79 primaveras

79 primaveras


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Rahul N (us) wrote: Give it a time you wont regret watching- Amit Trivedi's best score till date IMO- which he admitted to be inspired by Burmans.

Eladio B (jp) wrote: An absolute moral and cinematic triumph. This is one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen.

Loren G (mx) wrote: better than Pedro Almadovar in many ways, and I LOVE his flms

James S (nl) wrote: Reminds me of cruel intentions..critique of acting on 'love at first sight'

Isaac A (us) wrote: where i can see it? the trailer was dope!

Lea B (kr) wrote: A movie that is fun and entertaining, and also being the FIRST Disney movie to prove ladies can save the day too.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Very unrealistic and poorly acted, still it could have been much worse.

Mari B (ca) wrote: Good campy fun. Billed as "The First Electric Western"... probably the only, at that. Electric guitars, gunfights, guitar duels and the late 60s... that more or less sums up this odd all-but-forgotten piece of film history.

Dimitris S (kr) wrote: Oh how I love fresh meat,prickly made like a vesper nun.. Noe practically slaughters his protagonist,chopping off his sentimentality or should we point out his...slothfulness?

Ben W (gb) wrote: preachy.....too preachy. even though there was some good stuff here the proselytizing made this hard to maintain real interest. there were some really interesting moments of cinematic style though. its basically a lighter version of the faustian legend. which seems a little bit silly.

Scott C (gb) wrote: It's dated and not that engaging, but when looked at in a historical context it's pretty amazing that it was made at the time it was. Required viewing for any serious sci-fi fan.