80 Millions

80 Millions

Solidarity activists prepare a bravura heist, taking out 80 mln from a union bank account just before it is blocked by communist authorities.

Dolny Śląsk, jesień 1981 roku. Po serii prowokacji SB, konfrontacja opozycji z komunistami wydaje się nieunikniona. Tuż przed ogłoszeniem stanu wojennego, młodzi działacze Solidarności postanawiają zagrać va banque i organizują brawurową akcję wyprowadzenia z wrocławskiego banku 80 milionów związkowych pieniędzy, zanim konto zostanie zablokowane. Funkcjonariusze Służby Bezpieczeństwa podążają za nimi krok w krok. Rozpoczyna się pasjonująca rozgrywka, w którą zostają zaangażowani duchowni i... cinkciarze. Każda ze stron ma asy w rękawie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


80 Millions torrent reviews

Robin H (jp) wrote: Almost as good as the original

Donna L (fr) wrote: It was quirky and fun to watch.

Jon F (nl) wrote: live indie rock and uncensored sex what more could one ask for

Austin K (es) wrote: I would have never watched this if it wasn't filmed in my town. I saw Cultus Lake and started laughing immediately when mutant fish leapt out at twenty-five year old teenagers right where I hang with my friends. This movie was so horribly done that I watched it all the way to the end. Aside from having horrendous special effects, the generic dialogue and stereotype cast makes this the dumbest movie I've seen in quite some time. I really want to get a copy of it to show to my friends now. They'll be so traumatized by the frighteningly realistic monster fish that they'll never set foot in that lake again!

Cillver B (gb) wrote: anything to do with the rock scene

Gen P (br) wrote: I loved this. LOVED IT.

Cheyenne (it) wrote: Chuck Norris Joke: Aliens DO exist... but they're waiting for Chuck Norris to die in order in invade Earth.

Scott A (jp) wrote: Pretty stupid comedy about a guy that can make anything happen with his mind, but would rather rips clothes of instead.Seriously, the movie ends at Prom like CARRIE, but all he really does is de-dress everyone.Besides some naked boobs, this movie doesn't deserve an R rating. Nothing violent or even bad language, just a few naked boobs. Heck, Jewel Sheperd has a cameo to have her top fly off!!!The story is kind of boring besides the Prom scene, and the film has the best cliched of a nerdy looking girl who without her glasses and add in some makeup, and she's stunning by the end.Not the best acting either. Could have done a lot better with an R rating.

bill s (ca) wrote: A minor piece of horror smutz.

Emod L (br) wrote: 88%Beowulf offers highly entertaining thrills and, even if it doesn't follow its source material to a tee, nevertheless keeps within its epic spirit.V: 64%

Abdulmalik A (br) wrote: Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and certainly unnerving.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: A sorority prank gone wrong leads to a bloody murder spree in this slasher film featuring Rumer Willis, Audrina Patridge, and Carrie Fisher. It was supposed to be a practical joke, but no one was laughing after a girl in the prime of her life had been accidentally murdered. Desperate to go on with their lives and avoid taking responsibility for their actions, the surviving sisters and their male accomplice agree to dump the body and never speak of the incident again. This movie was a stupid horror flick with nothing to like in it, and is it just me or this movie reminds me of that film called i know what you did last summer.