of a family is ...

A family from isolated village in Lika makes a good living out of American pension earned by their late granddad Djuradj and received by his widow Nedja. The very existence of a family is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daryl L (kr) wrote: The film starts with somewhat Marxist remarks from the lead character, Fabian (Sid Lucero) with his colleagues in a coffee shop. This was filmed in one shot - that is - no cuts, no trims for duration of five minutes or so. From there, we go deeper through the character's outbursts and agenda. His contentions are trivial, self-righteous, and perhaps academic. From there we build the story. The movie itself is apocalyptic - tackling how dysfunctional the government is and the current issues in the modern ages in the Philippines particularly. It is very disturbing how he represents a modern "illustrado" - vengeful and depraved. The cinematography is excellent. The pictorial storytelling is very effective using still shots; most are dialogue driven scenes in one-shot which I liked.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch (for true resident evil fan)

Sam U (it) wrote: A VERY funny movie. Made us laugh through most of it. MUST see comedy!

Kelly K (de) wrote: A lovely film, although I don't believe the acting was as good as in the previous movies. Sarah Jones was not a very believable Belinda, or doctor for that matter. I was surprised to distraction that they brought her back as a blond. I also believe that someone other than Haylie Duff (bless her heart) may have been better suited for the part of Annie. A terrific story, but somewhat ruined with poor acting and unbelievability.

Ar M (br) wrote: Cmo he visto mierda...

Roobeh M (nl) wrote: really intresting documentary

Ashley V (ca) wrote: So bad, I couldn't force myself to finish it.

Eric O (ca) wrote: a very odd mix of campy and romcom. i like the story and the message, but everything that happens in the meantime to get you there left me wanting

Dudy M (mx) wrote: Sweet movie, who guessed that even a kids movie could be so melodramatic Loved the animation and visual style. And yeah it's a talk' in dog shit were talk' in about! :)

Danny R (kr) wrote: David Fincher's unique, claustrophobic thriller which is an engrossing highly suspenseful slickly executed film. A mother named Meg Altman, played impressively by Jodie Foster in a superlative star performance, who is newly separated from her extremely rich older husband who is a pharmaceutical tycoon, she moves into a huge brownstone townhouse in Manhattan with her teenaged daughter Sarah, well-played by a very young Kristen Stewart, the residence has 3 floors, an elevator, 8 bedrooms, 6 working fireplaces and a "panic room," an impenetrable cement and steel encased safe-room which has 8 surveillance video monitors , a separate buried phone line and a motorized sliding reinforced steel door that is secured by solid core dead bolts and a motion sensitive closing system. That evening while Meg and Sarah are sleeping, a trio of intruders thinking that the place is still empty break in, Meg notices them on surveillance monitor and runs to Sarah's room and her and Sarah with the intruders chasing them manage to make it to the panic room locking themselves in, the trio of intruders are terrifically played by Forest Whitaker as Bumham, the security technician who helped build the panic room, Jared Leto as Junior, the manic leader of the group, and country singer Dwight Yoakam as Raoul, the nearly-silent sadistic sociopath with an itchy trigger finger, they have come to steal something specific unfortunately what they want is in the panic room, a cat and mouse game of wills ensues as Meg desperately tries to find a way to summon help as the intruders try to get her out. Masterful direction by Fincher, with unforgettable and extraordinary cinematography by the great Conrad Hall & Darius Khondji is truly breathtaking with amazing swooping shots down stairwell, up skylights and room to room, in air vents and through walls, Fincher has a grand-time creating an white-knuckle atmosphere of prolonged tension and dread, there is marvelous editing by James Haywood & Angus Wall, with a brilliant score by Howard Shore. A pulse-pounding thoroughly entertaining motion picture, a must-see. Highly Recommended.

Kok Hoong F (ru) wrote: Never a foodie and so far, food-themed movies do not impress me much. Is there a connection? In this quaint ensemble arthouse film, we get a slice of unusual Italian cuisine, family drama and shattered dreams. A sprinkle more of fun will be nice and cut down on that irrelevant talk.

Joseph F (kr) wrote: Depressing, dark, and heartfelt, this is absolutely the best performance of Nicolas Cage's career. It will undoubtedly be one of the saddest movies you'll see. The thrones of addiction are hard to escape, and Cage plays the part here. Great movie led by power-packed acting and an above average script.

Jack B (mx) wrote: rpic war flick, a bit slow at times

Ken S (ca) wrote: Peter Cushing and Terrence Fisher return to the Hammer Frankenstein series for one last outing, and it is actually one of their better efforts. Possibly the best since "Revenge of Frankenstein." I'm not saying it is really great, but it looks good, has Cushing back (who never missed a beat in the role), features David Prowse as a crazy looking creature (probably the weakest point of this whole movie is his look, but whatever), and works nicely as a finale to the series. It doesn't end on a big crazy note, but ends on the scariest aspect of the Hammer version of Frankenstein...that he will never stop, he continue to create awful monsters that go wrong and ending lives. It's very fitting actually. After a few weaker and downright bad movies, I'm glad the series was able to gain back just a bit of it's magic and give the series one last bow.

Chris H (ca) wrote: These men are absolute low lifes and I loved every minute of it.

Diana D (au) wrote: Flaming Star is not your typical Elvis musical. In fact, there's only two songs in the whole movie. And that's certainly not a bad thing! Elvis plays a dramatic role in the film, something that hadn't been done in two years. I'm not going to spoil it, but the plot is certainly an intriguing one, and I didn't feel bored at all during this film like I did during Speedway, Harum Scarum, and other lame musicals. When people say Elvis films are horrible, chances are they haven't even heard of this film. Also, don't be fooled by publicity shots: Barbara Eden doesn't play a very big role in this film. Anyways, all Elvis fans should see this film. It's my second favorite film of his, a close second to King Creole, another great Elvis movie.

Djeimes K (ca) wrote: Best drug movie ever...Darren Aronofsky is a genius...

Matty S (gb) wrote: Well, Mark Wahlberg's wig almost looks real...

Felipe F (ca) wrote: Based on the memoir of the same name, Holding the Man is a powerful, sweet and moving story about love and loss that tugs at the heartstrings.