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A stop-motion animated story about people living in a Syndey apartment complex looking for meaning in their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Filippo V (br) wrote: Uno dei peggiori classici Disney, riesce ad intrattenere solo un pubblico estremamente giovane. L'animazione in generale mediocre e l'umorismo talmente ridicolo che durante l'intera durata del film non si riesce nemmeno a sorridere. Ormai conosciamo bene la Disney: riuscita a produrre capolavori senza tempo che riescono ad intrattenere ed emozionare adulti e bambini allo stesso tempo. Ovviamente questo non proprio il caso, 76 minuti che possono intrattenere solo un pubblico al di sotto dei 10 anni di et... Per tutti gli altri solo una perdita di tempo.

Brett H (ca) wrote: Starts off with a really random lesbian scene and then never picks up again. The snake constantly changes size to fit the environment, Robert Englund is wasted, and the deaths really aren't that great.

Aaron A (kr) wrote: It's odd, when I hear people talk about war films it's always, Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Jarhead, etc. I've never heard anyone talk about this film so I assumed that it wasn't much good. Three kings is a story about soldiers who served in the Gulf War which has now finished and they are handed the chance to find a stash of gold bullion stolen by Saddam Husseins' regime. However, complications arise and they find themselves on a rescue mission with no support. A solid war film with strong performances providing a compelling story.

Paul G (us) wrote: I first saw this film when I was a child of about 14. I remeber enjoying it greatly. The story had the potential to be something really great, but unfortunately the let Gery Anderson of Thunderbirds fame create long and meandering special effects sequences which break the story up too much - its like "yes I get the fact the ship is docking, it has been for the last three minutes". Maybe this is a reflection on the very fast editing of todays films, maybe its me being too harsh. I still think the idea for the story is great though.

Timothy S (kr) wrote: In the late 1980's, when every studio was trying to come up with the newest "Alien", someone came up with the idea of looking down rather than up and the underwater alien film was born. "Leviathan" was the best of them, due mostly to its eclectic cast and better-than-average special effects. Stan Winston was one of the best in the business, and his work here showcases that talent. It's not one of his best, but it sure was refreshing to revisit a film with an actual effects team and not a bunch of guys making them up on a computer. I was only disappointed in the finale, when you finally get a chance to see the creature in the daylight, but director George P. Cosmatos instead chooses to show him in only quick cut-aways. Apparently, he had a lot less confidence in Winston's abilities than the genre's true fans. Cosmatos gets a lot of flack for his films, but this one moves along at a brisk pace save for the set-up thatr actually takes the time to introduce the characters. That was something of a pleasant rarity as well. The cast is a lot of fun, and everyone is very convincing in their roles despite some of the ludicrous dialogue they are forced to say. That only adds to the fun to be had here, but I do wish that there had been more of a backstory involving the creature's origin. That would have fleshed the story out some and strengthened the opening half. But as it stands, "Leviathan" is a surprisingly solid B-movie that has held up pretty well over the years. The sets are impressive, as are the effects lending this the look and feel of a much more prestigious and expensive project even if the story is as pieced together as its creature.

Maverick G (ca) wrote: Rush hour has its comedic moments and some exhilarating martial arts action but is overall a hollow film. It's another entertaining entry in the thousands of "buddy cop films"