Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean during its ten-hour course, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin.

On a trans-Pacific flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, when entering a swirling airflow, a passenger suffered a mysteriously convulsion and dies. His obscure death seems begin a serie of strange events. Whne the plane approach to Japan, everyone - from the passengers to the flight attendants and the captain - are affected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonny P (nl) wrote: "FrackNation" is a documentary that seeks to clarify misinformation regarding fracking, particularly by attacking the documentary "Gasland." When the latter was released, it threw the world into controversy as many countries outlawed the fracking process and many American operations were shut down; however, the directors of this documentary question "Gasland's" displays of lighting tap water on fire and statics regarding environmental danger. It manages to supply people that are affected by fracking who support the process and experts who argue that the process is safe. The directors say that both sides are represented, but this film is so one-sided that it is hard to decide what to believe in the end. As a Pennsylvanian, fracking is something that affects me personally but it is difficult to form an opinion based on "Gasland" and "FrackNation," both of which make a persuasive but one-sided argument.

Justin J (us) wrote: C+The series is now dead.

Eliabeth M (ca) wrote: Beauty is Embarrasing nos da un vistazo a la vida del artista Wayne White, de una manera divertida y excntrica, tal como l. Es un documental bastante completo que va desde sus comienzos , sus influencias, sus miedos y esperanzas y finalmente su vida familiar que la comparte con su esposa la caricaturista Mimi Pond y sus dos hijos que tambin sus artistas. Wayne White a pesar de ser indiscutiblemente talentoso, tuvo sus luchas en el mundo del arte, y paso por momentos difciles para estar en la posicin privilegiada en la cual se encuentra hoy en da, y es un recordatorio de que no slo se trata de talento, sino tambin hace falta un toque de suerte para tener xito en esta industria. Mis partes favoritas fueron ver la personalidad de White que dice las cosas como son, sin ningn tipo de pretenciones ni tapujos y el formato que utilizaron que es distinto de cualquier documental que haya visto. White cuenta su historia tal como la ve y tiene una personalidad carismtica que hace difcil que te aburras. Te invita dentro de su mundo catico y creativo, y uno se siente el invitado de honor.

Nathan S (de) wrote: The cinematography is very well done. If the world it created was relatable this film would be excellent. However, everything feels distant and the characters unreal.

Grant T (us) wrote: Decent story. As with others, I love true stories

Colby D (de) wrote: Probably my favorite QT movie.

Bill T (br) wrote: Very good film about 4 boys stuck in a coal mining town who discover rocketry, and their fight to follow their dreams rather than face a fate of being stuck in the mines. Not really the most original plot in the world (It's a sort of How Green Was My Valley meets Stand By Me) but some great performances, especially by Gyllenhaal save it.

AuToya Honey V (mx) wrote: This was me and my Gee Gee favorite movies we use to pop popcorn and drink pepsi and cry and laugh and she would tell me , That's what happened in the black areas. It happend to my friend,she would say. i miss my granny . so this is a Sundays best for me..and i love the actors too.

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Facebook U (nl) wrote: Holocaust story well done. Reenactments in europe worked up to a point. I get Sophie's guilt but she was sticking with the crazy guy because she lost her sanity herself at some point. The story had to end somewhere I suppose so the author chose death but I do not believe a survivor would give up life. Reality shows that they had a tendency to overaccomplish instead. As far as I know.