8 Tiros

8 Tiros

Revenge. Juan and Vicente are brothers, but they are separated by a deep hate that will bring Juan back to life to take the thing that matters the most to his brother: power. A story of love, disillusions and excess.

Revenge. Juan and Vicente are brothers, but they are separated by a deep hate that will do that Juan returns to life to take his brother from the only thing that matters to him: his power. The story of a love, disillusions and excesses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy J (ag) wrote: The french comedy that enlight the end of the year !

Gianluca M (ca) wrote: Cute movie, but not original. Light hearted comedy-drama.

Bill B (kr) wrote: The Blu-ray viewing this evening confirmed my initial feelings after originally seeing the film in the theater, that it's not as good as Casino Royale, but it's a fun film nonetheless, regardless of all the after the fact interweb bitching that's come along to shit on its reputation.Not as well conceived as Casino Royale, as the villains just didn't have any real menace. The film delivers a decent amount of action, some of which could be edited a bit better, but all in all, I would give this another look on cable or as a rental.Easily worth a look.

James H (br) wrote: 4.5/10. Halfway decent made for television disaster drama, I've seen worse. At least it isn't one of those 3 hour mini series disater flicks that never seem to end. This one is nice and short. The acting is only fair, same for the direction. Watchable as well as forgettable.

Andrew S (mx) wrote: Tangled may be a straightforward romantic adventure, but it is filled with impressive visuals and enjoyable music.

Corey B (de) wrote: Always amazed at what one will find in the library or hidden within the shelves forgotten by everyone. This is your standard coming of age story of an American boy which has all the typical trimmings with it. 50s music, baseball and men starting to like girls. I only remember Jodi Foster as a kid playing tomboy roles and playing strong female roles of the 90s so this seems very weird to see her play a teenager. Either way a standard issue coming of age story.

Rosendo D (ru) wrote: Great story. F. Murray Abraham truly takes the center of this film. The cinematography is mediocre.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Closer explores the complexities of human relationships - as well as the need for love and its straying developments - with Mike Nichols' sensitive direction which is greatly elevated by a tender script and its stellar cast - particularly the magnetic interplay between Clive Owen and Natalie Portman.

Jared O (ca) wrote: Doom is one of the best, if not the best first person shooter video game of all time. Many video games have tried to copy its success to various degrees. Since Doom is a very important contribution to video game history, seems as though a movie would be inevitable.Doom was a troubled production. Universal was able to claim the rights to make a film adaptation of the video game, but that did not happen. The same thing happened again when Columbia Pictures tried to make a film adaptation too.On November 27, 2003, Computer Gaming World reported that Warner Bros. placed a Doom adaptation on fast track. As DC Comics fans may recall, Warner Bros. does not have a perfect track record when they fast track a project. DC fans will never forget what happened with Batman & Robin. A revised script was submitted to id Software (the studio behind the game) and approved. ER producer John Wells and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (who introduced Warner Bros. to The Matrix) signed on to work on the film. By then concept art and storyboards had already been drawn. On May 15, 2004, the Associated Press released a news article about how more blockbuster games such as Doom and Halo were expected to become the basis of movies with the later still not happening. The following June Variety reported that Warner Bros. lost the rights to Universal Studios. They also confirmed that the film will be based on Doom 3. With Doom 3 a few weeks away from release, Universal became determined not to let the same thing happen twice.Multiple articles about the film's production status were published between August 9 and August 18, 2004. Time mentioned that Universal was set to film the movie in Prague in the winter. The Hollywood Reporter released an article mentioning the release dates for eight movies with Doom being set for August 5, 2005. A few days later they reported that John Wells Production had the film in pre-production. Website Box Office Prophets named Doom as their project of the day and confirmed the shooting schedule and release date mentioned earlier that month.When September came it was confirmed that Karl Urban and then recent Bond girl Rosamund Pike had signed on. Word was that Urban and Pike were signed on to play as twins. Pike would be a scientist and Urban's character would be a space marine fighting not only alien demons, but an organization known as the United Aerospace Corporation who is responsible for the death of their parents. It was also revealed that production would start in mid-October, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had signed on, and that the release date was pushed back to October 21, 2005.I like that Johnson, Urban, and Pike, all of who had already done action before in films such as The Mummy Returns, The Lord of the Rings, and 007 were signed on. An action film based on a video game franchise loved as much as Doom needs a cast that has experience with action. There is also fan service in the film. The first scene features a scientist named Dr. Carmack, an obvious nod to the game's creators John and Adrian Carmack. Fans will also be pleased that the film has elements from not only Doom 3, but also Doom 2: Hell on Earth in a scene late in the film that has all of the chaos finding its way to Earth. The Rock also gets a super badass gun called the BFG. This is easily one of the best looking props in the film. The film also tries to replicate the visual look of the games with the lighting, cool looking creature designs, and first person shooter scene that is easily the best scene in the movie.Despite all of the fan service, there is still nothing that hide major flaws. While it was stated that the film would be based on Doom 3, it really is not. The plot follows a group of space marines sent to investigate strange things that are happening at a research facility on Mars, but they find themselves at the mercy of genetically enhanced killing machines, while Doom 3 is about an unnamed silent space marine who takes on Satan's army. In the film, the way that these killing machines multiply is basically through infecting someone. But this infection thing does not stop there. It only does that based on what kind of person you are. If you are Charles Manson, you turn into one these things, but if you are a sweet little old lady, you gain some sort of super power through a twenty-fourth chromosome.I know what you are about to ask me. You are wondering if I could try explaining all that to you again, only in an easier way to understand. Truth is I cannot. The plot in Doom 3 is simple and has little to no science, the plot and science in the movie are more complicated than it needs to be. That is a major problem that this movie has. It does not know how to keep the story and science from getting too complicated.The acting is also a problem. Despite the fact that it is a movie that is based on Doom, no one in the cast looks very interested. It is like Urban thought to himself, "I was in Lord of the Rings. What am I doing here?" With everyone looking bored, I started to feel my boredom growing with them.The fact that the film tries to replicate the look of the video games kills the lighting. A lot of times you cannot see what is going on. While films such as Alien and Jaws are proof that what scares you the most is what you cannot see, Alien and Jaws still had the visuals lit so that you can see what is going on.The characters are also joke. Every one of them is a horror or action movie clich. There is the laid back black guy, the rookie, the guy with no personality, the one who is obviously going to live, and the asshole. The biggest problem with these is that none have anything likable about them.Doom is just like other video game movies. It should have been better. While it does have excellent fan service, I cannot give Doom any higher than a three out of ten because of its confusing plot and science, boring acting, clichd and unlikable characters, and awful lighting.

Private U (nl) wrote: I haven't seen this stupid movie!

Eduardo R (mx) wrote: This was the dumbest idea for an apocalypse.