7X: This is Our Kids

7X: This is Our Kids

A Swedish drama by Emil Jonsvik.

A Swedish drama by Emil Jonsvik. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John P (kr) wrote: 1 hour and 31 minutes of my life! I'll never get back! Utter rubbish! So many plot holes it's untrue!

Haydn W (au) wrote: Good little TV short from 1977, made by HTV with music by FRIDAY THE 13ths Harry Manfredini!

Jillian L (us) wrote: So, this is an odd little movie. You normally don't see many comedies about assassins, but this one was actually quite funny. Bill Nighy is hilarious as the uptight assassin. Emily Blunt is great as the thief, her character has this really dramatic shift that is a little unbelievable to follow, but she makes it work well enough. Rupert Grint is basically a dumber, stoner version of Ron, but that's ok, he was still funny. The supporting characters that I loved were Eileen Atkins as Nighy's mother and Martin Freeman as another hitman. I thought the two of them were hilarious. Some of the funniest stuff in the entire movie came from them. The story is a little bit of a mess, and the characters are all messes too, but for some reason, you really want them to succeed and just be happy. There is a little bit of suspension of disbelief as the body count is insanely high, yet no one ever gets caught or even pursued. But in the end, this is a fun British comedy that's worth a watch.

Nathalie K (jp) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Very interesting and human.

Bill B (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this fun little ensemble film set around the London art world, specifically a scheming art dealer's attempts to purchase a key painting from a family that has fallen on hard times. We follow his story as well as watching the lives of numerous peripheral characters and hangers on who drift in and out of his gallery, and it's all makes for a breezy, quick watch.Worth a rental for sure.

Daniel D (ca) wrote: A humanised Leonard inspired thriller that carries great performances.

Oscar T (nl) wrote: Comienza bien, pero se desliga tanto del libro de King que el inters se va perdiendo, sobre todo para quienes conocen el material original.

Artemis C (mx) wrote: Very good movie. I liked it much better the 2nd time I watched it because I turned on captions. Unfortunately the sound isn't as good as the rest of the movie.

Steve S (br) wrote: Not one of the strongest Best Picture winners, but it is anchored by a great performance by Dustin Hoffman. This crowd-pleaser gives the actor a chance to create a character that endears itself to the audience.

Andr B (nl) wrote: "Amargo Pesadelo" parece ser simples, mas uma alegoria de vigor incrvel.

william m (fr) wrote: Sometimes this movie is so bad it's great, like when Chuck Norris is taking out an entire gang by himself. For the rest of the movie, it's so bad it's bad, because at its core, it's just a crappy horror flick.

Greg S (es) wrote: Residents of an institution escape and wreck the grounds with childlike acts of vandalism and petty cruelty. The entire cast is composed of dwarfs. Almost plotless, but with moments that stick to your soul like a coating of grime (tiny Hombre laughing at the struggling camel may haunt your nightmares for years to come). Animal lovers beware.

(mx) wrote: A cheeky but ultimately moral tale about the blessing of groundedness and 'reliability'. The portraits are winning, and the coming and goings of domestic life in Japan during the 1950s are mesmerising. As a window in to a beautiful culture the film succeeds, even if the storyline is more straightforward.

David L (gb) wrote: This kind of feels like a nicer version of the Hunger Games. A world full of kids trapped in a woodland confinement, having been placed there by onlooking adults. The only difference is that rather than kill one another, they have to work together as a team to try and find a way out of a giant maze that borders the perimeter of the grassland. The maze itself isn't that exciting, other than the fact it has some robotic arachnid type predators called 'grievers' looking to sting anyone who takes a wrong turn. It's definitely one aimed more at the mature child, rather than the likes of Peter Pan that centres all on the kids too. It's not playful or humorous, but very Sci-Fi and definitely strikes me as a film that bases itself on the book without any form of deviation. I'm hoping that with this being the first in the series, the movies become better as the story progresses as it definitely felt like more of an introduction than an independent film. For me it never really got going, and lacked any real excitement. There were only a few central characters, none of whom were greatly iconic, but this at least gives the sequels something to build upon. I can imagine fans of the paperback version will love this as it puts their imagination into a more visual form of stimulation, but I found it just a tad too slow paced and sensible. Very little drama occurs and it required a lot more cutting edge in both the script and the acting.

Ross E (gb) wrote: a modern Full Metal Cool Hand